Hi friends!!

First, thank you SO much for all the support and well wishes I received about yesterday’s adventure!!  I had so much fun and I’m planning to blog about the experience on Friday – so please come back!  I can say this – live television is crazy fast and very much a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants world.  And did you know that this was the FIRST time we’ve stayed in a hotel with Henry and Clara (that can’t be right!?!  But neither Travis nor I can remember an overnight stay).  THEY LOVED IT!  Note to self –> put more money into the “Travel” envelope each month!

Today I thought I’d join in for a little WIAW fun and show you some of the eats and highlights from our trip!  You KNOW (or maybe you don’t cause you’re not tacky) that we had to hit up Cracker Barrel on the way over!  Plus Brittany gave me a great recommendation for lunch yesterday – Tomato Head!  It was spectacular – fresh, healthy and some of the best homemade hummus I’ve ever had.  We had some other yummy meals and a few too many car snacks.  I enjoy eating out as much as the next guy but a couple of days is enough for me.  I’m happy to be home!



























QUESTION:  How often do you eat out?  <-maybe once a week.  How often do you stay in hotels?  <-apparently not often enough!


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  1. We used to only eat out once a week, but not gonna lie, since I have been pregnant it’s been more like 3 times a week, but always cheap places, (think chic fil a or mcalisters) but I just don’t feel like cooking!

  2. I eat out definitely once a week and it is usually on the weekends. I need to get out more, because there is so much good food to eat in Houston. :) I cannot remember the last time I stayed at a hotel. I’m grateful for when I travel, that I can stay at friends.

  3. Look at that hotel pool! Weird as it sounds, some of my best childhood memories are from staying in hotels and using the hotel pools. I vividly remember the two INDOOR pools at a Chattanooga hotel being the neatest thing ever. H & C must have had the best time!

    Can’t wait to hear more about you time as a TV star! ;)

  4. LOVED the video!!! watched it last night. loved hearing your voice :) you did great!!! I don’t eat out much either, maybe once a month at most too! it feels special that way too :) same with hotels, every once in awhile M and I will stay in Boston for the night just because. it’s nice to feel waited on a bit once in awhile!

  5. Travel, other than food and savings, is our biggest budget item.

    We often camp, but cabin and hotel it at times, too.

    As writers, we live by Thoreau’s words, “how vain it is to sit down to write when one has not stood up to live.”

    Experiences and travel, as a result, are essential.

  6. When we’re home, we try not to eat out much, maybe twice a month. BUT, we’ve been on-the-road a lot the past few months, so that number’s been a lot higher. I don’t mind it when we try new places, that’s really fun. But after a while, I’m craving some fresh, home-cooked food :)

  7. We hardly ever eat out – my husband eats a lot of lunches out due to the nature of his job…and I honestly just don’t like going out to eat, never leaves me feeling good! BUT That being said since we don’t do it often it is a treat when we do go out (2 times a month?) and I really appreciate the treat and splurge in our budget and diet!