a raw friday post

I’m alive!


I apologize for my absence this past week.  The saying goes, “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  Well, this week I honestly haven’t had anything nice or positive to say.  I actually wrote out an entire (cryptic) post about my troubles but after reading back over it, decided that it was WAY too depressing.  So I deleted it all and I’ll tell you this:  I’m dealing with some hard times over here but I’m sure to bounce back to my normal self sooner versus later.  I am an overcomer.  Prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated.


How’s that for a fun little Friday post!  I hope you have the best weekend ever – get out there and do something special!


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  1. I say vent. Get it all out! Whatever you need. So glad HE already knows what you need, He already knows what you think. I know that He will bless you, IS blessing you. And if I can be part of that blessing in any way, just let me know. I’m on it. For now, I’m praying. Love and big hugs.
    (And p.s., thank you for your email. You blessed ME!!)

  2. I haven’t been around much either, but I hope you don’t think it is weird for me to say that I’ve been thinking about (and missing) you.

    Life is crazy, strange, hard, difficult, joyful, troubling, confusing, busy, fun, wild, aggravating, frustrating, wondrous, and blessed. Sometimes more of one than all the others.

    Love to you, and Travis, and Clara, and Henry, and whoever else might need love in your life right now.