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Hi friends!!

I type this as Travis and I are sitting in the Salt Lake City airport, waiting to catch a flight to Atlanta (our flight was!).  I have SO much to say about this past weekend and all the fun that was had (and I will – I’m sure you’ll be SO over the Blend posts soon), but right now, I just felt like checking in and sharing some thoughts about TRAVEL.

I really have very little experience in this field.  I’ve only ever been to a handful of states and I’ve NEVER gone out of the country (I know, I know, I know!)  Before I started blogging, most of my traveling was done by car (think beach trips or camping a couple of hours away).

Even though my travel track record kind of stinks, I still know one thing.  If I have any extra money in my life, I want to spend it on EXPLORING.  On traveling.

  • I love looking out the window on the airplane, marveling at the patchwork quilt that God so wonderfully made.


  • I love road trips.  I love taking my time getting somewhere and I also love sprinting like mad to arrive at a certain time (Travis-style).
  • I love finding the best deals and comparing ten different travel websites.
  • I love airport food and gas station food.  If given the chance to stop for food before we get to the airport, I’ll say no.  Road trips are the rare occasion when I’ll drink a Diet Dr. Pepper.
  • I love people watching in the terminals.  Wondering where that person is going or what they do for a living.


  • I even like talking to seatmates on the plane (but understand that not everyone shares this sentiment and that some people even pretend to be asleep so that they don’t have to talk – yes, I believe that’s happened to me.  When it does, I just scream really loudly every time we pass a cloud).

I just love it all.  The destination is only part of the fun.  It’s the getting there that I think I really love.  And I can’t wait to share this love with my kids.  To take them to National Parks and hopefully overseas.  There’s something so magical about it all – discovering and exploring.

It speaks to my heart.

QUESTION:  Where’s the coolest place you’ve traveled?  Do you like the “getting there” part?


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  1. I love traveling also, and I also like road trip food! It’s a rare occasion to grab a snack from a gas station or drink ginger ale on a plane! I’m glad that you admitted this, because sometimes I feel like an outsider of a blogger, indulging on road trips (the horror ;)).

  2. You had me at travel. It’s the #1 thing I want to do in life above all else, including having kids. Once you have been bitten by the travel bug there’s no turning back. I think the coolest and most fun place I’ve been was Ireland. Oh the memories! For my 30th birthday I wanted to wake up in Paris and I did. Set the goals and do them!

    You are a lot closer being on the east coast than I am on the west. Night flight overseas and you are golden. Go to London first, get your feet wet there then hop on the chunnel train and you can zig zag all over. I’m a complete nerd about checking every site and angle possible to get the best deal too though. Taking the chunnel to Paris was much more cost effective.

    Well, I could go on forever about this but I hope you do explore, it makes your heart and mind happy.

    ps, so glad I got to meet you at Blend! <3

  3. Linds, this weekend just reaffirmed how much I love you and value your friendship. I’m so glad we had all day Thursday together and am grateful for all the hard work that you, Katie and Janetha put in for the year leading up to this past weekend! And Travis is the best- it was great to get to know him better too!

    I haven’t been outside of the continent, but would LOVE to. I would say the coolest trip I’ve taken was my honeymoon. We flew into Seattle, rented a car and drove for 2 weeks throughout Washington State, Oregon and British Columbia. We hiked, biked, kayaked, ate and drank and it was incredible. We didn’t really make plans- just had a rough outline of what we’d like to see and do in those two weeks, and it was SO great to be outside of my comfort zone in that way. I’d do it all again in a heart beat!

  4. I love to travel too. Especially when I’m with someone! The planning behind it, getting on the plane, going for a long drive, I really do enjoy it. Traveling for work however, by myself can get a little lonely. Hotel rooms are definitely a lonely place when you’re there all by yourself.

  5. I LOVE to travel!! I’ve lived outside the country & have so enjoyed all the experiences & beauty that comes with it.

    Hope you flew home safe!

