Lindsay In Labor At Hospital Imitating Sleep

Fetal Heart Rate Monitor During Labor

Laboring On Bosu Ball

2 Days Overdue in Hospital

Music While In Labor

Sisters In Labor Together

Baby Right After Being Born

Nursing For The First Time

Newborn Being Weighed 8 Pounds 10 Ounces

Newborn With Dimples

Funny Newborn Sticking Tongue Out

Funny Newborn Hearing Test

Beautiful Newborn Baby

High Key Newborn Photo Natural Light

Newborn Baby Looking At Mom

Newborn Baby Feet In Mom's Hand

Mom Day After Giving Birth

Family Meets Newborn Brother

Child Counting Newborn Baby's Toes

Children Holding Newborn Baby Brother

Nan holding Newborn Baby

Both GrandMothers With Newborn Baby

Brother Holding Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby Hat

Newborn Baby In Carseat Ready to Go Home

After 24 hours of labor, Porter Killian Wright was born at 1:17am on Monday, April 14th.

Weighing a whopping 8 pounds, 10 ounces and being 20 inches long, he is by far my largest baby!

He shares a birthday with his cousin, Charlie Ruth.  Yes – my sister and I gave birth on the same day!

We’re totally and completely enamored.


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  1. He is BEAUTIFUL! What a cherished, adored, anticipated baby boy. Congratulations, friend!

  2. Goosebumps. So, SO happy for you (and your sister!). Love how The Lord continually brings beauty from ashes! Xoxo

  3. You guys both gave birth on the same day?! That is really cool! I love the pictures of your kids holding their little brother. I have a picture on my wall of me holding one of my brothers (I was 5 when he was born), and it is one of my favorite pictures ever. I’m really happy for you all!

  4. So, so beautiful! I’m surprised by how alert he is. Hadley has barely shown us her eyeballs.

    And how incredibly special you labored with your sister and the two cousins share a bday! <4

  5. awwww i love that one of him and henry! so cute!! glad that’s over, haha. although it makes me super scared for august. eep. i love that P & C were born on the same day! AND of course that it’s a palindrome. also, it’s national pecan day, so there’s that. i need that elephant gown! where?! (obviously the only thing i have bought for my baby so far is clothes…)

    love you!

  6. That is insanely cool that you gave birth on the same day! How lucky!

    Ok, full disclosure, I am not a kid person and even less of a baby person so I think you can trust my honesty when I tell you that I think Porter is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve seen. Congratulations again! I know you must be over the moon!

  7. You look pretty miserable in the first few photos. I am so glad to hear that your sister gave birth the same day! That’s the coolest thing ever. Those two are going to be best friends for sure. Congrats over and over.

  8. What gorgeous, gorgeous photos! You have such sweet kiddos. Though, my favorite photo is the one of you laboring in bed and your sister on the recliner next to you!!

  9. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. thank you for sharing this wonderful time with us! so incredibly beautiful – all of you are! I love that you share this with your sister as well – so very blessed! enjoy, Mama!

  11. Congrats on ur handsome boy!! Yay!! So amazing!! Can’t wait to meet u at Blend!! God bless you!! :)

  12. Congrats on ur handsome boy!!! That’s so amazing!! Can’t wait to meet u at Blend :-D!! God bless y’all!!

  13. Congratulations! He is such a cute little baby and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of Henry and Clara with Porter! I have a few of my older brother and I with our little brother after he was born and they are some of my favorites! I think your children and myself and my siblings are similar – Boy and Girl about 2 years apart, then another boy 4 years later. If Clara ever wants to vent about being the middle child and only girl, she can give me a call. Haha

  14. Such a blessing, Lindsay. :) Thank you for sharing your journey and such personal family photos with us. Is that your mom in the photos? I think Clara has many of her features.

  15. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! You and Travis make pretty babies! I am so incredibly happy for you Lindsay. I know this was a long road, but so worth it with Porter safely here. Sending hugs to you!

    Congratulations to your sister too! I love that you two share even more now! You obviously have a special family. xoxo

  16. I regularly read your blog but hardly comment – not this time: Congratulations to you and your family and welcome to the world, Porter Killian! All the best from Germany! (oh, and in German we would congratulate by saying “Glückwunsch” :-))

  17. Gosh, Lindsay! You & Travis make some seriously beautiful babies!!! He is gorgeous & I LOVE the photo of Henry with Porter!! Congratulations again & congrats to your sister as well!!! Sooo EXCITING!!!