Howdy Folks…Travis here with a few more pictures, this time from Friday/Registration day.  Lindsay will come along later and fill in the details.

ToPost BlendFriday28002

ToPost BlendFriday18013
ToPost BlendFriday18017 ToPost BlendFriday28004
ToPost BlendFriday18020ToPost BlendFriday18022 ToPost BlendFriday18021A
ToPost BlendFriday28007A ToPost BlendFriday28008
ToPost BlendFridayDinner024
ToPost BlendFridayDinner026
ToPost BlendFridayDinner028 ToPost BlendFridayDinner029 ToPost BlendFridayDinner030 ToPost BlendFridayDinner031AToPost BlendFridayDinner033



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  2. Kim says:

    I love all of your Blend pictures – even though I’ve never met any of those people, I feel like I “know” some just from following their Blogs!! I hope it has been an awesome weekend for you!!

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