Last weekend, I wasn’t really present.  With anyone.  And next weekend, I’ll be gone to Blend.

I’m thinking this is perfect.

No Instagram.  No FB.  (And this isn’t social media, but NO Candy Flippin’ Crush!)

Will you join me? 

I’m starting….NOW!

QUESTION:  Do you find it hard to step away from your smartphone/computer?  Do you think it’s become an IDOL in your life?


  1. Lisa says:

    I definitely find it hard to step away from the computer and phone. I constantly check email / blogs / Facebook whenever my phone is with me. I think this is a great idea and something I need to practice myself! :-)

  2. Danica @ It's Progression says:

    I’ve done breaks from being “plugged in” before, and though at first it was difficult because I felt (for whatever reason) that I was missing out on a lot, after some time I loved it. You’re absolutely right that it sparks creativity! Hope you enjoy the weekend fully!!

  3. Stacey says:

    I seem to do this about every weekend it seems unless we’re in the car for a long time. I don’t have internet on my phone, but we have an iPad2 so the choice is there… just not at my finger tips. And honestly after staring at the internet/computer all day M-F I am HAPPY to be away from it!
    Have a slendid weekend :)

  4. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen says:

    I honestly don’t find it hard to step away from blog reading. I don’t really use facebook or twitter. But Instagram. Oy. I must just crave instant validation.

    But I love this. I might just have to come along with you…

  5. Lindsay says:

    I definitely have trouble stepping away from the computer and phone, but this weekend I’ll be spending time with my parents and my sister (whom I don’t get to see often), so I think that’ll make it easier to put down the ‘tronics and stay present. You’re great at reminding me how important that is.

  6. Taryn says:

    My job revolves around social media.. literally. I’m in charge of the social media sites for my company, so I’m really not allowed to disconnect. I do try to keep my checking to a minimum on the weekends though. It’s nice to be totally “present” for a change.

  7. Stephanie @ Athlete at Heart says:

    In times when I am by myself (which happen more than for you because I’m single and no longer have a roommate!) I am definitely attached to my phone and/or computer. When I’m with people though, I’d much rather be with them and tend to be the one getting frustrated if someone is on their phone the whole time they are with me! I’m sure this would be VERY different if I was surrounded by a spouse and kids at home though!

  8. Miz says:

    hmmmm Id say not an idol because I LOVE TO STEP AWAY.
    It’s a face of my work—and when I do it I feel as though Im working :-)
    weekends are for play…as much as possible.

  9. Linz @ Itz Linz says:

    I do find it hard to step away from my phone… Itz definitely become my clutch… Whenever I have a free second or two, I check my phone to see the latest on FB, twitter, or Instagram. But I can tell you.. I’M SO EXCITED FOR BLEND!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats says:

    This weekend isn’t great for me because I need the distraction/support from social media to get through finals but I think I’ll do this next weekend! My family will be in town for graduation and I need to relax and enjoy it! Have a wonderful social-media free weekend!

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