The last thing I wanted to do with my Sunday afternoon was spend it blogging.

So I didn’t.

(errrmm…Lindsay..this is a’re sleep deprived ((you’re right)))

And what you’re reading right now took me about 1 minute to type out (one-handed I might add…I’ve learned to do TONS of things one-handed while my babes nurse.  Throw ninja stars…  Drive backwards in my car…).


Instead of writing, I had the very important Sunday afternoon job of holding a hairdryer.

So if I don’t feel like writing, why am I posting?!?!

Because a stale blog bugs me.  WAY more than it should.

Other people’s blogs and my own.  Like it’s just begging to have it’s little face cleaned off with a diaper wipe.

And that’s my Monday truth.  Random.  But a truth.

Catch you tomorrow.

QUESTION:  Monday truth…you go!


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