ihrsa 2013 recap

I promised a recap of my time in Vegas (and I hate writing recaps), so here we go!  I’m sure I’ll leave something out, but since it’s Monday, and you’ll likely just peruse the pictures (as would I), I’m guessing that’s just fine.

To review, I went to the 2013 IHRSA Convention on behalf of Technogym to showcase their fitness equipment.  All thanks to Jillian, who works for the company and asked if I’d be interested!  I suppose you could say that I was a “fitness model,” but that seems too cool for me, so I’ll go with “goofy personal trainer who showcased the equipment as best she could.”  Has a better ring.  This was a paid gig and I’m SO thankful that I was chosen to be part of the 20-trainer group from across the country!  If you’re unfamiliar with Technogym (like I was), this Italian company competes with LifeFitness/Matrix/Precor and makes EVERYTHING fitness related – cardio equipment, strength training equipment, hotel gym equipment, etc.  After spending two straight days demoing they’re equipment, I can say that they make really nice stuff – I particularly want to get a Kinesis machine (or 3) for our gym here in Franklin.  Great equipment, really nice (italian-speaking) people.

When the call for trainers went out, I told all the trainers at my gym to apply.  My friend, Jenn, applied and got accepted, which made traveling SO much easier and cheaper!  We drove down to Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon for our flight out at 7:45pm.  The flight was long and uneventful – highlights = $2 headphones (that hurt my ears) and a zillion packs of those Biscoff cookies dunked in coffee.  When we arrived in Las Vegas, I was so surprised that there were slot machines in the airport?!?!  Hi, I’m Lindsay.  I am a country mouse.



The shuttle dumped us off at the Excalibur and we immediately went to bed.  The next morning (Wednesday), I got up with plenty of time to get ready and made myself presentable.  This was one of the luxuries of traveling West over time zones – we were always up early and never late in the morning.


Around 6:30am, we walked over to Mandalay Bay (just two hotels down) where IHRSA was held.  Mandalay Bay was so swanky – particularly in comparison to the ultra-cheesy “Knights of the Round Table” feel at Excalibur.  We snagged some breakfast and checked in.  Since we had “Exhibitor” status, we got to walk around the floor as people were setting up the booths.



The trade show floor was HUGE!  Everything you could possibly need for a gym was showcased (think lockers, equipment, hand sanitizer, flooring – EVERYTHING).  I was in heaven!


The “big” thing this year were JUNGLE GYMS!  Every company had their own unique spin on these type of structures and it was so neat to see where training is headed – GROUP CIRCUIT TRAINING.  It makes so much sense – gym owners/trainers make a lot of money off of group training and the clients love the competitive nature of training with other people.




After playing around for an hour, Jenn and I headed over to meet the other trainers at the Technogym booth.  We were given uniforms to wear for the two days (two sets, as they got sweaty) and I loved the fit – a cute, yellow tank and gray “Zumba-ish” pants.


From 8am-10:30am, we trained on the equipment.  We learned how to use everything and went over a strategy for the day.  Strategy = “MOVE at all times.  If asked a training question, answer.  If asked a sales question, pass them off to a sales guy.  Two 20 minute breaks.  Be energetic!”


At 11am, the trade show doors opened and we were off.  I made sure to move from machine to machine every 20 minutes or so (cardio then strength then back to cardio).  This prevented me from getting super sweaty throughout the day.  During my breaks, I met two wonderful people –

Valerie Waters (celebrity trainer and owner of Valslides) – She actually came and found ME at the booth – so sweet!


And Jackie Tramacera (my Blend contact at Chobani!)  We met at Blend last year and email nearly everyday planning Blend 2013!




The hours passed by and at 6pm, we wrapped things up and called it a day.  By that point, it was 9pm body time and I was struggling.  Nearly 2,200 calories burned!


Instead of going to bed, I had a Fitfluential dinner to attend!  We met at a place called Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay and I can’t tell you the last time I ate that fast!  I was starving!  The food was good, the fellowship even better!  It was so great getting to sit by Bonnie and touch her arm and hear her voice – we’ve been friends since I very first started blogging!


