If you’re reading along on the Bible In 90 plan, you might have noticed…

We’re 1/3 of the way done!!

WOOT WOOT!!!  (actually a few days past 1/3 now)


Today I want to encourage anyone who is reading along that might be BEHIND or who hasn’t even started yet.  You can do this.  It’s just like anything else – we make it a priority and we go for it.  I know that for ME, if I don’t sit down in the afternoon right after I put Clara down for her nap (or maybe after my own mini-nap), I have a very hard time getting the day’s reading in.  There have been a couple of times when I’ve been a day or even two days behind schedule.  MAN – making those days up stinks!

If you’re behind or struggling with this (very worthwhile) commitment, here are some tips that I’ve found can help:

Divide and Conquer

Let’s be honest here – we’re taking on a lot of reading each day …. and on topics and things that require THOUGHT and REFLECTION.  It can be daunting.  If taking a 45-minute sit down is too much for you, split up the day’s reading into THREE parts.  Morning, noon and night…just like your meals.  See it as a way of feeding your soul. Smile

Pencil It In

Similar to workouts and doctor’s appointments, taking time to read should be scheduled into your day.  If you have a day planner (here’s the one I use!), make a special spot to sit down with your bible.  If it’s written and in plain sight, you’ll make more of a point to accomplish it.

Find A Version YOU Love

The first year, I read in King James Version.  The second and third years, it was New American Standard.  This year, The Message.  No matter the translation, God will speak to your heart on the scriptures that He wants to.  Find a version that you like and try it out.  For a list of all biblical translations, go here.

Read Online

For the past three years, I’ve been reading from my actual bible – sitting down with a paperback book.  This year, I tried a different approach and I read every day at BibleGateway.com.  Reading online has proven to be SO much easier mentally on me and I’m not sure of the reason for that.

Quick tip:  if you look in my left sidebar at the top, you’ll see the day’s reading.  Highlight it, copy and paste it into biblegateway.com and the site will spit out everything you need to read that day.  (Thanks be to Travis for updating this sidebar for me each and every morning.  He’s a great man.)

Join Our Facebook Group

If you need some support and inspiration, go “like” the Bible In 90 Facebook page!

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Lastly, if you’re struggling or behind in your reading, know this:  IT’S OK.  In fact, I’d say NORMAL.  Think about it:  we struggle with making the special things in life a priority because the special things in life are the hardest.  It will always be more fun to turn on the TV than to read your bible.  It will always be more appealing to waste an hour on Facebook.

Those things take no brain power…no WILLpower!

Since this time is very special, God will honor the commitment – I assure you.  Don’t beat yourself up or feel guilty if you’re not right on pace. (Guilt has NO place here!)  Just do what YOU need to do to make this journey what it’s meant to be – time spent each day washing your feet in the Word!


QUESTION:  How do you make sure to get things done?  How do you carve out time for the things that matter?


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  1. It’s so in my brain to read and not let it slip too much because being behind IS hard! One tip from me, and I don’t know if this is “cheating” or not, is that I use my commute to work to listen to the Word through my Bible app on my phone. To be honest, many of the Psalms and NT are easier to read myself, and I love handling the Word rather than listening, but when it seems like a lot and I’m falling behind, I listen to it! It’s great but sometimes I have to re-listen or re-read because I can zone out while I’m walking or running to work. Just a thought. ;) But overall I’ve loved it – lots of volume but I really do enjoy knowing that I’m getting lots of God’s Word in my heart! I use the New Revised Version.