you can still come!

I have NO time to blog right now, but I had to pop in and tell you about three things – all, ironically, pertaining to Blend 2013!  It’s starting to get VERY real – in fact, the reason I have no time to blog is because I’ve been on two conference calls in the last hour and sent a million emails today.  The pressure to make this weekend spectacular is starting to grow – luckily, I’m Type A and I can get it done.  Just means that other things might fall by the wayside.

Like dinner. 

And laundry. 

But never Sister Wives.  It isn’t going to watch itself, people.


1)  We’re having 13 weeks of GIVEAWAYS on the Blend blog from now until the Retreat!  Last week, we featured Chobani.  This week, we’ve got a giveaway with Muesli Fusion (yum!).  Go here to enter – anyone can win (blogger or not!)  We’re happy to feature each of our Sponsors in a way that showcases unique things about them (through Q&A) and also give you guys a chance to try them out (through giveaways!)


2)  I’m going to Park City in April!  Janetha, Katie and I decided to have our own mini-Blend BEFORE the actual weekend.  We’re staying at the Hyatt for a weekend in late April and scoping out everything.  I just bought my plane tickets and can’t wait!  It’s been way too long since I’ve seen my co-hosts!  Oh and I get to go to work out at GPP while I’m there!!


3)  You can still come to Blend!  We have a few tickets available for the 2013 Retreat!  The lodging options aren’t that pricey, the tickets are VERY cheap and this weekend will be FULL of extravagant things.  The swag bag alone is worth your ticket price!  Please go and check it out!  Blogger or reader – anyone can come – it’s sure to be a great vacation!

QUESTION:  Ever been to Utah?  Are you coming to Blend?  <-if not, what’s stopping you? Winking smile


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  1. I’m coming! I’m so excited – I’ve never been to Utah but I’ve been told [and seen photographic proof] of Park City’s gorgeousness! I may be a sugar-lover but I could TOTALLY use a healthy detox weekend with a giant helping of meeting new friends. :)

  2. Awe, I am dying to come and meet all of you fantastical ladies. I am ironically leaving that weekend to Oceanside. The ONE weekend you’ll all be here and I won’t. Sucky wuck. Hopefully I will meet up with you at GPP. We can sweat and then embrace each other.

  3. You KNOW I’m pumped to come! And, can I just throw it out there that I’m a bit jealous that you get to workout at GPP and with Neil?! So great. :)

  4. Gosh darn it I want to come! The plane tickets are what’s stopping me. We can budget out the rest, but the cost of getting there is just not feasible. Well, not in our means anyway. Still praying that there will be a way!!!

  5. Blend looks like such an amazing experience, thanks for sharing all of the details! I have two work trips planned during that time otherwise I was seriously considering going! I can’t wait to see everyone’s updates and hope to attend another year!

  6. I have to thank you for taking the time, when you didn’t really have time, to extend the Blend invitation this morning. Within the span of an hour, God came through bigtime, orchestrating time off from work, my mom’s ability to meet me there to help me with my daughter, and the necessary funds to pay for my registration. I am over the moon blessed by this opportunity!
    Many many many thanks, Lindsay!
    Becca…not a blogger….yet…. ;)

      1. You are so thoughtful, Lindsay. Though I don’t have lodging plans for my mom as of yet, she is just planning on meeting me there Friday, then stealing my little munchkin and taking off back to Oregon Saturday morning for a Nana and granddaughter getaway….I would imagine that we won’t have much trouble finding her a nights lodging this far in advance somewhere in Park City. If you end up with a spare room in what you have reserved, I’m sure we would take you up on it, though! You’re the best. Seriously. You rock my socks off.