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Happy Thursday, ya’ll!!

Today will inevitably be a TWO cup of coffee day.  I’ve got a full day of clients, a class, worship team and a Annie rehearsal – oh and then I have to pack the car for Friday’s day trip (snacks, movies, diapers, clothes, “errthing”).  I’ll be traveling to Charlotte with the kids for a meet up with my college roommates!  We haven’t seen each other for a couple of years and we’ve had kids since then, so it should be really fun!  We’re going to the Discovery Museum – anyone been??  Any tips to make it easier with 4 kids?

I have a workout to share today!  The story behind it is sorta funny, so I’ll share.  I have this client who HATES burpees with a passion.  Like HATES them.  She’ll do them, because she knows how great they are for you, but she cusses me under her breath the entire time.  Smile  Anyway, she bought this shirt off Etsy and wore it Tuesday during our session.  I laughed out loud when I saw it.


Now you KNOW we just had to incorporate burpees into the workout – you wear that shirt, you do the burpees.  At the end of the session, we had done 100 burpees and she had a smile on her face.  SUCCESS!

Here’s what we did (plus 10 burpees added on to the last set)!  Feel free to pin it and try it!


Exercise Key:

Chest Fly

Dual Cable Lat Pulldown (I perform these standing)


Upright Row

One Arm KB Row

Crab Dance

Diamond Pushups

Hammer Curls

Spidermans (aka “Reptiles”)

QUESTION:  Do you have any cute workout shirts with sayings on them?  Go here for my favorite tanks!  <-Blend Sponsor!


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  1. I have that shirt in a long and short sleeve version!! I wear it a lot..
    Also have ones that say –
    If you don’t want me to lift it, bolt it to the floor.
    If squats were easy, they’d be called eliptical.
    Deadlift or die.
    Count reps, not calories… (my favorite)
    and one that has a person racking a kettlebell that says, “Dig deeper”

    Love funny shirts. My gym trainers have new ones for the kettlebell program that say, “Swingers”! I’ve got to get one from them.

  2. This shirt is awesome! And way to make her do the “time”! I have a Nike shirt that says “Running Sucks”…I love to wear it running, people look at me like I’m nuts. Sometimes running does suck to me, I’m not going to lie :)

  3. Hah! That shirt is hilarious! I love all the One More Mile brand shirts. I have one that says, “Running is cheaper than therapy.” My mom gave it to me and said, “It’s funny because you’re… a psychology major.” (She was going to say either “crazy” or “in therapy,” but changed her mind mid-sentence :-D)

  4. The Discovery Place Museum in Charlotte is AWESOME!! I’ve been to the one that’s downtown, and my son was only 3 and he had a great time. It has a sweet water table/room that will keep all ages of kids entertained for a long time. I hear there’s another, more young-kid oriented Discovery Place Museum just outside of Charlotte, but I haven’t been there.

    Have a great time!