Another “best decisions” post (for more, just search in the sidebar – there are many!)  One of MY recent best decisions was housing a caramel apple from the Kilwin’s down here in Destin!  Is there anything better?? 

Many thanks to Caroline for filling in for me!  Take it away, friend!


The Best Decision I Ever Made… was getting my master’s degree in clinical mental health and clinical addictions counseling!  Through my two years in my master’s program, I learned so much great information that, when applied, can lead to a fantastic, healthy life!  I really enjoyed all that I learned in grad school (and my subsequent counseling experience since that time), and I’ve been really thankful for all the changes that resulted in my life because of my decision to go to school. Here are some of the biggest changes in my life that have occurred because of that one decision:

Because I decided to go to grad school, I ended up doing my thesis on wellness (yes- it was more specific than just “wellness”) and behavior change.  In writing those 80ish pages, I realized how much work I had to do on myself.  I made a promise to one of the people on my thesis committee that I would start working out as soon as I graduated; I kept that promise.  It’s all about being proactive in our health, right?

Because I did my thesis on wellness, I realized how much my lack of exercise impacted other areas of my life, so I started to work out more and I started to run! It’s truly hard to imagine my life without exercise, as running half marathons is such a big part of my life. (you can read more about “my journey to running” here).

Because I started running, I started to do pilates, which has become a big staple in my workout schedule. I love the mind-body aspect of it, and it is not only a stretching and strengthening activity, but it’s also great as a stress reliever. Doing pilates also lead to me becoming a pilates and pilates/barre instructor, which I really love ( I also love getting to do barre classes for myself! ) IMG_1968

Going to grad school also taught me all about having healthy boundaries and trying to decrease the use of cognitive distortions (especially great for those dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression!)  Not only have I noticed big changes in my mental health and my worries and thoughts since grad school, but these things also impact the physical health choices that we make as well!

There are obviously far more changes that resulted from grad school as well.  Running led to triathlons and connection to some of my family members in very different ways because of this.  Grad school led me to meet some of my very closest friends, led to a speaking and writing career, and led my to my dream counseling job.  I never thought that one “little” decision like grad school would lead to a snowball of other changes as well.

That’s the thing, though.  So many of our decisions, whether big or little, will lead to a cascade of other things in our life.  As you make your decisions- choose wisely.  Think about how your decisions might fit into your future goals, and if it will take you closer to or farther from health.  And once you’ve made your choice, hang on and enjoy the ride!  It may take you places you could’ve never dreamed of or planned!

Now it’s your turn to share! What’s one of the best decisions that you’ve ever made? What other things did it lead to in your life? DSC_0563_2

 Hey! I’m Caroline, a counselor, half marathoner, and Pilates & Barre Instructor. If you’re interested in running, biking, pilates/barre, traveling, and mental health issues, you can find me at the following places:


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  1. Besides marrying my hub 30 days after we met, one of the best things I’ve done in life is to routinely correspond with the woman who happened to be driving the car that struck my hub as he cycled at 40 mph.

    With each e-mail, I learn more and more about this beautiful, talented, and deeply loving woman. I share with her bits and tons.

    She encourages me and supports our family. It goes both ways.

    Out of an ugly, ugly accident with no premeditation on either end has come a beautiful, healthy, loving friendship.

    In her last e-mail, I learned she and her family were on the first Silver Line train out of Reston. She wanted her grandchildren to have the memories of being part of a historical day.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Caroline. :) Love what you said about decisions creating a cascade- so true, and all the more reason to choose boldly and choose wisely! I’m in the middle of a career change, and leaving my last job (by far the worst I’ve ever worked in terms of environment/industry, and the best I’ve ever worked in terms of pay) was a big decision that I’m really proud of.

  3. One of the best decisions I ever made was buying my home by myself (before marriage or meeting a man ;) ) led me to love myself, show myself I was fine without anyone, etc..BUT THEN it also ended to me finding my best friend, husband and to realize I want to move back ‘home’ to where I grew up…all in 4 years because I wanted to prove to others that I could do this house thing ha ha