YAY!!  We made it to Friday!!  This one is particularly exciting/busy for my family and I (read why below) so we’ll just get right to it.  I had kinda forgotten about these “currently” posts until I read Lauren’s and she always has the best life shares so I was inspired.

Let’s do this.

currently: march

Current books:


Still trucking along on the “Bible In 90” challenge!  We’re over 2/3rds of the way done and it’s becoming a habit in my day to reach for my Bible (or rather, sit down and read on biblegateway.com).  Are you doing the challenge?  How’s it going?

Current music:

LOVE this song!  LOVE that Travis can’t help but put on his swagger face when I play it.  It’s a good one.  The song…and his face.

Current guilty pleasure:

Hmmm…I’m at a loss.

Current nail color:



Current drink:

Water!  Like all the time.

Current food: 

We’ve been digging this jerky – it’s the best one I’ve tried so far out of all the Krave flavors!  Very tender!


Current favorite show:

We don’t have cable so any shows we watch are either on Amazon or Netflix.  We just finished House of Cards.  Any suggestions on what to watch next?

Current wish list:

I wish I could meet this baby boy…like soon!  And not feel nauseous anymore.

Oh, and I wish we had enough money right now to buy a new car….as soon as the Chattanooga house sells!

Current triumphs:

Finishing up Henry/Porter’s room!  Here’s a quick look!



Top L – Need something to go on the wall behind the crib!  Help!!

Top R – My mama made him a quilt!  Crib sheet from Land of Nod.

Bottom L – Built-in bookcase by brother-in-law, still need to hang a mirror in the middle and get a desk chair.

Bottom R – New rug from Target.

Current bane of my existence:

Peeing every 20 minutes.  No joke – I’ve started tracking and it’s literally every 20 minutes.

Current celebrity crush:

None.  I just don’t keep up with celebrity stuff.  <-side note…I used to!  I’d buy InTouch or any handful of those trashy mags and devour them.  This was pre-kids.  Now I’d much rather read a book or do really anything else.

Current indulgence:


I suppose paying someone else to do a job that you could have easily done is considered an indulgence.  I got my car cleaned last weekend and loved not having to do it myself.

Current blessing:

Signing more and more sponsors for Blend Retreat!!  Something I’ve prayed really heavily about and God is showing up! 

(P.S.  We still have a few tickets available!  Check it out!)

Current slang:

Can’t think of anything.


Current outfit:

I wear this same outfit 5 times a week to the gym.  People are so bored with me, but it’s the only thing that (kinda sorta) fits.


Current excitement:

My sister-in-law’s wedding is this weekend!!  Travis’ oldest sister, Camila, is getting married!  Henry is the ring bearer and Clara, the flower girl (Travis will be playing the guitar and me… I’ll just be the prettiest one in the room).  The engagement/wedding story is a great one, but I’ll have to let her tell it.  Couldn’t be more excited for you, Cam!

Current mood:

Meh.  I’ve got laundry to fold.


Current link:

I’m SO excited for this girl!  <-I went to high school with her husband!


QUESTION:  Pick a “current” and answer it!


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  1. Sherlock Holmes was so good! The BBC one on Netflix. We don’t have cable either so I am always trying to find new things to watch. My current without Jacob show is what not to wear… Although it totally makes me want to get a new wardrobe, so that’s probably not a good thing.

    The quilt and sheets are too cute!!

  2. What a cute nursery, you can come decorate my house any time! Wish I could go to Blend, unfortunately my student budget leaves me about enough money for groceries and barely any at that :( Maybe next year if I am lucky!My current addiction: siracha!

  3. Current guilty pleasure: Starburst sour jelly beans

    You should watch — Bates Motel, Parenthood, The Blacklist, Revenge. These are all still on TV now so I have no idea if you can watch them via Netflix? Not sure how that stuff works.