when life hands you vomit….

…make lemonade.

And then gift it to your worst enemy.


So Henry was sick yesterday with the stomach flu.  If you don’t have children, you should know something.  Kids don’t exactly make it to the toilet when they’re sick.  It’s almost as if the vomit is attracted to the cleanest object it can find.  Like legal documents.  Or your favorite rug.

It’s a science of some sort.  Or witchery.

What Do You Do When….

When he tells you his belly hurts…

…immediately find a trash can.  Then throw it aside and give him your clean shoulder.  Without a doubt, the vomit will land there anyway.  That’s what you do.

When he insists that he isn’t sick and that he can play Fruit Ninja on your phone….

….don’t trust him.  Or do and then spend the next little while cleaning your iPhone with Lysol and a Q-Tip.  That’s what you do.

When someone offers to whisk your other (healthy) child away….


….let them!  Then pay them in Chobani.  (thanks Maddy!)  That’s what you do.

When he asks for food…

…breathe a little because it means he must be feeling better.  Then choose wisely – you’ll be cleaning this food off your clean shoulder here in a bit.  That’s what you do.

When your child is sick but you’re supposed to sub a 5:30pm Bootcamp class….

…you get a sub for yourself.  Because family comes first.  That’s what you do.

When he asks to watch “Spaceship Star Wars”…


…let HIM pick it out of the bunch because you have no idea how to differentiate between “spaceship star wars” or “robot one” or “rancor one.”  That’s what you do.

When he naps…

…let Tony Horton take care of you.  Sweat = sanity.  That’s what you do.

When he wakes up and asks to cuddle…


…you forget about the germs and the future and yourself and you hold that little boy as tight as you possibly can. 

Because that’s just what you do.

Hoping for a better tomorrow!  Happy Weekend, friends!  Soak it up!!

QUESTION:  When was the last time you were sick??  Fill in the blank – When life hands you lemons, ____________.


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  1. I’m not sure whether to laugh (because I’ve been there) or cry (because I’ve been there). Either way, sucks for Henry, sucks for mommy…it just sucks. There is nothing I hate more as a mom than the stomach flu. Prayers for your house!!

  2. I haven’t been sick like that in a while, but my three year old was sick last week. And I have to say that orange juice puke is the worst smelling puke ever. Seriously gross. And it happened out of the blue during her nap so it was everywhere: hair clothes, both pillows, every layer of her bedding, both stuffed animals. Sigh. But hey, it happens.

  3. This is my least favourite part of being a parent; I don’t do well with vomit clean up. And usually, when it hits one kid, it hits them all. Here’s hoping (I so wanted to type ‘hopping’, it being Easter weekend and all…) that Henry feels better in time for the Easter egg hunt! xo

    I was handed a huge bucket of lemons last week and ended up making an even bigger bucket of lemonade. It’s all in the attitude, right?

  4. I hope Henry is feeling better this morning! Nate and I both got a bug the week before our wedding. It was coming out both ends (tmi?…never!) and it was absolutely awful. I’m not sure the last time I puked. But I know I never want that to happen again!!

    Have a great weekend Lindsay!

  5. Oh I hope he feels better soon!

    Both my BF and I fell sick right before our NYE trip this year. We had to cancel. We were both handed lemons at the same time. Instead of FUFACING…I may have SOURfaced ;) We ended up making the most of it at home…in our pjs :)

  6. Hope Henry is feeling better pronto. Being sick is never fun but he sure is blessed having you take care of him!