I was going to hold off and put this up tomorrow because we didn’t get around to taking an underwear bump picture, but I decided to just go with it.  You’ll have to pretend there’s one this week.  We’re entering the final countdown, my friends!  By the end of this week, I’ll be considered “full term,” meaning Porter can come ANY TIME (seriously son, listen up.  I love being your oven, but my skin simply cannot stretch anymore.)

What is baby up to at 36 weeks?

(from BabyCenter.com)

  • Your baby is still packing on the pounds — at the rate of about an ounce a day.  He now weighs almost 6 pounds and is more than 18 1/2 inches long (about the size of a head of romaine lettuce).
  • He’s shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered his body as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that covered and protected his skin during his nine-month amniotic bath.
  • Baby swallows both of these substances, along with other secretions, resulting in a blackish mixture, called meconium, will form the contents of his first bowel movement.  <-Travis already has dibs on this diaper change.

How is mama feeling?



Still feeling GREAT!  I’m really happy with my fitness level and what muscle I’ve been able to maintain.

Here’s the rundown from last week:

  • Monday: Bootcamp + 20 minutes biking
  • Tuesday: Full body strength (lots of lunges)
  • Wednesday:  Bootcamp
  • Thursday: REST
  • Friday: Bootcamp + 15 minutes ArcTrainer
  • Saturday:  Walking at the mall (60+ minutes)
  • Sunday:  REST


Meh.  Lots of tossing and turning.


BOY! Porter Killian

Belly Button?



On. But I rarely wear them.


I hit up a children’s consignment sale and got all this for under $30!

Stretch Marks?

Still none!


TONS!  You can SEE feet and toes when he moves around!


  • Nausea
  • LOTS of contractions and cramping.
  • Heartburn
  • Pressure. Lots of pressure down there.


Meh. Food is food and I’m running out of room for it. Lots of small snacks.  <-still true.  I’m the queen at snacking.


I recently received these Ratio bars, which are non-gmo and made with hormone-free whey protein!  They taste pretty great (the granola flavor was the best by far!) 

Go to www.ratiobar.com and use the code “ARNOLD30” to get 30% off your order! 

To Do List

If Porter came today, we really would NOT be prepared.  I don’t have a single newborn-size diaper in the house!  Here’s what I’ve got to do…and FAST:

  • Set up the crib.
  • Wash bedding.
  • Buy diapers.
  • Build bassinet.
  • Bring up the swing & vibrating chair from the basement.
  • Install carseat.
  • Pack hospital bag.

Good grief!  I am not the procrastinating type AT ALL.  What is going on here?!?!  Third child??  Laziness??  Someone send help!


QUESTION:  Tell me one thing on your to-do list! 


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  1. Yay for good consignment deals! Those can always be hit or miss.
    Can I just say how amazing that photo is of you in the bathroom? You just radiate happiness. :) It’s great that you’ve been able to maintain your strength despite the nausea and feeling icky. Hopefully that’ll mean a fast delivery.

  2. Dang, what a hot mama! ;) I’m so impressed by how you’ve kept up with your workouts…that’s definitely something to be proud of! Also, you should try to get a video of the kicking (where you see toes/feet poking around). I can’t even imagine!

    On my to-do list? Write to my brother. He’s in Afghanistan, and I miss that cat like crazy.

  3. You’re looking strong & fab! He will be here before you know it…but I am sure everything will get done!

    to do list is a mile long for me too….with other things, obviously, but some of it will just have to wait ;)

  4. Pregnancy looks so good on you! Can’t believe you’re down to the final month. Craziness. Good luck getting everything done… I know you will. And score on the consignment shopping- my favorite kind of shopping!

  5. You look amazing mama! I’m always so impressed with your workouts!

    I totally forgot we have to get the swing + bouncy seat out of the attic. Oops. Just when I think I’m on top of things!

  6. By the 3d kid, my parents were like “oh, just go play in the street.” Unfortunately I was the 1st, so they HAD to be all up in my business. ;)

    I don’t know what made me gag more… the downy hair or the poo description. LOL! Lookin’ good, friend!

  7. On my pre-baby to do list: Make and freeze meals to get us through the first few days; learn how to swaddle, order a manual breast pump through my insurance and pack my bag for the birth center.

  8. Does “don’t puke” count as a to-do list item? I’m at the start of my 2nd trimester and I’m a leeettle cranky that I’m still so nauseous.

    Btw, I used to read your blog… I guess a year or 2 ago?… but it fell off my radar. I found it again yesterday and was so immensely comforted to read all your pregnancy posts. :)

  9. I have one very small pack of newborn diapers….How much newborn diapers do you think I need? Another pack the same size? I’m procrastinating packing my bag too!

  10. They actually changed “full term” to 39 weeks recently. A was born at 37 weeks and is considered a late-term preemie. Either way, Porter is almost here and I’m excited for you!

  11. you can SEE toes and feet?? oh my gosh i didn’t know that would happen!!! crazy!! i’m a few weeks behind you, but i’m so not prepared yet either! i don’t have anything washed.. i literally just have the furniture set up with no bedding or anything else haha #somuchtodo #itllgetdone :)

    1. my advice is to hold off on washing and taking tags off of things (but still have some clothes ready). All of my babies went straight into 0-3 or even 3 month clothes FAST and we had SO many outfits that never even got worn.

      1. great advice! my mom and i were just looking at a package of plain white newborn onesies and saying how SMALL they looked! she said if i have an 8 pound baby he prob won’t even fit in there! so we are definitely holding off on lots of newborn clothing items!