I just want to be completely honest today.  I’m feeling like I want to overshare.  And I’m feeling like you want me to.  So let’s just get right to the good stuff, shall we?

Things I do that I probably shouldn’t….

If there’s a crumb on the floor in the kitchen, 96% of the time, I bend over, press my finger to it (so it stays put) and then I eat it.  Yeah.  I do that.

I make a batch of brownies and I don’t tell anybody about them.  And I keep them in the freezer.  Out of sight.  Since Travis is completely helpless to get his own ice cream and the kids are too short to reach the freezer, I can eat the entire pan with no one the wiser.  Except my hips.

I don’t wipe down machines at the gym.  Ever.  Wait.  Sometimes I do.  When my boss is walking by.  Then I do it with a cleaning lady passion.


I sometimes check my emails while driving.  There is no excuse for it.  I’m stopping today.  Just being honest.

If I know that Travis will be coming home soon, I don’t fold the laundry.  I just let it sit on a pile on our bed.  Then he folds it.  I don’t deserve him.

I say I’m going to slow down, then I decide to sign up for like 10 races and do another show and take on more clients.

I reuse paper plates all the time.  But only if they have crumbs on them.  If they have like cheese goo from mac and cheese, I’ll lick the plate clean then throw it out.  Reduce, reuse, recycle, right?

016 - Copy

I probably reused this plate.  And I probably used my own sleeve to wipe Clara’s yogurt spit.

I seldom commit to plans.  I like to have the option of not doing anything.  99% of the time, I’ll still do what the plan was, but I like not HAVING to do it.  Those sentences don’t even make sense.

I unfollow people on Facebook and/or Twitter that constantly talk about eating clean or never having sugar.  I probably shouldn’t do that, but when I read post after post about tips to avoid snacks at parties or how you should pour water on the bread basket at restaurants, all I want to do is force feed them a brownie.  A Ghiradelli brownie.  With Reese chips.  Undercooked.

I like to brag to Travis that I haven’t colored my hair yet – that he’s a lucky man to have a brunette wife.  All the while I’m fully aware that my hair color has nothing to do with “achievement” but rather genetics.  But still.


I let the kids watch Netflix more that I should.  I try to pick something educational, like Leap Frog Phonics or Numbers, but sometimes we just end up watching Star Wars or Transformers or Fox and the Hound.  Eh.  Surely it’s educational for them to be exposed to Leia’s gold bikini?!?

Cookies and Cream ice cream becomes Cream ice cream when I’m around.  Rocky Road….not so rocky.


I’m running out of room – there are gobs more.  And now you know more than you probably wanted to know and now you can judge me.

That’s one of those things we all do but probably shouldn’t.  :)

QUESTION:  Tell me – what’s one thing you do that you probably shouldn’t.


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  1. This is the best and most honest post I have ever read, and it really made my morning! I’m not admitting to eating crumbs off the floor (publicly), but I can certainly relate to each of your points. I love it!!!

  2. Hey Lindsay,

    this was the perfect read for my Saturday morning, I will admit I almost choked on my toast because I was having a good chuckle to myself.
    I love when people can poke a bit of fun at themselves, and not take life too seriously
    keep up the hilarious blog posts!
    I thnk all we need is one person to admit to doing thing like this; and then they break the ice and everyone else follows :P

    also, you have an absolutely gorgeous family!

    Kloe xx

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  4. Oh buddy,I loved reading this. It is a reminder that people behind the blog are real but that doesn’t always happen. It’s a facade but you my dear, are not. I could get used to blog posts like this too.

    I do the same with paper plates too. I also hide sweets from my sugar monster boyfriend, he’s 6’3″ and only looks on the top shelf. I am 5’3″ on a good day and don’t mind the lower shelf. He caught on though..

  5. THANK YOU!! honesty is so the best policy. I also check my emails and text messages in the car. Every single day. then i yell at other people for doing the same thing.