L-R: Clarinda, Jenn, Danielle, Lisa, Me, Bonnie, Sarah

After dinner, we all said our goodbyes.  Jenn and I could have gone out.  We could have gambled.  We could have walked the strip to look at lights.

We didn’t. 

We went home, showered, and slept.  Worth it the next morning when I woke up naturally and rested at 5am.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t sore at all (and haven’t been!).  I know I didn’t eat enough this entire trip, so my body never really felt right.  <-side note and TMI – I didn’t poop the entire trip.  Bah!

Day II of IHRSA was much of the same:  walk around the floor early, work the Technogym booth, eat dinner and then drop dead.








When the workday was over, Jenn and I walked back to the Excalibur, showered and then headed out to dinner.  We were going to go out, but we just couldn’t muster the energy.  This trip was very much work, and not really “Vegas-y” – I was ok with that and have decided to bring Travis back soon for a little weekend tryst.



On Friday, the alarm went off at 5:30am and Jenn and I caught a shuttle back to the airport.  After a little terminal breakfast and coffee, we boarded and headed back to Atlanta.  Silver Linings Playbook was the feature movie – loved it.  On the way home, gas station fro-yo was a must (we don’t have it in Franklin) – gotta get it while you can!



Travis, Henry and Clara were waiting for me when I got home – such a blessing.  They’ve been clingy ever since and I’m totally soaking it up.  A BIG thank you to my mother-in-law and mother for taking care of them while I was gone.  Just one of the many perks of living near family – I highly suggest it!!


Now that I’ve worked with Technogym, I’ve been asked to join they’re Trainer Network, meaning I’ll be contacted first for next year’s IHRSA convention (in San Diego) and any other shows that they need help for. Such a unique opportunity – I feel very fortunate to have this outlet in my life.

IHRSA 2013 was a blast!!  Can’t wait for next year!

QUESTION:  Ever been to IHRSA?  Where do YOU see fitness heading in the future?


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  1. What a great recap. Thanks for sharing. I am always jealous of all you “fitness models” on the show floor since I’m wearing a suit for the whole IHRSA Convention and can’t workout on any of the fun equipment. Hope to see you at IHRSA2014 in San Diego.

    Meredith Poppler, IHRSA, @popplermeredith

  2. You are too cute, and I love that the things I am taking away from this post are…
    1. I hate traveling sometimes because I swear cabin pressure just messes with your poo cycles.
    2. I really want to see Silver Linings Playbook. [I did read the book!]

    All that fitness stuff looks fun, too. :)

  3. Suck at doing recaps, huh? Whatever! I LOVED this! I can’t believe how much you did in so little time! Those jungle gyms look like an absolute BLAST! My ex used to be co-owner to a crossfit style “gym” that did group training…I of course always had a “free” membership! You really can’t beat the energy and camaraderie in classes like that!

  4. Looks like a great time! I would have been in Heaven.

    We remodeled our garage into a home gym and although we have little space left, there are still goodies like a rower and kettlebells that I would love to add to it.

    Glad you got to go to a FF dinner meet up. When I went to New Media Expo, I had the pleasure of meeting up with some FF Vegas peeps and it was fun.

  5. I worked at a gym that had Kinesis equipment when I lived in Kansas. LOVED IT!!

    Great equipment and an awesome workout!

    What fun!

  6. WOW that sounds like a fabulous time. I would have been in Heaven too. We remodeled our garage into a home gym and although we don’t have a lot of space left, there are still things I want to add to it like a rowing machine, kettle bells and a few other goodies.

    How much fun to have a FitFluential dinner. I had a blast when I met up with a few FF peeps in Vegas when I was there for New Media Expo.

  7. It was awesome, wasn’t it? Different on your end than mine, but seeing you was a HUGE moment of the trip for me! :D Not sure if I’ll be there next year as our gym rotates who go; sometimes people go two years in a row though, and if I can make it another way I will!

  8. My workouts currently involve a group circuit training class in a jungle-gym setting. I LOVE it! There are a million different, crazy things that we do! Sweaty and fun! Gotta love that!

  9. Wow, I’m exhausted just reading that… what a packed weekend. Looks like so much fun! The jungle gym theme is interesting- I was watching kids play at the playground this week, thinking how balanced their “workouts” are with all that equipment! Welcome back!