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Things I’ll take more of:

  • Sleep.  Always.
  • Sour Starburst jelly beans.
  • Kisses from a certain bearded man.
  • Sunny days.
  • Maxi skirts.
  • Lavender-scented ANYTHING.
  • Children.  Lavender-scented children.

In all of these cases, MORE is certainly better.  At least for me.

Today I have the pleasure of telling you guys about a new plan that Verizon Wireless just came out with.  The More Everything plan!


I’ve been a loyal Verizon customer since my senior year in high school, when my parents bought me my first BAG PHONERemember those?!?  I believe it’s still in the trunk of my sister’s car – apparently it can still be useful in the event of an emergency (who knows if that’s true or if the thing even WORKS – regardless she still hasn’t taken it out.)  Over the years, we’ve changed plans, upgraded, downgraded, replaced phones – all while sticking with the Verizon name.

Because we’ve always been covered andwe’ve always felt taken care of!

After reading about this new More Everything plan, it seems like another way that Verizon is trying to take care of it’s customers.  Starting as low as $45 a month (you’d spend that on ONE meal out with friends), you can power a single device or up to ten devices with UNLIMITED TALK, UNLIMITED TEXT and a pool of data!


Building a package is fun and easy too.  First you select the devices you want on the plan (for instance, I’m still on my parent’s account – we have four phones – you can add up to TEN!).  Then you choose how much DATA you’ll need – all of this on the 4G LTE network (which is way super fast – I have it on my iPhone 5s).  The last piece is deciding on whether you want to upgrade to a new device – with the Verizon Edge program, it’s made easy.  You don’t have to wait 2 years for the new upgrade!  <-LOVE this idea!!

Go here to learn more!!

As part of my ongoing relationship with Verizon, they also sent me a pair of Sol Republic Relays headphones to review!




A few things that set these apart from competing brands:

  • The Relays are SWEAT & WATER resistant!
  • They provide FreeFlex technology which provides a universal, adaptable fit.  Each pair comes with FOUR different “eartips” so you can custom tailor the fit to YOUR ear.



  • Unisex design –> Travis would easily wear these.
  • They come with a cute little carrying pack – great for your gym bag!
  • The unique guarantee of eartips for life –> perfect for me as I lose everything.

I’ve used the Relays for a month or so now – loving the sound quality!  Perfect for lifting, running (which I’ve now stopped completely) and plyo work.  These eartips stay put!

A huge thank you to Verizon for the collaboration!!


QUESTION:  What do you need MORE of in your life??  What cellular provider do you use?


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  1. We have Verizon and love the service! But my iPhone 4s has a 3G network which I’m NOT the biggest fan of. And I’ll take more lavender scented things too. My favorite. I just let Sawyer stop using California Baby’s calming wash this year…and he’s 7 ;)

  2. We have T-mobile. Have had it for almost 12 years, when it was sun com, and still happy to this day.
    I need more sunshine and warmer weather to arrive. I would also like to pick up another bag of TJs ‘Happy Trekking’ trail mix since I have almost finished off the one I have. It’s incredibly addictive!