ihrsa 2013 – vegas, baby

I’m in VEGAS, baby!!

(Actually, I’m prewriting this post so right now, I’m sitting in my living room listening to my babes fight over how to correctly sing the ABC song – Clara tends to skip a few letters.  Henry likes to rub it in her face.)

BUT, by the time you’re reading, I’ve hopefully made it all the way to Las Vegas for the 2013 IHRSA Convention.  I’ll be working today and tomorrow at the Technogym booth with about 20 other trainers.  The Technogym booth is HUGE (IHRSA is huge – I had no idea until I saw the floor plan just how big it was!)


Click on the image and you can see the entire layout, with zoom capabilities.

Our info packet said to expect to “work out for two straight days,” and I’ll be honest, that turned me on a bit.  There are few things in life that I’d rather do than work out all day– fitness is my absolute passion.

If you’re at IHRSA, come by my booth and give me a big (sweaty) hug!  I’ve got some posts lined up until I get back, so be sure to check back in tomorrow and Friday!  Full Vegas recap next week!

QUESTION:  Ever been to Vegas??  <-my first time!  squeee!


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  1. I live in Vegas! So many fun things to do here, if you get a chance you must check out Red Rock for hiking or the Mt. Charleston area. Mt. Charleston is still a bit on the cool side, but it is the perfect (and really only) time of year to hit Red Rock. If you ever get some extended time out here they are a must do. My favorite part of living here is the people watching, by far the most interesting place I have lived. Fremont Street vs The Strip equals waaaaayyyy different types of people watching. Have fun!!! The weather is great right now!

  2. Have fun! I went to Vegas for the first time last year in June and it was a blast. There’s so much to do there and it’s so overwhelming at the same time. Try to take it all in! Also, hopefully because it’s earlier in the year, you’ll get some more tolerable temps than I did (it was like 105! My skin felt like it was going to catch on fire when I was standing in the direct sunlight).

  3. I’ve only been to Vegas ONCE, but I didn’t really even go. My mom and I stayed at a hotel on the outskirts – we got in really late and then left early the next morning. We drove by the strip – that was is! AHH HA HA HA!!! Hope you have a great time :)

  4. I can’t believe it’s your first time to Vegas! I luckily/unfortunately live about an hour and a half away from Vegas so we’ve made a few trips over the years ha That floor plan is HUGE! That sounds like so much fun though! Hope you have a great time and travel safely! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. I’ve been to Vegas once, and I really had a great time! I don’t enjoy gambling and I’m not a big spender in general, so I didn’t think I’d enjoy it all that much b/c of how much of the Vegas experience is geared toward over-the-top spending and glitz and glam. It was a really cool place to visit and I had a great time tooling around checking everything out (and I didn’t end up having to spend a butt-load of money to do it, so that helped). Granted, I was only there for a long weekend, and that felt like plenty of time. I don’t think I could spend a week in Vegas or anything.

    Have fun!!!

  6. I’m so excited for you!! I have been to vegas with my sister-in-law, and the only exercising I did was….none. I was ready to go home after one day. That place is CRAZY.

    Have fun!