It’s Thursday.  Which used to be my least favorite day.  But somehow that changed and now it’s just like any other day.

Except that this particular Thursday is Valentine’s Day.

A day of love.

I won’t tell you stories from the past, of how I used to steal my sister’s Valentine’s candy or how my daddy always sends me expensive flowers on this day with a sweet card or about the very first Valentine’s Day that Travis and I had (he got me a Taebo DVD set.  I got him nothing.)

Today, I just want to tell you that you are loved.


By God.

By your parents.

By your friends.

By your children.

By your husband/boyfriend/significant other.

And by me.

I see something in each of you that you might not see about yourselves. I see hope.  I have hope.  Now, I believe that without a doubt you will fail.  That you’ll be hurt.  That you’ll be disappointed and scared and sad.  That you’ll cry.

But above all of that, I believe that you’ll be LOVED.  That you are already loved.  I don’t know this because I know you personally.  I know this because it is written in a book I believe to be true.  And if that weren’t enough, I see signs of God’s love all around.  Every single place I look.

I have loved you with an everlasting love.  Jeremiah 31:3

Surely He loves you.  Surely He won’t abandon you.  Surely He has a plan, plans to prosper you.  He just loves you too much.

Of this I’m sure.  100%.

You take my advice about which products to buy, which protein powders are the best and which sneakers hold up.  Please trust me on this one too.

Today, you are loved.

What a good day it is!  Happy Valentine’s Day.

QUESTION:  Do you celebrate V-Day?  How do you feel loved?


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  1. You’re loved to! And yes, I do celebrate V Day. Oh and just thought you’d like to know (not being rude, just informative) that your page takes a really long time to load :) It’s no issue, just wanted to share x

  2. I feel loved by my feet. They keep me healthy and moving forward, literally. They have taken me so far and I have asked of them repeatedly.

    And I love my family, too. But my feet get the shout out for this post.

  3. I am celebrating V-Day with myself, a home cooked dinner, the TV, and relaxing! Oh and I did treat myself to a bright red manicure and some red lipstick and other goodies from Sephora. Because I am spoiling myself and loving myself. XOXO

  4. Awww, thanks Lindsay! I love you too :D Gosh, I always feel so motivated & inspired when I visit here! And now I have the “You Are Loved” song by Josh Groban in my head :)

    My husband & I also show our love every day, but V-day is always a nice excuse for date night lol. We both had food poisoning yesterday (ugh) so we are postponing our Valentines Day until tomorrow or Saturday. We’re going to our favorite little restaurant for chicken fajitas (and whatever game is on the tv) & then going to see Die Hard 5!!! So romantic lol, but we are SO excited!!

  5. YOU are loved, too!

    In just a couple of hours I will getting on an airplane and heading to visit a dear friend (who was once just a blend), and I know it will be a weekend FULL of lovely friendship and fun. If that counts, then I celebrate Valentine’s Day. :)

  6. I love this message! I don’t celebrate V-Day. My husband and I have been together 19 years, married for almost 18 years. We are the type of people that say and show our love everyday. We’ve passed this on to our kids, which I love because they say (and mean) “I love you” everyday. People need to feel loved all the time, not just on a certain day every year. It’s a truly important part of our lives. This post is beautiful Lindsay.

    Also, funny thing about Thursdays, my oldest hates Thursdays. He says they just mock you because they aren’t Friday. ;)

    I hope you have a great day filled with love from your amazing family!

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for the reminder :-)

    I was just thinking how nice it is to have Lent begin during the same week as Valentine’s Day. I am having to be especially mindful of my spiritual commitment–not to eat candy for 40 days! But, honestly, the extra incentive that I’m passing on the conversation hearts because of God’s love for me is all that I need :-)

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day Lindsay! This year, for me, it’s about reminding myself that I love ME. it’s about looking in the mirror and forgetting the negative self talk and replacing it with positive words instead. It’s my year to be a little selfish because I can. It’s beautiful.

    love you, friend. :)