pregnancy – 21 weeks

Dear goodness!  Just when I say that I’ve “popped”, my belly starts laughing and says, “I’ll show you what POP looks like.”  I’m 100% certain that I was never this big with Henry or Clara at 21 weeks.  98% of me is perfectly content with whatever I look like.  The other 2% is annoyed (ESPECIALLY when people comment on how BIG my belly is – which is a post for later this week.)  I think what bothers me (although “bothers” isn’t the right word) is that I’m not in control and, well… I kinda like being in control.  Like I said, more on this subject to come – I just need to form the right words so it doesn’t sound so bitchy.

What is baby up to at 21 weeks?


  • Baby now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long — about the size of a carrot.
  • Baby’s eyebrows and lids are present now.
  • Starting to develop patterns of awake/sleep time.

How is mama feeling?



I didn’t do as well last week because my gym’s KidZone was closed for 3 days for Thanksgiving.  I still managed to log 6 hours of exercise – it just took some creative thinking on my part!  One bootcamp, three walks, one run (which I’ll talk about tomorrow) and one Crossfit workout with Travis on Thanksgiving morning!  (I’m not sure that I’ve shared this on the blog, but Travis quit the gym in August and started working out in our basement – mostly Crossfit and some strength programs.  He loves it!!  I like saving money.)



Going well.  STILL thinking about getting THIS pillow.  Wouldn’t it make a wonderful Christmas present!?!?  Smile

Belly Button?





YEP!  See below.


Travis felt the baby kick!!  We were laying in bed about to go to sleep and the baby was kicking repetitively in this one spot.  I made Travis pay attention and he felt a few kicks!  The smile on his face was just precious – there’s nothing like it!


  • Nausea. Still.
  • Dry, itchy eyes.
  • Round Ligament Pain.
  • Frequent potty breaks.


Nothing special to report.  I like all the foods.



QUESTION:  What are your thoughts on BELLY TOUCHING (i.e. other people touching a pregnant woman’s belly)??


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  1. I never had random people touch my belly. Thank goodness. Not sure I would be ok with it. I like my personal space. Now, Tony is a different story. I would grab his hand all the time and put it on my belly to feel the baby. I love that the little one is growing strong! Your body is just used to it now and that’s probably why you popped the way you did. Unfortunately, your body is not your own right now (which I’m sure you are fully aware of). You look amazing!

  2. Belly touching…kinda weird at first, but I don’t mind it now, as long as I know the person doing the touching! I feel like it’s their way of trying to experience the joy I am feeling, and I don;t mind if they share in that joy. I’m at 32 weeks, and it’s my first baby so everyone is saying i’m “so small” and “all baby!” etc…I think they mean well, but it makes me feel a little inadequate…like i’m not doing my job as baby maker. But i’m gaining the right amount of weight, eating well, and exercising so I try not to let others’ comments get to me.

  3. Belly touching never bothered me. What I hated were people’s (especially strangers) remarks about my belly’s size. My first baby was big (9lbs 6oz) and I “popped” early with my second (4 months I think), so I was always hearing, “are you SURE you’re not having twins?”, “you’re only 5 months? You look like you’re ready to pop!”, etc. Well, if looks could kill, I’d be in prison ;). But whatever. My babies were healthy and perfect!

  4. For some reason- I feel like people who are OK with belly touching (not by random creep-o’s) don’t get touched, while ppl who HATE touching get touched all the time. EX: I didn’t mind people feeling my belly (but no one ever touched it) but my sister in law HATED ppl touching hers and she got it ALL THE TIME!

  5. I’m 31 weeks and I got so many comments early on from co-workers about how big I was. Ladies in my vanpool really started getting on my nerves. There’s only so much “Yes, he’s a big boy” replies that I can give until I’m peeved.

    Luckily, I haven’t had any unwanted advances to touch my stomach. My baby shower is this weekend, so maybe my friends and family will then, but I think I’ll be okay with that.

  6. Belly touching for me was an absolute no! I am not a touchy feely person in general, and I def don’t like my stomach touched……so absolutely no to strangers. =)

    You look amazing! Don’t even sweat the comparison from prior pregnancies!

  7. Okay, my belly is bigger and flabbier than yours and I’m only 17 weeks. ;) I am MUCH bigger than I was with Josiah. You look AMAZING!! :) I think if people want to touch, they need to ask. Simple as that.

  8. You look absolutely amazing, Lindsay!!! I love the belly!!
    As far as belly touching, I say if it is someone that you know, and YOU don’t mind, it’s fine. But NOT a stranger!! I personally think that that is extremely rude!!!! I would not ever touch someone’s pregnant belly if I did not know them!! It would make ME uncomfortable!! I have been known to touch pregnant bellies of people that I know, the most recent being someone here at work!! Since it is YOUR belly, it is up to YOU!!

  9. I was not a fan of random strangers trying to touch my belly. I have personal space issues, so even some people who I know got funny looks when they tried! That being said I loved it when my husband touched my belly. I felt like he was bonding with our Kiddo!

  10. I never minded belly touching (as long as I knew the ‘toucher’). IN fact, I would love to touch your lovely, round belly to tell your baby that his arrival is much anticipated!

    I was just like you. I swear, that my belly popped as soon as the pregnancy test showed positive with my third baby!

  11. I love your belly. So cute! Yay for squeezing in workouts when you can. It’s all about balance and being healthy anyway.
    Well, I’m still (impatiently) waiting to be a mama, but when it does happen ( praying to God) I would rather there not be belly touching, except for my husband. I know family will try, but I’ve never been a touchy/ huggy kind of person (and will probably swat them if they try). ;) I just find it awkward, but to each their own.

  12. I don’t mind if people I knew touched my belly, but strangers? No thank you!

    You look great and you don’t look big AT ALL!!!! I feel like no matter what size you are, there’s always the people that comment on how “big” or “small” you are. It always annoyed the crap out of me when I was pregnant!

  13. I’ve never been pregnant so perhaps I shouldn’t comment on this, but the idea of people (stranger or otherwise) feel they have the right to randomly touch someone else horrifies me! I know I would be such a butt about this if I ever got pregnant, but it is such a pet peeve of mine! Just no!!

  14. Well, I guess that’s one good thing about me being so small at 7 months – no strangers touching my belly. They wouldn’t know I was pregnant.

  15. Touching strangers is never ok. Luckily, I never had any strangers try to touch me.
    When I was pregnant with Kid1, I was still working…a first grade teacher…I had 25 hands on my stomach all the time! The kids would rub my belly and say bye to the baby on their way out to recess. They’d also stare at the belly while I read to them watching for the lumps to appear so they could feel her move. I suppose if a stranger touched my stomach, I might not have noticed. ;-)

  16. I got that exact pillow when I was pregnant with Abe and just pulled it out for this pregnancy. Literally, one of the best purchases you will make.

  17. Belly Touching=NO NO NO. The only time I’ve ever done it is if that person has grabbed my hand and put it on their own stomach to feel the baby kicks. I think it’s crazy to assume you can touch a stranger. YIKES.