As part of my ambassadorship with Blue Diamond Almonds*, I was sent some of their Blueberry and Toasted Coconut almonds to test out.  First let me tell you that we’ve been buying BD almonds for …forever.  I’m a big fan of the Low Sodium Roasted Salted and Travis loves the natural ones.  I’d never tried either of these new flavored ones and wanted to do something special with them.  Think, Lindsay, think!


A muffin??  <-baking required.  plus it’s summer and you have to heat up the oven.  bleck.

Some sort of protein ball??  <-I’d eat the whole batch before the camera made its way into the kitchen.

Arrange the almonds in some sort of cool pattern on a plate (maybe like an American flag??) and call it a kid’s snack??  <-tempting…really tempting..but too lazy even for me. 

What about…..

Almond butter!

We eat nut butters every day.  Why not try my hand at a homemade version (something I’d never done before).

Apparently you need three things for homemade nut butter:  A high speed blender (or food processor), almonds and patience.

I have a Blendtec that rarely gets used.

I have these delightful almonds.

I have no patience.



Reason #57 why I could never be a food blogger.  You have to have patience.  (Reason #1 would be that I suck at cooking….)

I searched and searched but couldn’t find a recipe that included prepackaged, dry roasted almonds like the ones I’d been sent.  I wanted to see a recipe where you just open a canister of almonds, dump them in, grind and VOILA – nut butter!!  Every single one required RAW almonds and sometimes you had to soak them before grinding.  What if my Blendtec caught on fire?!?!  I even texted my foodie friend Tina and asked.  She didn’t know if it could be done.

Turns out it can!

And with no soaking required!


This blueberry-coconut almond butter is crunchy, not drippy – just the way I like it!




The add-ins of coconut oil and fresh blueberries pair nicely with the flavored almonds and also provide “liquid” so your blender can handle the mixing.  You can spoon this onto crackers, pancakes, yogurt …or in our case, dunk your Teddy Grahams.  Feet first.  (it’s a little nicer that way)


Blueberry-Coconut Almond Butter

Yields 1 cup

  • 1 canister (6oz) Blue Diamond Almond Toasted Coconut flavor
  • 1 canister (6oz) Blue Diamond Almond Blueberry flavor
  • 1-2 T organic coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup fresh blueberries

Combine almonds and coconut oil in a high speed blender or food processor.  Blend for 10-12 minutes, stopping often to scrape the sides and bottom.  When the almonds turn into butter, pulse in blueberries.  Store in a glass jar.  Enjoy often!


QUESTION:  Ever tried your hand at homemade nut butter?


*This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Mmm, that combo sounds incredible! I tried making almond butter one time but used frozen almonds, and it didn’t turn out. I don’t know if them being frozen was why, or it was simply my ineptness. I should give it another go sometime.

  2. Why, you’re a kitchen genius! I’ve been wanting to try the flavored almonds, but I’ve been a little nervous about my [lack of] self control ;). But…yum!!!!

  3. This sounds so yummy! Blue Diamond natural almonds are my absolute favorite snack! I have a small handful every morning before my workout! Anyway, I’ve been making my own nut butters for a while now. It’s so easy! My favorites are peanut butter (just peanuts, coconut oil & a little bit of honey) and cashew & almond butter with dark cacao powder. Yum-O! I’m definitely going to try your blueberry almond butter! Thanks!

  4. I received some of the BD Blueberry almonds about a month ago via Influenster. I absolutely LOVED them! I’ll definitely have to try them in an almond butter! Sounds delish!

  5. Yummm!!! I’ve made lots of nut butters before (thank you, Vitamix!) but the only one I haven’t been able to do is coconut butter. I think the coconut flakes I was using aren’t the right kind or something haha. But I’ve never tried anything with blueberry!! It sounds delish :)