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  1. Wow! When I saw you post the snow photo on IG I didn’t realize y’all had gotten SO much. We had a dusting, but nothing to write home about. [Although with the way my school district cancels school, had it been a weekday, we probably would have all been sent home. :)]

    Beautiful weekend. Beautiful family.

  2. I traveled to Austin and FINALLY was able to meet the beautiful Lindsay Cotter! Oh and eat, drink, do CrossFit for the first time, 2 yoga classes, and just hang out. Yes, it was a pretty darn good weekend! XOXO

  3. What an adorable post! I love all these pictures. That tea party rocks.

    One fun thing I did this weekend: bought a new purse! I’d been carrying around this bright pink summery one for months and it was time. Of course, my new purse is bright green– maybe I’m just over-excited for spring?