this 31 year old body

In the spirit of tradition, I decided to again write a love letter to this ol’ body of mine (expect 3 more of these as we’ve got 3 more birthdays coming up in the next month).  31 may not seem like many years to some, but to me it’s the most I’ve ever seen and so I’ll honor this birthday (it’s tomorrow) and this body that’s made it this far.

Because she’s a beaut.

Because she works hard for me, every moment of every day.

Because she deserves a little respect.  No.  A lot of respect.

Because she’s me.


Dear Body,

In your 30th year of existence, you’ve dealt with:

  • plantar fasciitis in your left foot.  An injury that still hasn’t completely healed.
  • countless piggy back rides and trips to the park (…that included trips over bricks, roots and rocks.  This body…she’s a bit clumsy.)
  • two pregnancies.  …And two miscarriages.
  • daily workouts and not enough rest days.


In the past year, you’ve carried me through:

  • five shows at the theater.
  • a 10-month house renovation and move.
  • 27 Track Star workouts (yes, I keep track of the track.)
  • four seasons of ups and downs


31-year-old Body,

You’re strong and I like that.  Yes, my mind has MADE you get up and go to the gym, repeatedly lifting, sprinting and jumping – pushing you farther than you thought possible.  But it was YOU who did the work for me.  You body, with arms and a back that I’m proud to show off.  You body, with thick thighs that touch when I walk.  Heck, I’m just thankful that you’ll walk.  Thick thighs are becoming a thing, I hear.

Lovely vessel,

Let’s barter!

Respect and thanksgiving from me, for a baby from you.  Whole, nourishing foods from me, for the promise that you won’t transport my weekly brownie fix straight to your gut.  Face paint and some sweet calf socks from me, in return for a few adventure races from you.   Sunscreen for supple skin.  Fiber supplements for…well, you know.  I love a good deal.


Happy Birthday, Body!  I’m stuck with you.

And I really, really couldn’t be more happy about that.

love lindsay

QUESTION:  If you could write a letter to your body, what would you thank it for?


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  1. Such a great read! Happy birthday to you!
    This morning while annoyed at myself for dropping an egg and having to move the fridge to clean it up (they never fall in the middle of the kitchen for me it seems), I took a deep breath and said to myself… I’m thankful I’m awake this morning and my body’s able to bend down, move the fridge and clean up this #*(%(#@ egg :)
    It’s all how you spin it, right?

  2. Happy birthday, girl! For a minute I thought we were birthday twinsies…until I realized today is the 2nd.

    PS: That B/W photo of you is STUNNING. And I pray that thick thighs are a “thing,” because Lord knows I’ve got a little extra lovin’ going on in the leg department.

  3. I’m not kidding when I say you write the best letters – to yourself, to your kiddos, your hubby. Oh, and I just love you ;) Happy birthday Lindsay!!!

  4. Happy birthday, mama! Beautiful, beautiful letter. At 33 and having best my body up so much in my early 20’s by starving it and them forcing it to exercise anyway, I’m so grateful that it still let me give birth to 2 beautiful children. That it continues to let me sweat out my stress, as long as I do it in a way that honors it. That it climbs mountains, slides down slides at the playground, and gives hugs and cuddles that comfort. And I’m thankful for you, beautiful friend, for your honesty and inspiration. And especially for your big thighs remark. Hell yeah!!!

  5. I love this. I was thinking of writing a letter to my 31-year old body on the 30th this month, too. To thank it for what it’s given me, despite the fact that I, too, experienced a miscarriage in the last three weeks. I’m just now starting to feel a wee normal and just now remembering to love my body for what it has done for me. We’re in strong faith that baby #3 will come, but for now, I’m thanking my body for the ability to be a comeback kid…to work hard, play harder, and live to see my two beautiful girls and my husband every day.

    Happy Birthday, friend. <3

  6. happy birthday beautiful! Great letter. I have a feeling that your body will bless you even more this year because of the way you are treating it. God’s temple