I seriously hope that you’re not sitting at your computer on Memorial Day.  I hope you’re out getting a tan at the lake or camping or bicycling with your vintage bike and mint green helmet (people have those, you know!).  But if you DO happen to be sitting inside, wasting time reading this lil’ blog then well, I’m happy to have you here.  Just to quelch your Memorial Day boredom, I stole this quiz from Tina and thought it looked fun.  After you read this, I command you to put on your tennis shoes and get outside (unless you just don’t feel like it, in which case that’s fine.  You should probably get started on the new season of AD.)

Current Book:


Current Music:

I am not the person to ask about music.  We’re currently listening to some folk-singing family of 8 in the car.  We checked it out at the library.  Cue thoughts of homeschool nerds.

Current Nail Color:

I rarely paint my nails (too much fuss), but right now I’ve still got a French manicure from Blend Retreat.  It’s shellac, which will mean that in about two days I’ll get fed up with it and rip it off, leaving my nails paper thin and absolutely disgusting.  Anyone else rip their shellac off?  Isn’t it torturous fun?!


Current Drink:

I’m loving these Core Power protein shakes that I brought home from Blend!  Chocolate is the obvious favorite around here.  Always and forever.



Current Food:

At the homeschool conference I went to this weekend (post tomorrow), I ate some yummy food!


Panera’s Strawberry Chicken Salad


Tempeh/Avocado Sandwich, Tomato Pie and an éclair from Camino Bakery in Winston Salem

Current Favorite Show:

Tie:  Gossip Girl (on Netflix) and AD (also on Netflix)

Current Wish List:

I wish we were closer to moving in to our house.  Why has it taken this long!?!?

Current Needs:

I’m with Tina.  I need a haircut in a major way!

Current Indulgence:

Coffee + sweet treat + Gossip Girl during naptime


Current Blessing(s):

Family.  So blessed.



Current Outfit:

I can’t get enough flowy tank tops with skinny, colored jeans.  Gladiator sandals on the bottom.  (p.s.  As I type this post, I’m wearing PJs.  And it’s 3:26 in the afternoon.)


Current Excitement:

A few things:

  • Cinderella (yes, I’m doing another show.  With Travis this time!)
  • Moving soon
  • Summer!

QUESTION:  Your turn.  Tell me something that you’re currently doing/wearing/eating/excited about!


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  1. I’m terribly sad that Gossip Girl is over. I watched every single episode from the very beginning, even when people starting hating on it. This did not, however, happen with Glee, which I gave up on as soon as people started hating on it. Sad for me, but happy now, because it actually turned itself around, as I am discovering via Hulu Plus. :)

    I need some colored jeans. I would like green ones. Let me know if you find any, and I will think about buying them, want to buy them, and then realize that moving has brought on the realization that I definitely have too much stuff and should NOT be buying them.

  2. I’m excited about a few work/training plans I have coming up! Hopefully this will be the career boost I need! I am also in need of some new entertainment and would you believe I’ve never seen Gossip Girl? I need to check that out. I hope you had an incredible long weekend!

  3. I loved reading about all the things you are currently involved in and am not going to be sitting here long, but wanted to check my fav blogs and email. I love having my 3 children all in the same place, am appreciating the sun, birds chirping and cool breeze here in Southern California. Hope you are having a memorable day!
    Hugs & blessings!

  4. I LOVE Gossip Girl! I discovered it on Netflix last summer.

    Current outfit: workout clothes (tank & running capris). I figure if I wear them I’m more likely to work out at some point in the day!

  5. I love this blog thing of yours! And I am just sitting here in my super soft comfy oversized bath robe enjoying a cup o’ joe and the fact that for the first time in a long time I did not have to wake up and take Wyatt to school, go to work, or any other meeting this morning! Wasting only a little time on the computer and then it’s up and at ’em to tackle the things that got backed up while I was working and then maybe a little fun at the pool with a friend and her kids this afternoon :) When I get caught up I may hit you up for some info on this homeschooling thing but for now…enjoy your day!!

  6. Those are all exciting things! I’m moving as well! I move to NYC tomorrow morning!

  7. ahh, wish i was enjoying this holiday. Gotta work, roll balls, and take care of the husband who strained his neck. But you CURRENTLY make me happy. Blessed family and beautiful family.
    I did that with shellac too. My nails are crap now