friday’s confessions

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On this particularly HOT June day, these are my confessions…

I confess that I’m kind of LOVING not having internet access!  Honestly, I’m getting so much done around the house (which is good because we still have about 50 boxes to unpack and sort through – I foresee a huge yard sale in my future. And lots of haggling with the local yard sale circuit.  I’ll win.)  The internet guys come on Monday to install and I just might make them some sweet tea and send them home.  #probablynot


I confess that I’m going to get a cavity from eating so much Vanilla Chex cereal.  That or grow a third butt cheek.  This stuff is addictive.  I’m already in need of a second box.  As if you need more incentive than my praise, here’s a coupon (it should double to $1 at most grocery stores) – go get you some.  (Sweet tea and couponing have been mentioned in this post.  You know it’s gonna be a good one.)

I confess that I’m starting to fall BACK in love with running (which I didn’t think would happen)!  We now live in town, which means I have access to a good 10 miles of safe(ish), side-walked paths for my choosing!  Two mornings this week, I got up extra early, put on my clothes and had the luxury of running right from my front door.  It felt nice – unencumbered by a stroller or the heat – to just …GO.  Now I just need a partner to keep me company.  Takers??


I confess that I’ll probably never want to do the following things:  run a marathon, learn to cook extravagant meals, eat Paleo, take a second husband, finish Breaking Bad.

I confess that I’m ready to be pregnant again.


I confess that I’m ok with not knowing when that will happen.

I confess that I’m ready for a weekend where we have nothing planned (finally)!  All I have on the agenda is a breakfast date with my little family tomorrow morning.  We’re making it a tradition of walking out our front door (see how nice that sounds!) and going down to the Sunset Restaurant.  Bacon biscuit for Clara, egg and cheese for Henry, biscuits and gravy for Travis and eggs and bacon for me.  The goal:  the waitresses will know our order by heart in a month.


I confess that a clean floor is VERY important to me.  Please do not come into my house with shoes on.  Yes, I am one of those.

I confess that life is slowing down for me.  And I’m kind of digging it.  A lot.  Here’s to a happy weekend, friends!


QUESTION:  Your turn:  confess something to me!


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  1. I hate having a messy floor. Shoes come off in our house, too…but someone forgot to tell the dog. And I’ll come run with you!

  2. YES to all of your confessions! It sounds like you are in a good place Lindsay and I am so happy to read this…high-fives to you FINALLY slowing down. :) I confess that I am SCARED you know what about moving to Houston in just a few weeks. Okay, I am scared, nervous, and stressed…AHHHH!

  3. I confess I’m ready to be pregnant too. My husband is not, so alas I wait. God will provide when the time’s right!

    I confess even while I also have a no shoes in house rule, I occassionally will catch myself wearing mine. What gives? I think it’s because I clean it so I’m allowed to dirty it ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love how real you are lady.

    1. I’ll be praying that God blesses you with another baby when the time is right. :)

    2. I get so much more done when my computer is put away.

    3. I could never live anywhere that doesn’t have access to sidewalks/running spots. The Husband’s “dream location” to live is out in the boonies, and I don’t think it will ever happen for that reason alone.

  5. I NEED to find Vanilla Chex! I know I would love them!…or..maybe I shouldn’t find them..cuz i KNOW I will love them! ;)

    So fun to have a standing family breakfast! And even better you can leave right from your front door!

    It always feel so great when lofe slows down a little, although it never seems to last! :(

  6. confession: i love cereal so much, and have been eating mostly cereal lately since i found out about stupid food allergies (mostly plants!).

    Excited you’re ready to be pregnant again, and that you’re okay letting it happen when it happens (it will!)

    I’m falling in love with running again. My body hasn’t quite caught up yet (specifically the feet — getting there though).

    Thanks for the winnings! I’m going to have you send them to my niece. She will enjoy.

  7. I confess that tomorrow I am crazy enough to do a TWO-HOUR TRX session. I also confess that after said sweat session, I may literally lay around the rest of the day and do nothing.

  8. I confess that I died laughing at the thought of anyone “growing a third buttcheek.”

    And also I slept in until 7:20 today and it was glorious.

  9. Okay, definitely headed out today to find vanilla Chex, since my all time favorite, cinnamon Chex, seems to have been discontinued. >:( so I am grateful for the suggestion!!!
    I’ll run with you sometime!!! :D I’ve started again in the last two weeks also… So I can’t promise I’m all tHat fast!!

  10. Yea, you sound so happy & positive in this post! Love that things are slowing down & you’re enjoying it! I confess I’m ready to fast-forward to this afternoon when I can have some chill time & enjoy some wine tonight! Happy Friday!

  11. i’m ready to be pregnant too. (i just posted about this a couple days ago) i’ve been on a cereal kick lately too… i grabbed a couple of the free cereal coupons from attune from blend :) :)

  12. ha, we take or shoes off too. But i got used to that when living in Hawaii. I want to come run with you and then I’d help you unpack. Miss you, love you, hug you!

  13. I confess that I love this post. I confess that we too are having a relaxing weekend with nothing planned and I can’t wait. :) Love ya!!!!!! Wish I had the same issue with having a clean floor. Ours is a mess.