I know I told you we’d have a giveaway today, but I lied.  Come back Wednesday!

Also, make sure you’re up to date on all the “Bible In 90” details.  Go here for more!


I (finally) have some exciting news to share!  After months of working behind the scenes, dealing with contracts and securing sponsors, I’m happy to announce some Blend news!!

Mark your calendars – The 2014 Blend Retreat will be held June 6th-8th in Park City, Utah! 


We had such great feedback after last year’s event (and the most amazing support from the hotel staff/administration) that we decided to make a second go at Park City and the Hyatt Escala.  If you came last year, don’t worry – this year’s retreat will be a little different.  We’ve got a few ideas of how to mix things up while still keeping in line with our overall mission.

To provide a relaxing weekend away for bloggers (and nonbloggers), focusing on fitness, food and fellowship!

If you’re not familiar with the past two years, go back and read my recaps (2012dear goodness, we were just babes & 2013enjoy Travis’ photography).  It really IS the best weekend ever – you should come!  Tickets will go on sale shortly (don’t worry – I’ll keep you in the loop!).  For now, you should “like” us on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram (blendretreat).  More to come!

P.S.  Yes, I’ll be bringing baby Porter and Travis with me!  Crazy, I know!  I’m actually kinda excited about showing them both off.

QUESTION:  Have you ever gone to a conference or retreat?


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  2. Things are a bit cray cray this year, but the fiance said I should go anyway (I think he just doesn’t want to watch me mope around that weekend, haha!). So excited! Park City was awesome, so excited that we’ll get to visit again!

  3. this is just as EXCITING as a giveaway. I am pretty sure I’m out for this year, but I’ m sure you’ll have a fab time! Love the mountain graphics this year. I wonder if I can get a t-shirt? (I’d pay for one!) I wear my other 2 alllll the time.

  4. I kind of sort of maybe might just do it! I’ve read everyeone’s recaps the past couple years and always thought, “Hey! Maybe someday I’ll be a real blogger that does stuff like that.” So maybe this will be the year, if for no other reason than some good food and some baby-snuggling. ;)

  5. Ahhhhh, SO fun!! What a gorgeous venue it is, I was gushing about how beautiful Park City is to my hubby last year… now he wants to come and run trails while I hang out with the girls ;) Hopefully it all works out this year!