Happy ONE MONTH birthday, Porter!!  I’m working on a postpartum/baby update for you guys….but it’ll be a “better late than never” situation.
As promised from a couple weeks ago, I just have to share with you all of the food(s) that I’ve been eating lately.


aka SUGAR.

aka “I’ve-got-the-nursing-sweet-tooth!!”


This guy will eat anywhere…

I would tell you that blaming this sweet tooth on nursing Porter is just a cover for eating more sugar (which I’ve always, always loved).  But there’s actually some evidence that I’m not alone in the raging beast – but nursing is not to blame! It’s SLEEP DEPRIVATION.  (Go check out the research!)  Since my little man wakes me about 4 times a night, I definitely fall into this category.

I say until Porter gives me more sleep, BRING ON THE SWEETSSmile  Here’s a look at the sweet (and some salty) that I’ve been eating these past four weeks.  To my credit, I’ve been eating more than my fair share of vegetables and salads too….

(….but only to counterbalance the sugar.)


Rice Crispy Treat cereal…just do it.


There are some healthy-ish things there….


An Atomic Fire Ball.  Remember these?


Easter candy (I actually only ate one piece.  Sad.)


Basil Rolls


Stove Top Cookies (with dark cocoa)!


Cereal.  Every night before bed.  Always a mix and always topped with banana and local honey.


Grilled Chicken Salad


Mother’s Day pizza (grilled chicken, spinach, mushroom and pineapple) plus a complimentary (!!) baked apple thingy with ice cream


Brownies, peanut butter bars, McDonald’s vanilla soft serve, Sour Patch kids and lots of Ghirardelli chocolate chips.


QUESTION:  What’s your favorite SWEET food??  (and if you say, “I really just love fruit.  It’s so naturally sweet.  It’s all I ever wanted,” then we can’t be friends.


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  1. I go crazy for sugar when I’m sleep deprived too- no willpower! And the end of pregnancy my chocolate and sugar cravings go a little crazy. I’m trying to keep it under control this time as my 4yo has a giant sweet tooth and I’m sure I’m somewhat to blame. :)

  2. I had the “nursing” sweet tooth with my first and am anticipating it with my second when she arrives this summer. I think my favorite sweets are probably quality dark chocolate and homemade ice cream.Oh! And smores. I need those this summer.

  3. My “babies” are now 15, 12, 8 but I can remember after I had first baby I went through double stuff oreos by the package, we lived right across from a grocery store. I would buy a coupe packages at a time. Stuck them in the freeze hoping to keep from eating them so fast, WRONG, they are even better when frozen!

  4. It’s so true! I was crazy about sweets, especially chocolate milk, for the longest time. Now I’m finally getting to the point where I feel like I can decide if I want sweets or not. Before is was a must. My absolute fav sweet are pb chocolate no bake cookies, especially when made by my mom.

  5. Cookies alllll day. I can put down a box (dozen) of sugar cookies from the grocery store bakery like someone is threatening to take them away forever.
    Also applies to cookie dough. And cake/brownie batter is better than the cake or brownies. Good thing I’m so impatient

  6. When I’m low on sleep, I eat anything with sugar!!! Favorite… Probably ice cream, homemade pie OR anything with pb :)

    1. haha I thought of you with nursing too! ;) I’m an ice cream girl as well…but if candy’s around, forget about it. I love licorice and gummies!