I can’t tell you how many emails/FB messages/client questions I get asking about THE BASICS – things that I often *think* that other people would naturally know about health and fitness.  Basic exercises, basic nutrition questions, basic healthy living lifestyle things.  I guess I take it for granted that I know a lot about this little realm of life (I think Travis feels the same way about computers – he gets a little annoyed when I ask how to upload pictures.  Or how the internet works.  Or how computers work.  It’s IN the computer. <-$50 to the first person to name that movie!) 

Now Travis rolls his eyes at these “simple” questions.  I’m not that mean.  I sympathize for a second then I come up with a plan to answer the question in the most basic of ways (while hopefully not coming across as condescending.  Travis is fine with condescension.)  One of the reasons I selected the PAID career I have (personal training) and one of the reasons I selected the UNPAID career I have (motherhood) is because I love helping and teaching others.

After thinking this over, I noticed something about the way I present information.  I tend to write this healthy living blog for other healthy living bloggers.  People who already know why you’d pick brown rice over white rice (or more popularly, no rice whatsoever).  It hadn’t occurred to me until recently that while it’s ok to write to bloggers, I’m really not fulfilling my love for TEACHING and sharing information when I write in this manner.  In a sense, I’ve skipped over some of the basics of health and fitness, because I honestly thought people knew.

That’s the thing.  People don’t know.  Some do.  But most don’t.  I remember teaching a weight loss class at the Curves I worked for in Colorado.  One of the participants asked if she could continue eating Wonder bread.  !!!!  White Wonder bread.  I honestly didn’t know they sold white bread anymore.  Hadn’t the sugar police taken that off the market?!!?

It is because of things like this (and the overall direction towards obesity that our society is moving towards) that I’d like to start a new Lindsay’s List feature:


Some topics I’ll address in this twice-a-month feature:

Why Stretching Is Important

How To Eat “Clean”

What Exercises are Best for Weight Loss

Tips for Squeezing In Exercise

Why Women (and men!) Should Lift Weights

Tips for Cutting Sugar Out of Your Diet

Pre/Postnatal Fitness Advice (my specialty!)

How to Create Your own Workout Routine

I’m hoping to have a “Back To Basics” post up next Monday.  I already write a very similar column for my freelance client, Mom365, but these posts are more geared towards mothers (go here for everything I’ve written!).  I really hope to make LL a place where you can laugh and think, but also where you can LEARN.  I’m excited to share what I know!



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  1. Love this idea…thank you!! Looking forward especially to the clean eating! It would be great if you can include work lunch ideas and kid snacks!! Thanks!

  2. I was just catching up on blog post and I am SO glad I read this. I was almost in tears and ready to give up because I just cannot figure out this eating thing. I have a way better idea because of the Fitmixer bootcamp but I still feel lost. I think this is a brilliant idea!

    Also, have you seen Jimmy Fallon on SNL as Nick Burns, your computer guy. It’s hilarious and reminded me of ‘getting annoyed by computer questions’ here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETYThmhPLRc

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  4. Maybe a post for all those with a sweet tooth and how to indulge it the ‘clean way’.

    I’ve noticed this as well how uneducated people can be and it saddens me, I definitely marginalise this type of audience in my blog too. And I’m going to try not to anymore.

  5. My husband, who is a software developer, gets a little annoyed when I ask for help with computer stuff too. I tend to try and figure stuff out myself by using Google. My husband says that he is actually helping me by NOT helping me because I am learning something new. I guess that’s true, but it usually takes me three times as long to figure it out, when it would take him like 30 seconds sometimes. LOL!

    I think that your Back to Basics series is a great idea! I sometimes have blog post ideas that I don’t post just because I assume that everyone knows all about it already, but I am learning that is not necessarily the case.

  6. Sounds like a great idea. Would love to see a weeks exercise for true beginners with cardio/weights to do at home. I see alot of recommendations for pushups and burpees – but to me those are for more those who are more experienced. Can’t wait to see “the basics”.

  7. Great idea and something I would like to visit with my blog readers, because like you said we tend to write to people who already know the basics and forget that there are others out there who are still learning. I love teaching health and fitness to my clients, but somehow forget to do this with my blog posts. PS: the post on women and weights will be awesome! Love busting out the dumbbells and lifting big. :)

  8. GREAT IDEA! I read a LOT of healthy living blogs and overall lead a somewhat healthy lifestyle (I eat my fair share of veggies and fruits, not too many sweets, and make my meals but don’t go overboard) but exercise is almost foreign to me. Especially weights! I run. Sometimes I partake in yoga or zumba. I would love to learn more about lifting weights or using your body as a weight. Especially pre/post natal right now as I am 16 weeks along and have not been running as much due to cold and have been curious about lifting/what I can do!

  9. Great idea for a post series! I can’t wait to read them. I’ve been reading healthy living blogs and living a healthier lifestyle for about a year now, but when I first started it was definitely another language to me! Almond butter, Greek yogurt, huh? I’ve heard of peanut butter and yogurt before…but what’s this about? Protein powder? I thought that was for meatheads. I was watching the Biggest Loser the other day too and I think the contestants represent an average American who doesn’t know much about healthy eating. Initially they were grossed out by the sweet potato + plain Greek yogurt combo, but once they tried it they liked it!

  10. I love this plan. And I think you read my mind sometimes. I have been having tons of discussions lately about using healthy living blogs as health education and promotion tools, and whether they are actually helping “the problem” as most of them are ‘preaching to the choir’ so to speak.

  11. Stopping by from FFA. This is a great idea. It amazes me how many people come out of a bootcamp class I attend and they don’t stretch. Then they complain about injuries. Our bodies would be so much happier if we all just got back to basics.

  12. Love this idea Lindsay! I often forget that the majority of folks don’t know the 1st thing about healthy eating or exercise and it would be so helpful to outline some strategies for them Plus, it’s always good for the blog world to be reminded of the basics. Can’t wait to read the 1st installment :)

  13. Great idea! And you’re so right about this…so many people don’t know the basics and they might be reading your blog. Love the concept and will read on and direct people here if applicable! :)

  14. Love this idea! I think even as bloggers, we’re all still learning. One topic I would suggestion would be how to know how many calories your body really needs. We’re all very active in this community, and I know a lot of us tend to not fuel accordingly. Not to mention, it’s different for everyone!

  15. I love this idea. I definitely have friends ask me questions like this. Or they are too intimidated to even try to workout or eat healthy.
    Maybe also — if you should count calories or not when you’re trying to lose weight?

  16. I am not a blogger and feel like I know quite a bit but there is always more I can know/learn.

    Working out without a gym membership – I would like more ideas for cardio and free weight routines that I can do at home since I don’t have a gym membership.

  17. Thats a great idea! I always feel like people should know (healthy living fitness and food) info that I feel is plain common sense. I am always so surprised and saddened by what little most of the world knows about being healthy :/ p.s. the movie is TRON: Legacy

  18. LOVE IT! Such a great idea, Linds! I often find myself in a similar situation, both in the blog world and in “real” life where I just don’t get why people make certain decisions, because to ME it “just makes sense.” Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to look from someone else’s perspective.

  19. Great idea, Lindsay! I try and do a similar thing on my blog, because I know that more than just other bloggers may be reading. And I love to teach, too. :)

    One suggestion for a topic might be to address basics in ORGANIZING healthy living within a busy schedule. I think people like you and me take that for granted a bit (not that it’s always easy, but we do our best), while others would love to hear tips and advice on little things they can do. And I know that I can always pick up a few more strategies as well! :) Because as much as I love to teach, I’m constantly learning, too! :)