I’ve been meaning to write this letter for a while now.  But after yesterday’s 10th attempt at running sprints on the treadmill and failing miserably, I said enough is enough.  Well…maybe.  I’m so freaking frustrated.  Please tell me I’m not alone.

Dear Running,

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  A day of love.

I told everyone how much I loved them.  I gave my children special treats of bribery and my husband got his extra special Valentine’s Day sex of bribery.

Love was in the air.

But I must say, I didn’t feel it towards YOU.

That may seem harsh, but it’s the way it is.

Running, I just really don’t like you right now.

The thing is, I used to.  Like love love love you.  You were my “thing”.


What I needed to get that high, to feel like I was really pushing myself.

I courted you in high school and on into adulthood.  A hobby that gave back.

I bought the fancy shoes and the belts and the fuel and the shorts that don’t chaff you.  I signed up for races and got lots of free t-shirts.  And I even won some of those races.


I couldn’t get enough of you.

And then…

And then I got injured (probably because I used you too much).

They call it plantar fasciitis.  And it hurts.


Almost a year later.  It hurts after the cortisone shot and the weeks of resting and the fancy, expensive insoles.

I really want to love you again, but you hurt me.

So I’m cheating on you.

With Boot Camp and Crossfit and intervals on the ArcTrainer.  Stud muffins of the fitness realm.  And very “in” right now.


These guys don’t hurt as much and they make me sweat just like you used to.

I like them.  They’re cool.


There will never be anything that replaces that feeling that you give me.

The feeling of euphoria.  The feeling of the racing and conquering and never giving up.

There will never be anything quite like you.

Dear Running, I love you.

Except I don’t.


But I really do.

Come back to me. 


QUESTION:  Are you a runner?  Ever dealt with an injury?  Plantar fasciitis?

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  1. Yoga really helped my PF as well. I developed it after a race and it remained for A YEAR. Daily calf stretching, ibuprofen, yoga, legs up the wall for 10 min each day was what FINALLY BROKE it.

  2. As a still relatively new runner (although at my speed, let’s be honest, I’m more of a jogger), I have, thankfully, avoided any lasting injury so far. I hope to always avoid it. I feel your pain though, only because I know some days hurt more than others, and it’s the MENTAL challenge that is worse than the physically challenging days. It really does feel like nothing else.

    That being said, the fact that you can do all of the things you do with weight training and boot camps, etc. is inspiring to me. I feel lazy running sometimes because you don’t really have to THINK about it. [If that makes sense at all…]

  3. I totally feel your pain. Running used to be my passion. 3 years ago, while starting to train for a half marathon I got a complete stress fracture in my foot. After being misdiagnosed and the second doctor finally finding the break I ended up having two foot surgeries. I now have two screws in my foot and my running days are over. It was super hard for me to believe I’d never be able to run again if I didn’t want to re-injure my foot. There is nothing like that “runners high!
    I came to the conclusion it wasn’t worth the risk. To be honest it’s been one of the hardest, but also best things for me. It has opened tons of other fitness opportunities up that I never would have tried in the past. I have learned to love any non impact activity I can do whether it be strength training, yoga, swimming, cycling, hiking, ect. Since then I’ve dealt with some other injuries as well. They are tough but we can always learn from them. Other forms of fitness is a great alternative though! :)

  4. I had plantar fascitis after my first marathon. I tried everything the drs said to do and it didn’t go away until I started yoga. I swear by yoga now! I only do it once a week (wish I did it more) but I’m also a group fitness instructor and personal trainer (and mommy). Since I’ve been doing yoga I have not had any injuries! After my second full marathon I taught two classes the next day and felt fine. Give yoga a try! Good Luck :)

  5. Girl, I totally hear ya. Over the past two years I keep fighting IT band issues, and it SUCKS. I get so mad at running and we keep breaking up, then get back together to fight through some pain. I think we will always have a co-dependent relationship. *sigh*

