I really don’t have time to be blogging right now.

Like NO time!

But it keeps sucking me in.  Calling out to me for fresh content.  I personally like reading fresh content, so I’m guessing that I’m not alone.  I’m warning you – Today’s post will be absurd.  That’s just how it is.  But I’m guessing that you like rambly posts as well*, or else you wouldn’t keep coming back.

Psst…I’m glad you keep coming back.

Actually, I DO know what I want to post about today – it just hit me!  BLOGGING.  And how unique/weird/amazing it is!


A few days ago, I was talking about Blend with my mother-in-law.  We talk about everything and I get to kiss her son – it’s a good deal.  Anyway, she was asking about when tickets went on sale/was I nervous/did we expect to sell out?  All those sort of questions.  She’d read my post with all the pictures of the Retreat location and what the $100 ticket bought you and she couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to come.  I totally agreed with her…then I got to thinking…

People might not come to a retreat or conference because they’re scared to meet others IN PERSON.

Blogging is such a unique thing.  You sit behind your computer, type about your life, post it and then…..you wait.  Wait for other people to come read those words.  Wait for them to comment and say they really liked the post or that they think you’re ridiculous.  Wait for companies to reach out to you to host giveaways or do reviews.  Wait for your daily pageviews to (hopefully) go up.

In a sense (and I’m sure an argument can be made against this next statement), blogging provides us with online validation.

The things we might be afraid to say or speak about in real life, you can say those things on a blog.  In a sense, you can be anyone you want to portray.  You could mislead people I suppose – I hope no one really does that,  but there is such a sense of comfort in knowing that you’re safe to say things behind your little computer, in this little online community.

Now – step out into the real world?? – meet people in person?!  THAT could take some guts for some bloggers.  What if they see your mustache that you can hide with Photoshop?!?!  Or what if you can’t say your “r’s” correctly??  Have cellulite?  Aren’t really as nice as you come across on the blog??  What if people judge you for eating three eggs at the breakfast or for not jumping as high as everybody else at the Bootcamp?!?!


I really can see how it might be frightening for some.

But it doesn’t have to be.

I created Blend because I WANTED to meet all of my online blogger friends.  Not because I’m perfect and have no cellulite.  But because WE’RE FRIENDS.  I read about their accomplishments, hardships, the food they eat, the workouts they do.  And vice versa.  So naturally, the next step is to MEET.  Chat over coffee.  011

OR make the other person cut your hair.  That’s not weird at all, right Katie?!

It’s kind of like online dating – inevitably, you will meet (and you’ll probably end up snorting and/or farting when you laugh, ending any future chance of marriage).  148

Blend can be that chance for you.  And it’s perfectly set up to encourage FELLOWSHIP.  No sitting through speakers.  No cliques.  No hierarchy.  Just online friends meeting in real life. 

Without even the slightest hint of judgment! 


Ticket sales open up THIS SUNDAY, the 27th, at 8pm EST.

Be one of the 125 people who snag a ticket!

Go here!

I want to meet you!

QUESTION:  Do you agree that blogging provides a sense of comfort?  Are you coming to Blend?  Ever been to a blogging retreat/conference?


*not too shabby for a rambly Friday post, huh?!

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  1. I think there are two reasons that would keep me away from a blogger meet up/conference/retreat. 1) The cost of the plane ticket 2) Depending on what type of retreat it is, I feel like I might not fit in. Say for Blend, I would feel like everyone going is health living, can run a marathon or do all sorts of crazy workouts and are all about food. I may read a lot of blogs like that, but it’s not REALLY my blog. So there would be (in my opinion) a potential disconnect. I don’t really have trouble getting along with people and I’m sure I would have a fabulous time at any conference, but I do feel like I would be out of place, not fit enough, not into healthy living enough to connect with a lot of people.

  2. I am so excited for Blend Part Deux!

    Unfortunately I think meeting other bloggers in real life can be like online dating. I have met a ton of bloggers in real life after reading each others blogs for years and it’s been hit or miss. Some have been just as they portray themselves to be and others turn out to be a socially awkward hot mess that doesn’t know how to interact with people, it’s quite sad. But I have met more fabulous people than not so its a win in my book!

  3. I would love to meet more blends in real life!!! I would love to meet you! It’s awesome that you organize an event like this. For me, it’s not the $100 ticket (that’s very reasonable) that prevents me from going, it’s flying across the country+ the hotel+the ticket to get there that I can’t afford. But I think it’s an awesome idea and I hope that you guys change up the locations in different parts of the country in future years. I would absolutely love to go someday! :)

  4. I couldn’t agree more with ALL of this! It is kind of like on-line dating and can be a little scary to meet the people who you talk to on a regular basis. We learn so much about each other through our blogs. I FINALLY get to go to Austin next week to meet Lindsay Cotter and Alyson Boyd and CANNOT wait. :) A little nervous too, but more excited. Have a fabulous weekend! XOXO

  5. I think to a degree it provides some comfort. I went to HLS and loved parts of it. I made a few select real friendships, but Blend scares me because it is so small and no one knows me though I know them, makes me feel stalkerish.

