I just woke up in a super large puddle of my own drool.  (Thank God it was my own.)

Last night (Wednesday) was rough – I had 3 hours of pretty intense contractions and cramping (time able ones)…then…nothing.  I must have fallen asleep.  I woke up this morning and just haven’t felt “right” since.

A nap was needed.

Labor impending???  That’s the thing – I have no clue.  It could be a couple more weeks of feeling like this…on the edge of labor.  Drives me nutty.  Control.  Why do I have to always be in control??!?

I saw a quote the other day on my friend’s Facebook page.  It just caught me at the right moment, made me step back and say, “WOW!  YES!!!”



Seriously….What’s the BEST that could happen?!?! 

I love it.

Lists and prayer help, but I need this mindset on a daily basis.

What’s the BEST that could happen with my labor??

What’s the BEST that could happen with Blend Retreat??

What’s the BEST that could happen with our house situation (we’re trying to sell this house in Chattanooga! buy it!)??

What’s the BEST that could happen for my family?  For my marriage?

When I let my mind wander to the best possible scenario, FEAR HAS NO PLACE.  FEAR doesn’t hold me back.  And I’m free to completely, 100% positive about the future.

Think about that for a second.


QUESTION:  What if fear of the worst were replaced with a hope for the best???  Fill in the blank:  What’s the BEST that could happen with _______?


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  1. What’s the best that could happen with my career? Gah, I just wish I knew.

    I know what you mean about waiting. I feel like my whole life is a waiting game. I am trying to learn to just be and enjoy the moment without always looking for a better moment to come. Patience is not my best quality…

  2. Gosh, yes! Mine would be $$$. I spend way too much time worrying about it (and probably not enough time budgeting it!). Ugh, I hate money. But, I completely love this perspective :)
    I also hated when I had those intense, time-able contractions that were gone in the morning. Such a letdown! Praying for you andblueberryflips baby Porter!

  3. You had me at the title. Best quote ever. I definitely let fears and “what ifs…” hold me back, but I need to consider this flipside more. What if everything goes even better than expected? What if I succeed? What’s the best that could happen if I take a risk? Hmhmmmm

  4. Absolutely. Shifting our mindset to a positive one is HUGE! Way to go at recognizing this. I’m a worrier and the “what ifs” are constantly swirling around my brain, so I have to constantly remind myself of this.

    For me, it’s currently: “What’s the best that could happen with OUR MOVE?!” I’m trying to think of it as an exciting adventure rather than getting caught up on all the little details I could worry about.

  5. I actually needed to read that quote, again, today, as my husband and son drive cross country and of course I keep imagining them in a car accident. Changing my thinking! Thanks friend!!