  6. This post is awesome! I just found your blog because of the guest post you did on Carrots ‘N Cake, and let me tell you I’ll be sticking around! I can totally relate to this post. I too have a complicated relationship with running. I lived a large portion of my life extremely overweight. Then, something clicked and I found exercise and a passion for eating well and I lost a lot of weight…. Then, I got obsessed with losing weight, cutting calories and over-exercising (cardio) to the extreme. Running which had been my escape, and my best tool for weight loss had become a demanding, abusive lover. I was miserable and due to my disordered thinking thought I still wasn’t skinny enough even though I had gotten very thin. After a few very stressful months and the death of someone very close to me, I spiraled into a depression and binge eating cycle ( I just recently started a blog documenting my recovery and journey to healthy and happy life). And during this period, I left running because I too had developed a slight case of plantar fasciitis in addition to other running injuries.
    I’ve recently begun working on all my issues and trying to find my way back to running. I’ve found it much harder this time, so I definitely feel your pain (literally and figuratively)!

  7. Oh Lindsay… I’m sorry you are going through this! Yes, I have been dealing wiht my foot injury for a long time now. I ran the Fargo Half Marathon in May 2011 and basically haven’t been able to run since. I over-trained and got a stress fracture. I’ve been dealing with it ever since. I finally realized I would not run again and spin has taken over for me. But in the last month after I did GRIT training, my foot pain has been back. It’s SOOOO depressing. I don’t want it to be broken again!!! Eventually you forget what the “runner’s high” feels like, so if you can stay away from it long enough, you won’t miss it nearly as bad. And you’ll be even more thankful for the things you CAN do! xoxo

  8. I am new to your blog and I absolutely love it. I can relate to so much… this post is great too– I trained for a 1/2 marathon last year and went all out with running. Got plantar fasciitis and orthodics helped me get through. I have since turned to weight lifting and stuff like cross fit/arc trainer/and spinning. I thought I would miss running after the race was over, but honestly, I think I overdid it and I’m thoroughly enjoying the change of pace. Keep up your hard work.. and blogging :)

  9. Arg, I can totally relate to running [and fitness in general] frustrations – I’ve been through my fair share of “health hiccups” the past few years and they’re never fun… It’s always frustrating not being able to do something that you want to, or feel like you should be able to do. I hope you find some relief soon!

  10. I love running, but my love for it comes and goes. I tackled 10 miles yesterday and it was a full MENTAL run and my legs felt like cement the whole entire time. I was cursing it for most the run, but when I finally got back to my apartment I felt good but also good that it was over. If I sense a running injury coming on, I immediately back off. PS: that workout looks freaking INTENSE. I hate burpees!

  11. Aw this makes me sad because it makes me think about group fitness and Body Step in particular, and what would happen if one day I couldn’t do it anymore. I get the same euphoric feeling and I love it too. Running forgives you, and it’s waiting for you- why not flirt with it’s younger brother walking some time too?

  12. Oh no! I’m so sorry that the plantar fasciitis has lingered this long. I had it bad in BOTH feet after my second pregnancy. 2 (maybe 3?) cortisone shots, PT and it lasted about 2 years. Then it just went away. I don’t get it. It’s the most frustrating injury. While I hope that you can return to running soon, I’m glad to hear that you are able to “cheat” with bootcamp and crossfit. I’ve missed running so much this past year and am slowly rediscovering my love for it. It hurts but we’re working it out.

  13. Oh my gosh, I relate to this so, so much, this really resonated with me!
    I started getting really into running and loving it a few years ago, started increasing my mileage and did my first race- ended up with a femoral stress fracture! And i still battle with tenderness in the area to this day, and that was last year.

    At the moment, would you believe, I’ve just started getting those tell-tale stabbing pains in the bottom of my foot- the last thing i want is PF, and another thing to stop me from doing something I so desperately love!

    I feel your pain :(

    Kloe x

  14. Lindsay, have you tried Graston? I just posted about it on Wednesday and one of the injuries that it can help with is PF. Calee’s used it and so have I. Ask your physio or chiro if they’re certified!

  15. Nothing more frustrating than an injury. NOTHING. I seriously injured my hip a week out from my first marathon. It took over a year to heal, and then another 2 years before I could run another marathon. BUM-MER. But I did come back. It’s possible!! Hang in there, and thank the good sweet Lord for crossfit.

