my season of YES!

Welp.  I’m BACK!!!!!

You guys.  This past month was a flippin’ BLAST.  B-L-A-S-T, blast! Honestly, I’m still processing all of the blessings that came out of it.  Over the coming days and weeks, I’ll have more specific posts about what I learned (a lot) and about some of the changes around here (a lot, a lot!).  For now, to ease back into things, I thought I’d share some of my month away through PICTURES, which really speak more than words most times.

During the month of July, the “Season of No”, I said YES to….

….Going to the pool at least three times a week  You know on kids’ feet, where the tan top meets the uber-white bottom…yeah, I kinda love that line.



….Meal-planning every dinner.  A FIRST for me.


….Eating said dinner, at the table, TOGETHER, every single night.  A FIRST for us.  And the best possible thing to do for family dynamics.



….Running through 3 miles of color bombs with good friends.



….Looking flippin’ HOT.


….Going to the gym…on MY time.



….Eating too many “snack plate” lunches to keep track of and learning that everything, bananas included, tastes better dipped in ketchup.



….Riding on ponies made of plastic and living to tell the tale.


….Taking evening walks.  Sometimes down to the grocery store merely to get ice cream and a pack of cigs.



….Learning that the Ravine Floor will make or break the game.  Oh and winning!  I said yes to a lot of winning.



…Simply spending time together.

I said YES to everything that added value.  I had time to say YES when Henry asked me to play Legos with him or when Clara wanted to do “ba-la-lay” (ballet).  I had time to be lovely and frazzle-free for my deserving husband.  I said YES to God’s word, to His ever-present Spirit.  I said NO to so many things so that when needed, when asked, I could say YES to those that truly mattered.

It’s called creating margin.  And it has made all the difference.

Mid month, I started panicking about what August would bring because life was too lovely to think of returning to the old normal.  Moments later, I was calmed by a voice inside that said, “THIS right here can be your new normal.  Don’t look back.”

More on that to come…

Happy to be back friends!  Thanks for sticking with me!

QUESTION:  How did YOU spend July??  Anything new that I missed??


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  1. You’re baaaack! Yay!
    I spent July sweating in the CA heat…oh, AND starting a blog AND starting my PT cert program! Good things to come :) Can’t wait to hear more about these mysterious changes!

  2. Sounds like such an amazing month for you! Love your season of saying yes to the things that matter most in life!
    Can’t wait to hear about the changes!

  3. SO glad to see you took some time off to enjoy lief. Excited to hear about all the changes. And taking your kids at the pool … that sounds like my dream job.

  4. I spent time with my guys! I haven’t blogged one time and I’m pretty sure I’m better for it this time around. I’m anxious to get back to it soon, but I have one more week with my guys before school starts back. So, I’m going to soak up every bit of time I can with them!

    I’m glad you’ve had an incredible month Lindsay!

  5. I am so glad you are back! I have missed reading your blog talk month but am so happy you we able to enjoy time off with your family! I am also happy to say I started my own blog a few days before the start of July. I am loving blogging so far. You were one of the main bloggers I have been reading for years and had gotten me inspired to start my own. So thank you for your great inspiration and blogging energy!

  6. Love it! Keep saying yes to Jesus and your family above the blog and work – you’ve got it right! I’ve been saying yes to lots of clients lately – just the phase we’re in of working hard and I’m thankful for the full days despite being drained by day’s end. ;) I’m also saying yes to God’s timing – just like our kayaking trip, he filled our Grand Canyon trip with survivors (we leave Friday!) just yesterday! 29 strangers are going out into God’s wilderness to share life…Good things to come and I’m saying yes to that uncertainty. :D

    …we all love you! Glad you’re back but super glad for those life changes – make them a sticking reality here in August and beyond!

  7. What a blessing! I’ve missed you and was so excited to hear from you this morning :). But even more excited to read about what God is doing in you and in the life of your family. Can’t wait to hear more! Love you lady :)

  8. I’m so happy your season of YES was a beautiful time with your flipping adorable family.

    I have to say though, I’m still a little skeptical of the whole banana/ketchup thing. I love ketchup as much as the next girl, but I’m not sure I could get on board with that one ;).

  9. So happy to see you back but more happy to hear how wonderful your month has been. You can hear it through your words. Can’t wait to hear more about it. I’m planning on making August my season of saying yes to all the right things.

  10. The new normal! I love that. I’m overjoyed for you and the time you got to spend – distraction free – with that sweet family of yours. Big hugs, mama.

  11. missed you, love you, and i am beyond excited for you and what God has blessed you with. Thanks for encouraging us dear friend. Love those kids faces—> HAPPY!

  12. So awesome, I can tell how awesome you feel by reading! Well July for me has been saying YES to Rocco, haha! Life with a newborn is demanding, as you know since you have little ones! I love ya girl and excited for the changes! I always wish you and your beautiful family the best! <3