It’s Monday.  And I’m happy!

I know.  I know.  I know.

We’re all supposed to be pissing and moaning about this worst day of the week but I just cannot help but smile real big.

Because the beach.

We leave THIS Friday.  As in this week.  As in I need to start packing.  As in can we please just skip over these next few days and get this lady a margarita ASAP.  Except I can’t drink (nursing).  And if I can remember back far enough, past the six years of pregnancies and nursing, I believe I’m more of an Amoretto Sour girl.


[From our last trip three years ago.]

I mentioned last week that I’d be taking our beach vacation as a time to UNPLUG.  All next week, I plan to do a DIGITAL DETOX – no blogging, no instagram, no FB, no Pinterest (although I can’t remember the last thing I pinned.  Just looked.  It was these Apple Pie Bars.  Yum.  I should really make those.  But probably won’t.).  I DO have to check in a few times for a Verizon campaign I’m obligated to (which ironically is about living a #connectedlife), but aside from that, I’ll be unplugged.

This will be hard for me.

And I really dislike saying that about myself.

I just read a great article that Lindsay shared with me (I love her).  The article was about how we as Christians are allowing our phones to distract us (and this applies to non-Christians as well obviously).  I loved the entire message, but one quote in particular stood out:

“We are multitasking that which should be unitasked.”

Hold the phone.  (no.  actually throw the phone away because it’s distracting you.)

I don’t think I can add more to this perfectly descriptive sentence.

But I’ll try.


Multitasking that which should be unitasked.  Like most people, women in particular, I must multitask.  It’s inevitable.  It’s how I get the dishes done and the schooling done and the baby nursed, all these things at the very same time…while my washing machine cleans our clothes.  I fear that if I didn’t multitask, we would live in a disheveled house with empty bellies.  I think it’s ok to do these chores simultaneously.

The key to the sentence is here –> “that which should be…” 

  • Sitting Henry on my lap and listening to him read.
  • Looking Travis in the eye every night during our #15minutesforyou.
  • Playing calico critters with Clara.  Getting down on the floor, into HER world.
  • Reading my Bible. Talking, listening to God.

Things which should be unitasked.  With all my focus.  Without a phone in my hand.  Without a blanket response because I’m really browsing Facebook and didn’t hear a word you just said.  To my credit, I’m getting better and better at this.  But I still sometimes catch myself …. because I live in this flesh body with worldly distractions.

I remember a time not so long ago when I didn’t have a smart phone.  Before blogging.  Before sharing every second of my life online.  And nothing was missing.  I was perfectly content with a life disconnected.

Flash forward to now and I’m rarely found without my phone in my hand.  I take it everywhere – it’s my phone, my camera, my connection to others.  I feel a little lost without it.  The part I struggle with is finding that perfect balance between living life IN THE NOW and living life DIGITALLY.  Because I do enjoy sharing bits and pieces of our life on Instagram.  I DO enjoy taking the pictures and updating Facebook with Clara’s latest quotes.  I enjoy it.  It’s not a stress in my life.  In some ways, I’d even say that it enriches my life.  Can social media do that?!?  I think yes in a way.  In fact, I believe that’s the point behind it.


I loved this moment and wanted to capture it.  So I did.  But is that “living in the present?”

It would be ignorant for me to attack my cell phone or my computer for they are not the problem.  The problem is my heart and my focus.  To live a life completely “off the grid” just wouldn’t work for me personally.  But to live a life of intentionally investing in relationships and people, both offline and on, that’s where I wanna be.  Sometimes that requires a phone and sometimes it (purposely) doesn’t.

I’d love to encourage YOU to take a digital detox with me.  Even if it’s for a day.  You might be surprised by how often you’re reaching for your phone or computer without knowing.  I’m hoping to come back from this vacation with a refreshing.  Will you join me?

QUESTION:  Are you addicted to your phone?  To your computer or blog??  How can we live more “in the now”?


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  1. I am not religious but yes, I read that post & it applies to us all! I am so bad at multitasking anyway & I have made a huge effort to do way less with the phone & Instagram & all that. I like my new gig as a demo person for Wild Friends nut butters cause I can’t use the phone when I am helping people & I just focus on life right there & the people I get to talk with – some interesting conversations happen too! :)

  2. I’ve started doing just this from 6 pm Friday through to 6 pm Saturday.
    Some weeks I’m more successful than others. And I find that the weeks I announce it on social media (irony!) are the weeks I’m most able to walk away.
    Happy holidays friend!

  3. THIS. I actually was considering disconnecting my Galaxy and going back to one of my old (not-smart) phones because of everything you’re talking about. The only reason I haven’t is because I feel obligated in the sense that I’m working hard on developing my blog, and being plugged in to social media is a big part of that. Trying to find that balance and do more unitasking and more living!

  4. The reminders keep adding up lately so yes, I -will- take a full day off soon. I know I need this because I’ve wondered where the day went – read: blog readibg, commenting, typing on my phone – too often lately. I need to reaquire the right balance between ‘real’ and digital life and I’m actually convinced I’ll enjoy the latter more after a break. Even if it’s just a day.

  5. Such a timely post. I know a lot of my blogger friends are talking about digital detoxes. Even my husband & I have tried to stay away from social media more. I personally enjoy social media, but making sure to be in the moment with the people I love is much more important.

  6. After listening to Chris Kresser’s podcast on digital detoxing, I attempted my first one-day-per-week detox yesterday. I loved it, because I was actually fully-present at our small group, with my husband, and also got a lot of baby-related to-dos done without being distracted by social media and email. I can’t wait to hear how your weeklong DD goes! I’d love to do that someday :)

  7. Recently, I’ve become extremely unplugged for whatever reason. I just got to the point where I was feeling overwhelmed with social media responsibilities and lost sight of the responsibilities I had right in front of me. It’s felt incredibly freeing to step away. I have certain times in the day that I check in with the things I need to and when I feel like playing with it (and have the free time) I jump on and chat with my friends. Other than that, but I really enjoying the time to hang out with my men and read books again!

  8. I don’t think I’m addicted to my phone but definitely heavily reliant upon int. I just love the internet and social media, and all that jazz. But I love my husband and my real life more so I’m always checking in with myself (and him!) to make sure I’m being present.

  9. I try to devote one day out of each week to NO phone…it seems it often is Sunday I don’t take it to church and then just leave it out of sight :( but I still find it :(

    I vow to try one day this coming week with NO phone or computer!!! And perhaps even post about it! :)