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Since we’re halfway through the month of July (how!?!?!), I thought I’d check in with you on the #15minutesforyou Challenge!  If you’ve been playing along so far, I’ve got some wonderful sponsorship news below that should encourage you to amp up your hashtag game!  If you’re new to the Challenge, that’s FINE!  Join in TODAY and start hashtagging those pictures!

Here’s a real quick overview….


What IS #15minutesforyou??

The #15minutesforyou Challenge is a social sharing game that encourages us all to take 15 minutes a day to work on OURSELVES.  I wouldn’t call it “me time,” as I’m not a huge fan of that concept.  This 15 minutes is simply meant to enrich your life.  Through rest, work, play, fitness, meal prep, fellowship – setting aside time each day to consciously work on those things that will make us happier.

It’s purposeful.

It’s intentional.

It’s enriching.

It’s adding YOURSELF to your to-do list.

My #15minutesforyou Check-In

Of course I’m playing too!  Here’s what I’ve been doing so far with this time:

  • June 30th-July 4th:  Morning run before T heads to work – 1.75 miles.  5 consecutive days!!
  • July 5th-6th:  Naptime stretching (mostly asanas from p90x).
  • July 7th-10th:  8pm reconnecting time with Travis.  We lay on the bed and chat about the day.


  • July 11th:  Morning run.
  • July 12th:  Meal prep (cut up & grilled chicken breasts, cut watermelon, made protein balls)
  • July 13th:  Reconnecting time.

So far, the running and reconnecting time are things that I’ll keep for as long as I can.  They both enrich my day SO much – the early AM run helps to serve as my prayer time AND exercise.  The evening reconnection closes out the day with my best friend.  Solid, solid bookends for the day.

How do YOU play??

If you’ve already been tagging your pictures, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!  If you’re just joining in, I encourage you to track your 15 minutes with me via Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook!  Just use the hashtag – “#15minutesforyou” so that we can all see how you’re using this intentional time.  At the end of the month, all hashtags (aside from mine) will be entered towards a PRIZE drawing.  The more times you use the hashtag, the more entries you get!  You can choose to split up the month into small weekly (or even daily) goals OR you could choose to stick to the same goal– it’s up to you!

Challenge Prizes!

Oh the prizes!!  The prizes!!

I’m SO happy (and thankful) to tell you that we have two sponsors for #15minutesforyou! Onnit and Arctic Zero


Prize #1 – $25 Onnit gift card


Prize #2 – One box of Arctic Zero (assorted flavors)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with both of these companies on Blend Retreat sponsorships so I know a lot about their products and the people behind them.  If you don’t already know, Onnit is a fitness supplement/gear company and Arctic Zero produces some seriously yummy high protein “ice dessert.”  Go check out their websites!  I’m so thankful for their generosity and can’t wait to share their products with you!

We’ve got 15 more days left in the month!  Think about what you want to focus your efforts on and get to sharing!!

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QUESTION:  Are you planning to join in?  What will you take 15 minutes for THIS week?


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  1. Loving this challenge so far! My 15 minutes is usually spent running, reading, or having a meal/catching up with with the hubby. We just opened a restaurant so time together is very hard to come by! Thanks for doing this, Lindsay!

  2. I have been loving the challenge so far! It has been fun making 15 minutes nothing but what I want it for the day…and my husband LOVES the idea too and says I should try for 30 mins. :) I try to play it day by day as since the twins arrive any day I kind of feel I need 15 minutes for different reasons each day but usually it is some reflection time in the Word or just some quiet time with the hubby after he works long hours.