You guys.  I am in pain.

Oh the heartburn!!  It’s more like THROATburn – like there’s a piece of burning food stuck in the back of my throat.  I asked on Instagram (follow me – @lindsays_list) and Facebook for some remedies and got the following answers (for anyone else in pain):

  • Milk!  (milkshakes work too.)
  • Milk of magnesium
  • Prilosec, Tagamet or Zantac
  • Tums
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Lying on my left side
  • Papaya enzymes

Things to AVOID:

  • Tomatoes (and tomato-based dishes like spaghetti)
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Peppermint (some people said this helps, some said avoid.  It’s a crapshoot.)
  • Citrus foods

After trying a few of the remedies, I called my doctor and talked to her.  She said Prilosec and Milk of Magnesium would be the way to go if I didn’t want to deal with it anymore.  <-yep.  Sign me up for the easy route since this pregnancy seems to be anything BUT easy. Smile  I’m starting Prilosec today so we’ll see how well it works!

What is baby up to at 27 weeks?


  • This week, the baby weighs almost 2 pounds (about the size of a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with his legs extended.
  • He’s sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing his eyes, and perhaps even sucking his fingers.
  • While his lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning — with a lot of medical help — if he were to be born now.

How is mama feeling?

Pretend there’s a belly shot here.  Travis and I kinda got caught up in a Wii Fit competition and forgot to take it.  Whoops.


I have SO much energy lately!!  If memory serves me correctly, this boost will be short lived so I’m making the most of what energy I have.  Unfortunately, I still feel car-sick all day long but movement helps.  <-will I be sick for the duration?!?  bah!!….but totally worth it for this boy!


Here’s the rundown for last week:

  • Monday – Bootcamp #2 + 20 min. ArcTrainer
  • Tuesday – REST
  • Wednesday – Bootcamp #2 + 20 min. Elliptical
  • Thursday – Zumba
  • Friday – Bootcamp #1 + Bootcamp #2 (to make enough room for new January sign-ups, my gym had to create two bootcamp classes, each 45 minutes long)
  • Saturday – AM:  Zumba, PM:  4 mile walk
  • Sunday – REST


Sleep has vastly improved compared to the past two weeks.  Minimal wake-ups and minimal wallering.  <-wallering is a word, LiveWriter.


BOY! Porter Killian

Belly Button?





Stretch Marks?



YEP! Tons!

Clara and this pregnancy

So Clara thinks she’s pregnant too.  She’s named him, “Porter.”  Sometimes “Charlie.”  Sometimes “Moo-Anna.”

The baby kicks.  She wants us to FEEL the baby kick.

The baby makes her belly full (especially when there are vegetables to be eaten on her plate).

The baby is almost always the size of a blueberry.

The baby will come out of her mouth.  Or her belly button.  She’s not quite sure.

Clara In Hat

I just love this girl.


  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Round ligament pain


Chocolate and coffee. Winking smile  see above.


QUESTION:  Totally random thought –> Did you ever have an imaginary baby or friend when you were little??


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  1. I just recently found out that chewing gum helps heartburn. The alkaline saliva washes down the acid and helps neutralize the stomach. My son gets heartburn from time to time.

  2. this may seem random but I’ve had reflux since I was 10 and tried all kinds of tricks. The only that has worked for me is eating an apple and some rice every day. Something about these two calms down your stomach acid. I hope you get to feeling a little better soon.

  3. Ugh, the heartburn. I hope the Prilosec kicks in fast so you can get relief ASAP! My favorite thing my daughter did after my son was born was watch me nurse, then lift her own shirt and “nurse” her baby dolls. I have one picture of her doing this when she was about 3 yrs old, it is priceless! Clara is going to be the best big sister!

  4. LOVE Clara’s imagination!! Too precious. Ugh- so sorry that the nausea is still not gone. Mine picked up this week again… I keep hoping it will fade with the 1st trimester, but I know there’s a possibility that won’t be the case!

  5. Oh lordy, I hear you on the heartburn! Every SINGLE thing I did gave me heartburn with Harper. Papaya Enzymes were miracle tablets for me. I hope you can get relief, soon! I love Clara’s enthusiasm with her sympathy pregnancy – a blueberry! Adorable! :D

  6. So sorry to hear you’re still battling nausea…was just praying for you last night! Here’s hoping for a week of HEALING!

    Oh, and when I was about 4, I loved to pretend I was going into labor. Seriously. I’d lay in my kiddie tent in the living room and make my mom pretend to be a nurse checking on me every 5 minutes [and eventually bring me “the baby”/a doll, of course]. I’m pretty sure I was an oddball. :P

  7. Dang, heartburn is no fun no matter what. You still look awesome as ever with that growing baby boy!
    Yes, I had an imaginary friend when i was little. His name was ‘acho’ ( pronounced like nacho without the ‘n’) . Ha! Never knew what ended up happening to him ;). Clara is so adorable!

  8. I tried everything for heartburn when I was pregnant with my girls (years ago). The quickest relief I found was a mixture of 1/2 tsp of baking soda in 1/4 cup cold water > stir until water is clear > drink immediately and quickly without ceasing until gone. **don’t sip!!** Within 5 minutes or less heartburn was completely gone. I found doing this on a daily basis before heartburn even started and it was taken care of. Of course, since it’s a pure mix of edible ‘stuff’ you can use it as often as needed to ward off and/or get rid of heartburn :)
    As for imaginary friend when I was little … I didn’t have one but I had an older sister that was always around to keep my occupied.

  9. Oh clara bear. How cute is that? Adrienne calls her brother “our baby” and tells me she has to go to the hospital to get him. It makes me so hilariously happy.

    Glad you got something for the heartburn…it’s no joke. I feel so sorry for people (my husband) who have to deal with it regularly!

  10. PRILOSEC! I took 20mg of Prilosec daily and I never got heartburn again, and that was coming from my midwife. Also, whoever told you to drink straight up milk….don’t. Dairy only exacerbates heartburn (although, milk of magnesia will help). You’ll feel better after a couple of days with the prilosec, like night and day:)

  11. lol clara on pregnancy – SO CUTE!!! hilarious about having a baby when there are vegetables on her plate :) :) my good friend is having a lot of heartburn during her pregnancy, so i’m forwarding this blog post to her! :)

  12. Not sure if you see a chiropractor, but mine helped in one visit for heartburn. Amazing. No meds needed.