I’m coming at you today with five workouts that are fun and sure to make you SWEAT!  They’re all perfect to do at home and with minimal equipment!  Pick one out and do it TODAY!!

Tip:  If you’re a Pinterest user, use the “Pin It” button on your computer and save these to your Pinterest account for quick reference!  I’ve got tons of workouts pinned if you need any new ideas.  Go here!

5 Workouts That WORK!

1)  Everybody JUMP!

A jump rope workout that will leave you sweaty!


2)  “Plank” You Very Much

Perform this core circuit 2-3 times per week and feel more confident about your core!


3)  Project Zero Hero

A total body strength training circuit!


4) Tabata Mama

Short on time?  Try this 4 minute tabata workout today!


5)  Track Star

Load up your jogging stroller and head down to the local track for a great total body workout!


QUESTION:  What’s your favorite body weight move??  <-Call me crazy but I really love burpees and any variation thereof!


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