While still looking down – “Yes, Clara.”

“Put down yewel phone.”

While still looking down, but in my best good-mommy voice – “Yes, Clara darling?”

“Put down yewel PHONE!!”

While STILL looking down, but in my best negotiator voice – “Just give me oooonnnne minute, baby.”

She walks away.

I notice about a minute later.

….And it hurts my heart.


THIS is why I’m stepping away from my phone, from the blog, from Facebook for the weekend**.


To be intentional with my attention.

QUESTION:  Are you glued to “yewel” phone?  To your computer?  Let’s do something about this, yes?!?


**((Until Sunday night when I’ll be glued to the computer for Blend Retreat sales!!!  8pm EST.  Be there or be square!  Luckily, my kids will already be in bed.))

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  1. LOVE this. I’ve been glued to my laptop bc of work and school, and it breaks my heart when poor Mr. Barney gives me the puppy dog eyes that say kind of the same thing Clara was telling you. In fact, he has told me it’s time for bed several times in the last two weeks because I’ve been up way too late working. He stands by the stairs and barks at me when it’s past his bedtime. Thank goodness for little ones, even if they are furry.

  2. Yep. Easy to get distracted by the pings and beeps and tweets. I silence them once the kids get home and only venture back onto social media once we’ve had play time and THEY’VE headed off to their computers ;)

    Enjoy “yewel” weekend!

  3. Ummmmm…yes. It’s been a bit better since i’ve been so busy with the kids at home, but still needs work. xo

  4. YUP. guilty. A few weeks ago Harper said “Mama, stop looking at your phone and look at my eyes.” Totally shattered my heart into a million pieces. Working on it, daily!

  5. Enjoy the time with your family! :)
    I am intentionally working on being better about that when I’m with others – friends, family, whoever. And I definitely have found I notice the behavior more in other people now and find myself wanting to break the habit even more!

  6. I’m glued to my Kindle iPhone App so I guess that makes me glued to my phone :( However … I really try to avoid reading until after the boys are in bed at night.