“Picture Paragraph.”

You take a picture and write a paragraph (or two) telling us a little more about it. What was going on that day, your thoughts behind the picture, why you bought that (hideous) shirt you’re wearing, etc. It gives the author a chance to ramble and the reader a chance to get to love the rambler a little bit more. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – I’ll try a paragraph. Here goes.


Like any good sister, I recently begged Katy if we could borrow her Wii – duration undetermined.  And like any good sister, she said yes, but that she’d want it back.  It’s been FOUR years since I stepped foot on that Wii Fit board.  FOUR years that have seen four pregnancies (two lost) and more than a few weight fluctuations.  I was a little reluctant to get on the board because I haven’t known my weight in a very long time.  But I got on.  And the Wii board welcomed me back.  And then told me I’d gained 19.2 pounds since my last check-in.

Weight gain used to freak me out.  Defining my mood, how the day would go, whether I felt sexy, what (and WHETHER) I could eat that day.  But yesterday, I just laughed and moved on with my play time (AND beat ALL of my previous records..and most of Travis’.).

To simply brush off a gain?!?!

Yes, I’m pregnant and I know that I’m supposed to be heavier.  Even so, I feel so different these past few years in regards to my body and numbers.

Like I’ve finally grown up.

19.2 pounds-and-four years grown up.


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QUESTION:  How do YOU deal with weight gain??


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  1. I am 22 and a half weeks pregnant and because of my morning sickness and losing 10 lbs. in the first trimester, I have just started to gain weight since week 20 and it’s weird. I am definitely not used to this.

  2. I haven’t weighed myself in a year (almost) and I have had so many less “fat” says. I have no idea if i have gained weight. Probably ? But I can’t tell. It’s just as probable that I lost weight. Also, fit mama, your pregnant bmi is so fit!! Love your honesty.

  3. I hate numbers. ED’s are so full of numbers that just made me miserable! I still struggle when I see the number go up on the scale and cheer a little bit when it goes down…but NOTHING like I used too. Now I can usually brush it off pretty quickly after I see those numbers. But still, I’d love to get to a point where I don’t even care at ALL again! For now, I pretty much just avoid the scale altogether!! But since I know where you’re coming from, I must give you some mad props

  4. Weight gain doesn’t bother me nearly as much as muscle loss!
    I gained 3 pounds over the holidays, but was much more upset with the 10 pushups I lost off my max rep.
    I LOVE seeing your pregnancy weight gain photos! xo

  5. I definitely was fine with weight gain and felt awesome throughout my pregnancy, but I still was shocked when I saw the numbers go up – not in a bad way, but in a “woah! it doesn’t feel like that!” way

  6. I love this! And I admittedly need to get to a place where seeing a number doesn’t freak me out, good or bad. I tend to just steer clear of weighing myself just because I know it messes with me, when I KNOW I don’t need a number to validate how I feel in my body. But I do wish I could make peace with it, no matter what. A goal. XO!

  7. Love that this was your response! I wasn’t sure by the title of the post but it makes me so happy to think how much you’ve changed and grown and from hearing your story, you sound like a different Lindsay. Freedom! Praise God. :)

  8. I used to deal with weight gain by (1) crying and crying and crying, then (2) either restricting my food or bingeing big time. It was a real fun life.

    Now, I deal with weight gain by… Oh, wait! I don’t step on the scale anymore! I have no reason to, since it wouldn’t change my current eating or exercising habits. Here’s to being happy and healthy and amazing!!