not that i’m complaining

I really don’t like complainer-pants people.

And I’m really not trying to be one today.  But I think maybe I am.

I’ve been sick for NINE WEEKS now (pregnant for 15).  And while I’m no longer always on the verge of heading to the toilet (which I’m so so thankful for – gosh I hate complainer pants people), I’m still not feeling well.  I still feel like I’m driving around with the worst case of car sickness….all day long.

I want to scream and get on Facebook (or this blog) and talk about how seriously sad I am that I’m still sick.  But then I stop myself because a) who likes THAT person (not me) and b) to complain wouldn’t be a true reflection of how blessed I feel in absolutely every other part of my life.  I wish I could describe to you guys just how very little (read: I have to do with these blessings.  It’s all God.

I find myself asking:  How can one be so thankful yet so ready for change at the same time?!?  Isn’t it in our very nature to smile one second and grumble the next?  To be both happy and sad?

I have no answer or revelation for you today.  Maybe you have one for me?


Totally unrelated, but doesn’t this picture just make your heart explode?!!?!  That’s our new cousin, Knox.


QUESTION:  Calling on the mamas out there – when did your morning sickness completely go away?


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  1. Mine seems to come about when I rush around….Seems like a good reminder to take it slow :)

  2. I have no morning sickness advice since I haven’t been a mama, but girl I’m praying for you. I don’t know why it’s sticking around for so long, but you can absolutely be ready for change and still be grateful. God doesn’t expect you to hide your feeling, just lean on him and tell him you’re tired of being sick. He’s a really good listener. :)

  3. I’ve never been in your shoes so I can only imagine but I guess I do have a suggestion as something to try…have you ever considered chiropractic care? Seriously…not every chiropractor is fabulous but if you can find a wellness based chiro, the adjustments may help work-out whatever isn’t in the right place and causing you to not feel well. At the same time, chiropractic is a fantastic thing for pregnant mommas and especially as you get further along it’ll help baby get in the right position for delivery. (If anything, it’s something worth keeping on the back burner.) Sending love!

  4. You can totally feel blessed AND be ready for a season to change. I get it 100%.

    My ickiness went away around 13-14 weeks both times. Praying yours goes away ANY second now.

    Also, that picture. Heart just burst wide open.

  5. well, it faded slowly for me, but even now at 26 weeks there are some foods that will trigger it! Mostly my grievance is with heartburn though…no matter what I eat! but I’m so thankful that my baby is healthy, i’m getting sleep most nights, my iron isn’t low, and a host of other blessings…so I just try to concentrate on those instead! (but it’s so hard sometimes, and my heart goes out to you!)

  6. I am not pregnant, never have been pregnant, but would give ANYTHING to be. It always tugs at me a little when pregnant women complain. I always want to say, didn’t you know this comes with the territory? However like you said, complaining all the time wouldn’t be a true reflection of all the other blessings you have – and are aware you have. Same with me. I need to stop focusing on what I don’t have (pregnancy) and cherish all God has blessed me with! It’s something I honestly do try to do several times a day.

    Just a little perspective from someone on the ‘other side’ – meant with kindness. I do hope you feel better soon. It can’t be easy feeling icky with 2 babes at home.

    1. Stacey, I know how you feel because I, too, was not able to get pregnant and stay pregnant for 9 months. I still (even though I’m 50 now) would give ANYTHING to know what that feels like and if God told me I could be pregnant but would be sick for 9 months I would jump at the opportunity. That being said, being pregnant wasn’t God’s plan for my family. He blessed us with two older children (11 and 7) 12 years ago and they have blessed our lives beyond anything I could ever imagine. Wait on the Lord, Stacey, he has a plan for your life too!

  7. No matter how wonderful the blessings, feeling like crap makes them hard to enjoy! That’s my revelation. And I’m sticking to it. And sticking to prayer, for you AND for me (pretty sure my tongue gets bitten at least 20 times a day. A complaint is always a breath away.)And being thankful yet ready for change at the same time? Ditto. Love you, lady. xo

  8. girl, just text or call me. You can complain to me anytime. still praying! <3 I'm thinking all this morning sickness will even out with a super easy and pain free delivery, yes? God willing..

  9. Feel better soon! Mine went away somewhere between 18 and 19 weeks… and then returned full force at the bitter end. haha But, like everything else sucky in life, it never lasts and you forget all about it after a while. ;)