  6. LOVE THIS! I love bloggers being raw and opening up like this, it makes you so much more relatable and real. Haha I so do the crumb thing- how dirty are we :P

    Hmm I probably do a million things I shouldn’t, lemme think..oh pee with the door open- did I mention people walk past to get to loungeroom haha. I think it’s great that you unlike those facebook people- they’re not healthy!

  7. I do most of those too! Glad to see I’m not the only one.
    Other things I do that I probably shouldn’t…
    – go 3-4 days without washing my hair
    – eat my roommates food (peanut butter, cereal, and cheetos seems to be the biggest trend for my choices)
    – let my dog poop on our deck (we live on the third floor..)
    – take home a roll of toilet paper from work if i’m out at home and have no time to stop and get some…

  8. Quiet but loyal reader. I enter a giveaway here and there (but never win!). Had to comment to this post. Love it! You are so honest, funny and REAL (like many of us non-bloggers LOL). Thank you.

    Guilty of overplanning to the T. Love schedules and checklists. Need to relax a bit (okay alot more) but something about putting a check next to a completed task gives me a rush!

  9. Ummm, ok. I feel like I’m in a safe place here, so –

    When I try to be good and get rid of all the “dangerous/bad” snack type foods in the pantry, I have to bury them in the trash or take them immediately out to the dumpster – or I’m tempted to take some of it back out of the trash!! But – ONLY – if it doesn’t touch anything rancid or gross. If it’s on top of a box or bag I’ve thrown out, chips may find their way back out.

    Also, when I buy cereal or snacks at the store, I don’t put them in the trunk with the other groceries. I HAVE to break into the package immediately – in the car – in the parking lot – before I go home. Same goes with rotisserie chicken. I MUST have the crispy skin near the neck….period…

  10. hahahaha this post is HILARIOUS. I particularly love the one about the brownies in the freezer – GENIUS!!

    Hmm things I do that I shouldn’t do — lick the spoon I use to take a scoop of PB from the jar for my morning oatmeal…and then proceed to put the spoon back in the jar for a tiny taste more before moving on to my oatmeal bowl. I just can’t help it. Peanut butter is my favorite thing in the whole world. And I don’t have germs, I swear.

  11. HIt it on the head with unfollowing non-stop clean eaters and tips on how to stay clear of those evil evil sweets. I bite my nails incredibly low and it’s totally embarrassing. I also come home from business trips on the weekends and make a huge mess of my house, which my poor husband has to live in when I leave again on Monday.

  12. Sometimes after hot yoga I let my clothes air dry and will wear them again the next day for class. I don’t care if someone sees me in the same clothes. If they smell bad I won’t wear them, but if they don’t I have no shame. I’ll ROCK them again. LOL

  13. Oh goodness I could write a book of these!! tee hee!! Loved this post idea!

    – I order clothes from Lululemon so often that I know with surprising accuracy what day it will be delivered, and depending on the day of the week, I either have it sent to my work so boy won’t see it, or send it home if I know he will be working. Then I will be sure to make a comment about how I “wish they’d make this style tank again, it was such a winner!” so he won’t think it’s new… haha #shoppingproblems

    – When my sister and I were growing up, if I had nothing to wear I would steal something of hers… sometimes from her dirty laundry pile. She did the same. One week we discovered that I wore a pair of jeans straight form her dirty laundry basket, wore them a couple of times until they were *really* dirty, tossed them in my laundry pile, only to see her wearing them an hour later. So wrong!

  14. I just love you Lindsay! And I can’t even how crazy the “you must eat clean and ONLY CLEAN” people drive me! I am majorly guilty of the letting my kids watch too many movies thing. But when one more half hour will allow me to finish a big project… what can I say?

  15. I LOVE this post!!
    I will take a heeping spoon full of peanut butter and warm it up in the microwave and add some chocolate chips and eat it happily.

    I take pictures while I’m driving. I know this is bad but I mostly aim and shoot.

