Anyone else have a sunburn from yesterday?? It was a toasty 73 degrees here in Western North Carolina! We spent the majority of the day outside and my skin is screaming, “Abuse! Skin abuse!” today. Not so much as screaming it as being easily offended when I brush up against things and freaking the heck out.

Anywoo…in honor of “What I Ate Wednesday,” I wanted to share some of the foods that my kids LOVE to eat.  Some are healthy, some are not.

The rundown:

  • I’m the type of mom/person who feels like if my kids get 2 veggies and 2 fruits in a day, we’ve WON an award.
  • We buy mostly conventional foods but I do make a point of buying organic MILK, CHEESE and the “Dirty Dozen.”
  • From April through September, our lunches consist of “Snack Plates.”  see below.
  • Clara will eat anything under the sun (she seriously digs broccoli…dipped in ketchup) and Henry could live off of Applegate Chicken Tenders and PB&J’s.
  • In my cupboard, you’ll find whole grains, a box of Fruit Loops, all-natural fruit leathers, Lance cheese crackers and Blue Diamond almonds.
  • I try to balance what’s on sale with what my kids will eat with what I would like for them to eat.

It all comes out in the wash and equals one big happy, well-fed, thriving family.  Above all else, we focus on a “food is fuel”-mentality and banish talk of calories or being skinny/fat.  We don’t obsess.  Food is food.

Here’s a look (aka every picture I could find of my kids and food):
















QUESTION:  Were you a good or picky eater as a kid?  What types of foods do you feed your kids?


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  1. I was terribly picky as a child. I’m just now getting to a point where I don’t feel like a picky eater anymore. I can’t wait to teach my kids the good habits I’ve learned. =) When all else fails I’ll sneak veggies into their food the way I do my husbands. ; p

  2. Oh my goodness, I was a HUGE picky eater. And by huge I don’t mean like, a big kid, I mean like, super super picky! Ha I bet I was the biggest headache for my mom! Bless her heart. Thankfully my palette has expanded and I eat lots of delicious goodies! Hopefully one day my own kids won’t be picky eaters :)

  3. I love that you focus them on healthy foods but don’t restrict them from the “fun” foods that you think of eating as a kid! We ate pretty much whatever we wanted as kids and I believe I have a healthier relationship with food now because of it, and as I have grown I have found my own passion for health food!

  4. I was such a picky eater! They didnt diagnose sensory disorders back in the 70’s but my childhood food issues pretty much match the diagnosis criteria. Fortunately my parents did really well with my pickiness. Now that I’m a mom my outlook toward my daughter’s food is a lot like yours. We stock a nice mixture of clean eats and sometimes treats. Organic yogurt and little debbie’s…

  5. Do you still use Plant Fusion? I have an un-opened 2 lb container and would love to find it a home!!

  6. I’m all about the 2 fruits, 2 veggies too! And Henry and Sawyer share the same favorites. Applegate Farms is such a lifesaver! We talk about how different foods have different good things in them that help their bodies in different ways. Calories are never a part of discussions, and if I have my way, they never will be

  7. I love your mentality and attitude about the foods you feed your family. I’ve never been picky…picky eaters actually really annoy me. And my lil Hunter is quite picky already. Needless to say, it’s a tad frustrating. I’m hoping he’ll turn around eventually!

  8. Love this WIAW! My son is 2-1/2 and is super picky. I try to not get frustrated over it but it is when he won’t even try things. We’ll (hopefully!) get there eventually.

    BTW – I love your blue and white dishes. They are the same ones my grandmother had so they make me think of her whenever I see them.

  9. We just got back from a NC road trip, and I was just up your way in Asheville. Beautiful!

    I love to see what other kids are eating. And it sounds like you and I have similar philosophies on food. Always concerned with health, but not overly militant. Definitely buy organic for the dirty dozen! And always trying to get veggies and fruit into my kid.

    Visiting from the link-up. Happy WIAW!

  10. I was a picky eater well into young adulthood! We have one child who is that way, but the other too have great palates. We like to have a little bit of everything around so everyone is happy. I don’t want food to be an issue. Nothing worse than someone making you feel bad for not liking what they like!