    Thanks for ALL you did for BLEND–it was super fun, and I loved meeting you!!! <3 xo

  6. we adore traveling for so many reasons and we feel so blessed to able to travel when we can. we love watching people at airports too. we always think – wonder where that person is going? what is that persons story? etc.

    we had a great time at blend and are so honored to be able to call you a close friend! we will be in touch the next time we are in the Franklin area! love ya girl!

  7. First of all, congrats on Blend! Looks amazing from the pictures, i really wish I could have gone. :(

    I only get to travel occasionally and mostly for work (Chicago, various cities in Texas, Arizona, Florida). But I have gotten to go see some amazing places and I am so very grateful! I got to go to China as part of a choir tour when I was 18, Jamaica for my 4th wedding anniversary, and Japan to visit my parents who are missionaries there. I’ve also done short term missions in various parts of Mexico. My dream is to one day get to Europe (hopefully I’ll win the lottery one day too though lol)

  8. I LOVE to travel and wish I could do it more often. It’s one of those things that I NEED to do, because there are so many amazing places that I want to explore…I was away this weekend and it felt SO GOOD to disconnect, eat, drink, be merry, not workout, and just soak it all up. Pure bliss!

  9. Thank you for all your hard work at Blend this weekend! It was so fun meeting you and I had an absolute blast!

    I love traveling, and I actually kinda like to travel alone. I did a lot of solo-flying through Europe when I studied abroad there…I like to be able to go at my own pace, whether that be slow and relaxed OR running through the airport Home Alone style. Both have their perks ;)

  10. Two of the coolest places I’ve been to were France and London. The travelling was awful. I’m not someone who loves sitting on her butt for hours and hours on end, but once we got there, that kind of melted away. Suddenly being halfway around the world was an experience in itself. I will say, though, I love getting and reading magazines at airports and people-watching.

  11. I love traveling, too! I wish that I had already done more, and hope that I WILL do more in the future. New experiences, new people, new foods, new surroundings…I love all of it: the getting there AND the being there. :)

    I also love YOU, and am SO THANKFUL to you not only for Blend, but for being who you are, and being a friend.

  12. I really love your personality. You truly appreciate everything around you, even the most simplest things. I think it doesn’t matter if it is a long trip or not, what makes it special is the experience.

  13. What an AMAZING weekend, Lindsay! Yes- traveling is one of our favorite hobbies too… wish it wasn’t so expensive, or we’d be doing a lot more of it. :) Thank you again for all you did!! Wish we could have hung out a little more- the weekend flew by. But I loved every minute- can’t wait to come back!

  14. I grew up road tripping so I absolutely love the getting there. For me, the trip starts as soon as you step out the door. I’ve been to so many amazing places so it’s very hard to choose, but my heart will always belong to COlorado :)

  15. lol oh my goodness! people watching is the best thing ever! i had so much time in the airport yesterday that people watching is pretty much all i did ;) hehe! sooooooooo when you DO travel outside of the states it better be to ME :) i have a bed for you and will take care of your in London, Ontario :)

    love you

  16. I live for the people watching in airports! Seriously, it is fascinating to try and figure out what different people are feeling, where they are coming from, and what their destinations will be. Had a fantastic weekend–hope your travels went smoothly!

  17. Travel is the one thing you can buy that makes you richer!

    I’m about to launch into a BIG trip away to Greece for eight months. It’s my biggest trip away ever!So excited. So much to learn/explore/discover!

  18. I’m a new visitor to your blog and will definitely be back again! I think the coolest place I’ve been to is Hayman Island off the east coast of Australia. It is a resort which has it’s staff living onsite behind the visitors complex in staff quarters. I lived there for 6 months on the island while working at the hotel. I wouldn’t change that time for anything!

  19. Coolest place I’ve ever been is probably Dominica, in the Caribbean. There’s so many places I’ve loves, especially Europe and the Caribbean, but Dominica was amazing because it hasn’t really been built up yet like some of the other islands – it’s still so wild! I love the getting there part…especially road trips. Some of the best times I’ve ever had with my fiance have been on long cross country road trips just talking and getting to know one another!

  20. The coolest place I have traveled to is definitely Aruba … I am in love with the island. I agree with you about traveling .. I love everything about it. It is so much fun to see new places. :-)