sometimes…. (these are my confessions)

Sometimes I just stand in the kitchen with a fork and eat bits of brownie.  Often this results in me eating the entire pan (by myself) within two days, three if I’m a little side tracked.

Sometimes I let my kids play in their rooms while I watch something on TV that I want to watch.  Lately that something has been Teen Mom.

Sometimes it’s all I can do to get out the door and accomplish ONE task.  A walk plus a trip to Walmart  is almost too much and I come home worn out.

Sometimes I wear the same bra for DAYS.  Through night sweats (yes, I get night sweats when I nurse) and all.

Sometimes I wonder when I’ll get to use my personal training certification again.  And thinking about it too long makes me a little sad.

Sometimes I’ll go through the entire day and nary a vegetable has been eaten.  That was yesterday…and today so far.

Sometimes my kids sleep in the clothes they wore that day.  Pajamas are nice in theory but only create more laundry. 054

A shirtless Porter.

Sometimes cleaning my floors makes me feel better.  Like in an OCD kind of way.

Sometimes thinking about all that I need to do for Blend (THREE WEEKS!!) gives me the hives.

Sometimes I feel like I want REALLY short hair but then I chicken out.  Drastic color change?  The same way.

Sometimes I hold on to clothes and shoes SO LONG that they come back in style before I’ve had the chance to donate them.

Sometimes I blog stalk without commenting. I’m guessing some of you might do this too.


QUESTION:  YOUR TURN!  Tell me a “sometimes”.


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  1. I am a habitual blog-reader-but-not-commenter! :) Oops! I love to read everyone’s posts just not a fan of the extra time it takes to comment, too! Bad blogger/bog reader :(

    Kaydin likes to sleep in her same clothes too! And if it’s not a nice outfit or jeans I so let her. Less laundry FTW!!!

  2. I am super guilty of reading-without-commenting…especially when I’m reading at work (oops?). And I am definitely planning to cut my hair REALLY short after it’s grown long enough to donate. You should do it!

    Also, Porter? That one’s going to be a heartbreaker.

  3. {finally commenting…guilty as charged!} Sometimes I wait to go get my 3 yo from her bed when I know that she is awake from her nap so I can finish a show and have a few more quiet snuggles with the baby (12 wks)

  4. Sometimes I too can take a whole pizza, cake, or brownie tray as well…No one believes me when I tell them I have a intense appetite. It happens and a few years ago I would have beaten myself up, but now I accept it, let it happen, and move forward. And I have also worn the same bra more than once and yes it has been a sports bra too. HAHA!

  5. Sometimes I wish my kids would not ask me for permission for things. When daddy is home I send them to him. By the end of the day, even little decisions are too hard!
    And sometimes I leave a load of laundry in the dryer for a few days until I need the dryer again (by which time no one has any clean clothes in their rooms).
    Ok, one more! Sometimes I let the kids watch a movie so I can watch TV or read a book in my room in peace ;)

  6. I do the same thing with brownies! Standing up, in the kitchen, with a fork. I also dig into a jar of peanut butter with a spoon only. At least it’s protein ;)

  7. Love your posts :) especially ones like this that shed light into YOU! let’s see…for me? sometimes, I want to shut my brain off and keep it off. always.

  8. Sometimes I hide fudge in a bowl in one section of my sink, so that I can sneakily eat it while the kids are in and out of the kitchen without them asking for some. That is MY maple fudge.

    My husband teased me relentlessly when he found out I watched Teen Mom. I do it secretly while I work out. My excuse: I was one! It’s kind of sad – but watching it makes me feel better about my life. If you didn’t know how old I am (and how old my kids are) you’d never know!

  9. Sometimes I tell my boyfriend I’m “working” so I get out of chores … and I fully intended on working but an hour goes by and I’ve been on YouTube the whole time

  10. I do the saaaaaame thing with the brownies, haha! That’s why I don’t bake them – too dangerous!

    Sometimesssss I compare myself to other bloggers, but realize that I’m my own person and I need to revel in the fact that I’m special in my own way! :)

  11. Sometimes I read things like this and am thankful that I’m not the only one.

  12. all the time i love you, your kids, and your blog. how real you are and how in the world you do it with three kids. sometimes i wonder if i’m doing the very best i can for william. sometimes i know i am. other times i wonder.

  13. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so in charge. My husband works SO much, I’m in control all the time and it is exhausting.
    Plus, I’m glad I’m not the only 30 something year old who watches Teen Mom. Do you talk to the tv giving advice? I do.