  16. Loving this list and relating to a lot of them. There are many things I do that I probably shouldn’t. Reading blogs at work is one of them…also checking emails/facebook/anything when I’m stuck at a redlight because apparently if I’m not constantly doing something I’m bored. Bad habit.

  17. I brag about my virgin brown hair to my husband all the time and to any new hairdresser. “Oh, you’ve never dyed your hair?!”. “Nope. Never will”. Give me five years and 10 more gray hairs and then we’ll talk :)

  18. Thanks for being a real human. It is so refreshing in a blogger world where everyone tries so hard to appear that they have their life together.

    I do the laundry thing too…I also leave dishes in the sink because I know my hubby washes whatever is there in the morning. I also don’t deserve my husband.

    Other confessions: I can’t stop picking at my zits to save my life…and I also get the blackheads out of my hubby’s nose for him. ew. I know. Don’t worry I wash my hands and apply astringent to his nose afterwards at least.

    I also make weird concoctions using pancake mix, protein powder, and milk as a base when I want something sweet and bready and there’s nothing else in the house. I eat it with a spoon from a coffee cup. this happens regularly. Then I rinse out the cup to hide the evidence.

    I feel better sharing this.

    have a blessed day :)

  19. I check my phone way too much at stoplights and sometimes not…, good thing I only drive when I’m in Kansas City. I also don’t wipe down machines. I throw clothes on the floor instead of putting them away. I “soak” my dishes overnight because I don’t feel like cleaning them after dinner. I wear clothes that have small holes in them and if someone points it out I pretend I had no idea it was there. I go invisible on gchat when I don’t feel like talking to people. I reuse my big pan for sauteeing and making eggs without washing it for several days. THIS IS FUN! P.S. you can shove an under-cooked brownie in my mouth any day, that sounds amazing. Although preferably gluten free, but I’d take the stomach pain for it.

  20. Okay, I follow a lot of blogs and I have never once commented until now because this – ‘I seldom commit to plans. I like to have the option of not doing anything. 99% of the time, I’ll still do what the plan was, but I like not HAVING to do it.’I love that. I am exactly like that and how good is it to know I am not alone haha thank you, thank you!!

  21. I tend to check my phone while at a stop light…or at least I used to when I could see the screen. Now that its cracked all to bits to take a lot of work to actually read anything on it so I’ve kind of given up. Maybe this will curb my habit..

    And girl…wipe down your gym machines! That makes me crazy! Mostly because if one person doesn’t do it than other people choose to ignore it too.

  22. This was a really fun post!

    I definitely leave dishes in the sink knowing my husband will wash them before I will. And not just cereal bowls….I’ll take out the stinky, moldy food from the fridge in a storage container and just leave the whole thing in the sink. Next day it’s gone. Ahh…what would I do without a husband??

  23. O my goodness, this post was incredible and I am now going to write down my list. I completely relate to waiting for my husband to do something. Thank you so much for your honesty all of your post are fantastic and I enjoy reading them.

  24. Your honesty makes me so happy. I’m at a place right now that if one more person says, “I signed up for my first ultra….70th Ironman….Boston again….7 day bike challenge race in the yukon…”, I may freak out.

    I like ice cream and cap’n crunch (but not together ew…). I like to sometimes sleep in instead of a Saturday long-run. And I’m worst than most 13 year olds in the amount I like to share on social media….

    And that’s ok.

  25. HAH. love this post. and totally stealing the idea ;) (don’t worry, I’ll give you credit) :)

    I totally check my email sometimes at stoplights, but try not to whilst driving. I have gotten better b/c I just remind myself it can wait. but still–it’s tough! that siren call of the phone with all the emails to read!! hahaahaha :)

    I sometimes don’t get dressed in ‘real’ clothes for work (I work full-time from home).