  16. Yep, I feel the same! I did my first half-marathon last March, PR-ed a 5K in April, then tore my MCL in May and couldn’t do any cardio for 3 months. Ever since then, I just can’t seem to quite rediscover the love. And I want to so badly!! Last “long” run was 6 miles and even that’s been a few months (4 miles has been more recent). I have been loving other things…I just miss the freedom and peace of running :(

  17. Oh man…I so agree! I just really prefer total body workouts to running these days. I’ll hop on the treadmill for the occasional set of sprints, but that’s about it – and that has been taking effort for me lately! I have a half marathon I’ve verbally committed to but not signed up for in the end of March…I just don’t want to do it! Kind of crazy but I cannot get in the swing of running these days. Ugh. BUT I agree – the feeling that running gives you cannot be matched in the gym. (sigh)

  18. I feel like I’ve written this letter before …

    I miss running too. I quit doing jump work and other things that bug my plantar and have been running lower mileage each day. There’s a rundown (pun intended) of my rehab plan on my blog today actually.

    Biggest helper for my plantar — Graston. And KT taping for support. Takes the strain off the plantar, and helps the blood flow. OH, and calf stretches.

  19. I struggled with PF for over a year, so I absolutely feel your pain, I’m so sorry. Fortunately I have been recoverd from PF for a few years now, but now I’m dealing with a calf injury. Why does something we love so much cause us so much hurt?! Very frustrating.

  20. I suffered from PF for years! Just when I thought it would go away, it would come flaring back and I started to get so dejected! I finally emailed Miss Zippy and she suggested more minimalist footwear, and for me, it worked. My feet had become so weak from wearing such supportive shoes that they couldn’t withstand my miles. I switched to the Brooks Pure Line (not barefoot, but like 4-5mm drop) and gradually rebuilt my mileage while strengthening my feet, and knock on wood, haven’t had ANY PF issues since. Not sure what shoes you run in but it may be worth a shot! Good luck :)

  21. Sorry about the injury! I have had times where I certainly ran too much & experienced overuse injuries. Luckily (knock on wood) I’m able to run pretty “ok” now. I have yet to try any major distance though. Keeping up the other workouts can only help your running stamina when you can get back to it :)

  22. I’m in that frustrated place right now, too. I keep thinking “It’ll come in time.” I’m having a hard time believing that right now because it’s been over a year since I’ve had a really great run. It’s hard to believe that everything happens for a reason when I don’t like what’s happening. Ya know?

  23. I definitely know how you feel. After the Chicago Marathon in October I got injured and for the past several months I’ve barely run at all. I’m working my way back into it, but the max I’ve hit is 2 miles. Before the marathon I couldn’t even tell you any time that I only ran 2 miles… I miss those long runs where my mind could just wander and I felt free!

  24. Hands raised high. I ended up in PT this time last year b/c mine was so severe. Still battling it and now it’s in both feet but not nearly what it was. I’ve done so much reading about it I feel like I should be an expert (and cured). I changed shoes again and they are helping a ton (same style just diff brand). I have been rolling out my soleus and gastrocnemius as well as doing stretches and strengthening exercises like calf raises. I really think that the rolling of that entire calf area helps – it’s a major triggerpoint for the plantar fascia.

  25. This is so hard, because I think we all feel it from time to time…sometimes more times than not. It can be so frustrating. I’m a newbie to running and I have to admit that I love it, but there are times when it really does hurt me. I think running teaches you more about mental discipline than the physical sometimes…

    Sorry about your pain Lindsay. I hope it feels better soon.

  26. You know I feel you 100%! I’ve been doing a lot of different workouts besides running the past couple of months (since mid December) and it has been all the better. I’m just now getting back into runs and they’re playing nice for now. I hope it keep up after the couple of months off. Good thing we love other forms of fitness, huh?!

  27. I am a runner & have been dealing with injury off & on for close to 2 years. Right now I’m on my second bout of Achilles tendinitis in a year. I miss running. Lots of exercises hurt so I’m very limited. I tried swimming the other day. I survived but I miss breaking a sweat. I’m cranky & moody & just want to go for a run. Sniff, sniff.