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Hi, my name is Lindsay and I’m addicted to Zumba.

I don’t talk about it much on the blog (mostly because it’s a pretty new thing for me and also because, as I’ve stated before, I have about as much grace as a goose), but I’ve been taking Zumba classes every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for the last 3-4 months.  It’s funny (and sad) to think back about how this dance addiction started.  Before my miscarriage, I went to maybe 5 classes TOTAL in my entire life.  But immediately after that loss, I attended as many classes as my two left feet could get to.  It makes perfect sense – using dancing as way of dealing with the pain.  I would go in, zone out the rest of the world and just move my body to the music.  It felt so good. Now, months after that loss, I still attend classes but it’s become more of a ultra fun hobby than anything.


Reebok recently sent me a pair of their new Dance UR Lead shoes to review.  I agreed, but I have to admit, I honestly didn’t think I could rock these.  I’m the dancer who sets up shop in the back of class and laughs the whole time…..AT HERSELF.  Neon high tops???  A 30-year old mom who pretends she can dance??  Hey – I’m up for the challenge!


These vibrant shoes are specifically made for Zumba and other dance classes.  After trying them out for a couple of weeks, I can honestly say that I didn’t know what I was missing before these shoes.  Before getting the Dance UR Lead’s, like most people, I wore my running shoes to Zumba class.  (And to be honest, I didn’t know you could purchase shoes specific for dancing/Zumba.)  The difference was REMARKABLE!  You see, running shoes had a lot of tread, making it a bit harder to move quickly as tread has a gripping effect.  Perfect for running – not so much for Zumba.  The Dance UR Lead’s have a flat sole.  This fact alone made pivoting and gliding SO much easier.  I felt like I could actually MOVE, but not so much that I was slipping and sliding all over the place.


These shoes also have a “Pivot Point and Turn Zone” on the sole for control in turns and spins – perfect for when we do Jai Ho (one of my favorites!).  The height of the shoes provide ankle support and they’re really LIGHTWEIGHT, so jumping was easier than in my Mizunos!  Plus, this may seem so stupid, but I felt “legit” wearing a shoe that was MADE for the class.  Like they somehow made me feel like I actually belonged there (still in the back row).

Ultimately, I couldn’t have asked for a better Zumba shoe.  Yes, I received them for free to review, but having tried them in multiple classes, through multiple song styles, I would purchase these shoes on my own!  No doubt.  In fact, I have my eye on another style….


Aren’t they cute?!?!

Thank you, Reebok, for turning me on to a shoe I didn’t know existed!  And thank you, Zumba, for being there when I needed you!

QUESTION:  Do you Zumba??  Ever bought specific dance shoes for the class?


**I was not paid for this post, but I did receive the Dance UR Lead’s free of charge for review through my partnership with Fitfluential.  All opinions are my own.**

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  1. I have taken one Zumba class and had a ton of fun, but it definitely didn’t ‘grip’ me the way that yoga has over these past three weeks! I guess I’m a secret yoga addict?

    I do want some neon high tops, though. And I kind of want to pivot and sing show tunes. They should make a fitness class for people who wish they were on Broadway.

  2. Lindsay – I’ve been thinking a lot about this issue, and today, it happened on your blog and Tina’s site and I just have to say – thank you for inspiring healthy lives, especially with fellow sisters in Christ, but I’m just starting to feel like blogs are becoming advertisements, and it’s really disconcerting. It seems greatly disingenuous, and I’m surprised you feel so comfortable promoting these products when they are given to you. How can your review come from a place of total honesty, when you didn’t pay for the product? I do not mean to offend, on the contrary, I come from a place of intentional though, and I hope you receive this comment in that way. Be well!

  3. I’m not a good dancer myself but I love Zumba. It is a fun activity and it helps me become physically active. This is a good way to sweat and possibly, lose some pounds. By the way, the shoes look great on you.

  4. Haha. I am a trainer and teacher like you and the other day they didn’t have an instructor for their Zumba class and they threw me in there. Huge class, I didn’t even have the Zumba songs. So I said a little prayer, asked them to have some grace on me and went for it. I made it up on the fly and we had a great time. Thank goodness. Now I want to get certified because it really is fun and is a nice break from the norm. Lets get certified together.

  5. I’m so excited about these shoes! Super cute and functional for Zumba?! I love Zumba and have been missing it. I am determined to make it to class tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Those shoes are adorable! I haven’t tried a Zumba class yet (dying to though) but I would definitely wear an old pair of cheer shoes or something else with a flat easy to glide bottom for dancing. My running shoes have a lot of traction, so I can totally see what an upgrade those must’ve been!

  7. I used to do Zumba for some fun cardio to break up the monotony of competition training. haven’t done it since then but probably could give it a try again for fun. I never knew dance shoes like that existed either !

  8. Zumba was my first workout love! I’m pretty picky with instructors though. I’m not great at Latin dancing so I like more hip hop versions of Zumba.

  9. I’ve never been to an actual zumba class, but I’ve been addicted to Zumba games on the Wii for the last couple of years. Generally, I’m in my bare feet on the carpet in my living room while I’m dancing, but if I ever do get myself to go to a real class, I’d love to try some shoes like these!

  10. My coordination is at an all time low so I would definitely be out of my element in a zumba classes – the shoes are great, though! I had no idea they made shoes specifically for zumba.

  11. oh my gosh, those are so cute! i had no idea that they make zumba-specific shoes. i love zumba. i think if i got a pair of reebok dance shoes i’d go for the fitnesflare — a little less obnoxious but still really cute