    And it also drives me nutso when people never ‘say’ they eat treats or post about ’em….I’ll join you in force feeding them ;)

  26. I really loved reading this.
    Except the part about crumbs. I have OCD and crumbs are a biggggg anxiety producing thing for me! Yes, I realize this sounds completely insane haha. But, oh my god even reading that gave me anxiety, I’ll probably have to clean my house now haha. I’m odd.
    I think we all do most of these things, and it’s nice to know we aren’t alone;)
    Especially the part about unfollowing people on twitter/facebook who only talk about no sugar/stevia/workouts/never indulging that grinds my gears as well

  27. This post cracked me up!! One thing I do that I probably shouldn’t? Gosh where do I begin? How about not shower after I workout sometimes…. I promise not always… but sometimes perfume works…. right????

  28. I love you. Reading this, that’s what I kept thinking, “I LOVE her!!!”.

    I do several of these things, I’m not gonna lie. Definitely check email (and IG) while driving (so bad!). And totally scoop any “chunks” out of the ice cream and leave the rest of the ice cream behind. Then I try to cover up my crime by patting the rest of the ice cream down with a spoon to cover up the holes. My husband pretends to be fooled. And if you don’t eat sugar, don’t tell me about it every day. Or I’ll force-feed you some with a spoon. Undercooked brownies sound perfect.

  29. I laughed so hard while reading this! The first one especially cracked me up (I do that too.)

    My worst habit is procrastination. Hands down. I procrastinate just as much as I did when I was in high school & college, only now I’ve just gotten better at hiding it / handling it.

  30. I have never in my life heard that someone put water on the bread basket so they won’t eat it. REALLY?! If you can’t resist the temptation, either don’t go to the italian restaurant, or just frickin eat the bread! It’s delicioussss. :)

    I read blogs at work all the time (like right now). I shouldn’t do it, but I really don’t care. haha

  31. I can totally relate to 98% of these. I’m someone who gets really frustrated while driving. I’ll yell things like, “oh yeah, sure, just cut right in front of me! Wowww, reallll nice buddy.” Except with a lot more profanity.

  32. I love this post! I do a lot of things on that list too :)
    Things I do that I probably shouldn’t:
    Eat full fat cream cheese. Wait way too long to get my oil changed. And, according to my boyfriend, the worst thing I do is right when I wake up… I make him decide what he wants for dinner. When his alarm went off this morning the first thing I said was “Lasagna?” hahaha.

  33. I love you.

    Things I do… check email and facebook all the time while at work. I mean a lot…
    Check emails. Stopping though….
    I am horrible at making my kids put their toys away, and as a result, they are going to be as bad as I am at seeing things that should be put away.

  34. bahahhh i always end up leaving a few minutes early from spin class and never clean my bike off – i suck but girls gotta catch her train! i also probably SHOULD wipe down machines before i use them – but i also suck really bad at that too

  35. I’m very guilty of the checking emails while I drive thing. I only do it when I’m stopped at a light though. And I won’t do it when someone else is in the car, because I don’t want them to know I do it.

  36. Omg I do aaaaall these things. Especially the hiding baked goods. And letting the kids watch too much tv. And and and, oh wait, yeah everything.

    Something I do that I shouldn’t- bribe my kids to eat their vegetables at dinner with a piece of candy.

  37. Oh, yes. Perfect post! May just have to steal this idea for a fun post someday. It’s just so perfect and real. And I do so many of the same things. The email while driving thing? Guilty too. Need. To. Stop. It’s typically at a stop light, but still.

  38. I was having a Meg-Ryan-in-the-diner-in-When-Harry-Met-Sally experience reading this post…”yes…Yes…YES!….YES!!!!”

    Basically, I’m pretty sure I do all of those things and more.

    I rarely wash my produce. Especially not grapes. [Which I always taste when I’m grocery shopping.] Oops.

    1. “I unfollow people on Facebook and/or Twitter that constantly talk about eating clean or never having sugar. I probably shouldn’t do that, but when I read post after post about tips to avoid snacks at parties or how you should pour water on the bread basket at restaurants, all I want to do is force feed them a brownie. A Ghiradelli brownie. With Reese chips. Undercooked.”

      haha I thought I was the only one that felt that way!