picture paragraph – “theater girl”

Who knows if this will catch on (probably not) but I had this idea yesterday and went with it.  It’s called, “Picture Paragraph.”  You take a picture and write a paragraph telling us a little more about it.  What was going on that day, your thoughts behind the picture, why you bought that (hideous) shirt you’re wearing, etc.  It gives the author a chance to ramble and the reader a chance to get to love the rambler a little bit more.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words – I’ll try a paragraph.  Here goes.


I remember playing dress-up as a little girl, always with my sister and always having to show daddy our outfits.  I remember twirling and posing, putting on Mama’s size 9 shoes and clonking around the house.  Smiling big and tossing my hair “just so.”  No one had to teach me that – it comes in every girl package.  The desire to be admired.  Doing shows at the theater gave me that same feeling.  Dressing up and putting on something pretty.  Now, instead of a one-daddy audience, I could have 1,000+!  Talk about a high.  In the past month and through a series of events I still don’t truly grasp, the Overlook Theater has stopped doing shows.  No more theater?!?!  I’m heartbroken.  The truth: I am a woman who is admired by three very special people and that’s enough (truly). 

But I’ll still miss the novelty of putting on a good show.

QUESTION:  Are you a theater person?  Try “Picture Paragraph” and let me know!


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  1. love this idea! I’ve not done a flashback friday post for a while, but maybe I should challenge myself and do it this way to stretch my writing chops.

  2. Love this! I think theater is probably my worst, worst nightmare. I was in a play once when I was little, and all I remember about it was crying and crying about not wanting to be on stage and have people look at me. Still feel the same way today.

  3. I love this idea! Very fun to hear the behind the scenes, and while it’s too bad that the theater is closed, how true to remember that you are loved by the 3 that matter most – plus God, whose love goes so much deeper than even those closest to us here. #thanksforthereminder ;)

  4. I love picture paragraph! Yes, I love the high of being in front of people. It’s actually where I am most confident, which is something i’ll never understand. Stick my in front of a camera and I get extremely nervous, put me in front of hundreds of people… and I’m fine!

  5. I love this! I always wanted to be a dancer. I LOVED it! Being on stage was such a rush of excitement! I used to choreograph dances like my dance teacher and put on a show. Now I do this through workout classes…I guess it’s a version of living my dream. ;)