introducing ISIS and the Verizon 4G LTE network

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I have something exciting to share with you guys today.

Exciting for ME because I was recently chosen for a spectacular campaign with Verizon Wireless and received a new iPhone 5s!! (for which I’m BEYOND grateful!!)

Exciting for YOU because you get to hear about a new way to be awesome with your current smartphone.

A win-win.  So grab a cup of coffee and listen up.

First let me tell you about the iPhone 5s.


Before this upgrade, I’d been using an iPhone 4.  Actually, let’s go back further.  Just a year and a half ago, I was using two phones: one non-smart phone for making/receiving calls and a faulty iPhone 4 that I didn’t pay for data on (meaning it only connected to Wi-Fi and was super slow).  Cheap.  Frugal.  Pick one – that’s me.  I carried around two phones for about a year, juggling them back and forth, trying to look cool (and failing miserably).  Last September, I finally bit the bullet and got a new phone, just one, and now I (kinda) feel like an adult.

So you’ll understand that the gifting of a brand new iPhone 5s is just truly amazing (and undeserved)!!  The first thing I noticed was how FAST everything was – Verizon’s 4G LTE network helps with this!  The increase in speed makes it easier to browse all of my social media channels (especially FB), but it also makes application downloads way faster (we download at least one kid’s game every day).  The CAMERA is leaps and bounds better too!  I don’t take my Canon anywhere – the clarity that I get from the iPhone 5s rivals any DSLR!  Oh and the phone KNOWS MY THUMBPRINT and I get to talk to Siri and try to stump her.

I’m extremely pleased with this phone – if you yourself are looking to upgrade anytime soon, consider the iPhone 5s!!

Now to ISIS!

Verizon Wireless has just debuted a new mobile app – ISIS.  Having just been on a conference call with Verizon, here’s what I came away with.


What is ISIS??

ISIS is a new mobile wallet app that has just launched for all Verizon users.  It’s an extremely SAFE solution to replace your wallet!

How it works:

Once you download the ISIS Mobile Wallet (through Google Play Store), you create an account and password.  Enter any compatible credit cards and bank accounts that you’d like to withdraw from.  During this process, you can also sign up for an American Express Serve card that will save you money (more on this below!).  You can use ISIS at any location that you see the approved symbol (over 20,000 locations nationwide!).  When at the cash register, enter your pin (that you choose), choose the card or bank account on file that you want to pay with, hold your phone up to the terminal and it will process your payment automatically!

Bonus:  You can also load loyalty cards – the ones that are gunking up your keychain – and store your rewards online!  Locations that accept ISIS are easily found with the built-in “Find Places Nearby”-feature.

How safe is it??

A couple of features make ISIS an extremely safe and secure solution for mobile payment!  First, your credit card and bank account information is encrypted automatically and stored inside your device (rather than online somewhere).

Second, every transaction will have a dynamic CVV (that’s the three digit number on the back of your credit cards).  The GREAT thing is this – no one can figure this number out because it changes with EACH transaction (compared to a static CVV that your current credit card has, this is a wonderful safety feature!)

Lastly, if you lose your phone, someone would need to know your 4-digit pin.  You can also call Verizon or go online to the ISIS site and FREEZE your mobile wallet.

Who can use ISIS?

Currently, only ANDROID devices are compatible with ISIS (go here for a complete list of approved devices).  ISIS has NOT YET been made available for Apple devices.  I’m told that this will happen very soon though and I’m excited to actually try it firsthand.  Android users can download ISIS for free at the Google Play Store.

Additional savings!

ISIS has paired up with American Express to provide savings through their Serve component.  When you sign up for a Serve account through ISIS, $10 will automatically be added to your Serve account.  Oh, and get this – when you use your Serve account now through January 31st, you’ll receive a whopping 20% back on all purchases!!  That’s a HUGE savings, especially considering Christmas is quickly approaching!!

ISIS also provides it’s users with exclusive offers from participating retailers.  This video sums it up pretty well!


Now your coffee is cold but you’re cooler having found out about ISIS.  You can expect a few more posts (and FB/Twitter shares) as this partnership with Verizon carries on.  I’m thankful for the chance to share!

QUESTION:  Would you use the ISIS app??  Have any questions (I’ll try my best to get provide an answer or direct you to someone who knows more)??


**TWITTER USERS!!  There is a Twitter Chat hosted by Verizon and FitFluential on November 18, 2013 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time on the hashtag #VZWFF. 

Participants will have the chance to win a Samsung Note 3 or a Samsung Galaxy S4.  I’ll be there!**

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