  6. Awesome post- I’ve never attending a blogging event but I want to! Maybe I should make an Aussie blend hahah :P
    For me there is definitely a sense of comfort, especially when I started and I was blogging about my ED and it was like therapy for me. It was comforting to know that I could share this and I wouldn’t know anyone reading it, nor would they know me.

  7. Wow! that is so cool! I’ve just entered this whole health blogging world and I’d definitely agree with the fact that it’s easier typed than said! I get the “oh, you WOULD order a salad” anytime I’m out to eat with people, so the idea of blogging recipes or workouts let alone my opinion on random life matters scared me in fear of judgement but seemed like a semi artistic freeing way of expressing my thoughts! I’m liking it so far! But I have NO idea what I’m doing! haha!


  8. Blogging gives me so much: true connections to people, an escape from loneliness, an opportunity to express my crazy thoughts through my crazy writing style.

    It can also be a source of validation, but one I am sometimes wary of…getting caught up in why no one comments on my blog when I spend so much time on it. Why do only 5 people want to tell me they like my post when someone else can post a simple whatever and get 45 comments? It’s silly, but it is true.

    I loved Blend last year because it helped me remember why I blog, the good parts, not the insecurities that come with it.

    [Although I have to say, one of the WORST things is when your blogger ‘friends’ turn out to be NOTHING like what you thought. I am so proud that most people who have read my blog and meet me say I’m exactly the same in person. :)]

  9. Of course I’ll be at Blend…
    It’s funny- because I can’t even remember what life was like before the blog. And the friends I’ve met FROM blogging seem to understand me in a way that no one else does. I would say that some of my BEST friends are because of blogging. Weird? Maybe. But how is that any stranger than meeting a new friend anywhere else? I feel so lucky to have so many amazing, wonderful friends all around the country that I wouldn’t know otherwise! (LIKE YOU!)

  10. Since I’m not a blogger, I’d feel very odd coming to Blend. Blend looks fantastic and I know it has been said that readers are invited too, but I feel like missing that commonality will make it hard. It truly looks like a wonderful community and I love being a reader of all the great blogs out there.

  11. I think it’s so cool that you started something as big as Blend! I still consider myself a relatively new blogger, so I’ve never been to a blogger conference before, and frankly I would be pretty scared to go because I’m naturally a shy person. However, maybe in a year or two when my blog gets a little bigger it’ll be something to consider!

  12. I LOVED going to FitBloggin and meeting you in real life (still can feel that amazing Lindsay hug ;) )
    I wasn’t worried at all about meeting everybody; most bloggers come across as so genuine and authentic that I knew that I already ‘knew’ them before we met. (Confusing sentence structure, but you get my point).

    Alas, I won’t be at Blend this year. Time, single parenting, money all of those things. But I’ve bought my ticket to Fitbloggin13 in Portland and will hope to see you there!

  13. I feel the same way about blogging! It really opens up a whole different world for us “bloggers.” It’s crazy how we generate this content and then as you say, WAIT. I love it, but wow… it’s a lot of work as well!

    As far as conferences go, I haven’t attended one YET. But it’s on 2013 blog to-do list! ;-)

  14. I like these absurd posts, I also really like that word. Blogging is definitely a unique thing! When I tell people I have a blog, most of them really don’t understand, are super confused about it all, and ask a billion questions. But, I love it. It’s a funny thing. And I’ve made some of my best friends online! Weird, but true. I have a major flying fear, but I really, really, really want to come to Blend! I’m hoping I can fit it into my schedule, and get over this dumb fear I have hah.

  15. All the friends I have made and met though blogging are such a blessing. Blogging has filled a part of me that I never knew was empty or lacking. Blogging is what you make of it — just like the friendships and experiences. On that note, I wish I could come to Blend, but I have a race scheduled that weekend.

  16. I’m coming!!!! This was the bet event ever last year. I do t get nervous about meeting my blends because we interact so much… I feel like I already know everyone! And this is the sweetest, most accepting community ever. Thank you sooooo much for organizing this!

  17. I’m coming! Although with how good of a deal this is, I’m having this paranoid nervousness that my computer will break on Sunday night and I won’t get a ticket because they sell out.

    Ah, all my blends will find out how weird I am if I do get that ticket. Love it.

  18. Oh I’m the opposite, I love blogging because it helps me meet people! Before my blog, I had no friends here in Chicago, just some law school acquaintances, but we had nothing in common. Now I have a group of great friends, and I have blogging to thank for that. I LOVE meeting people in real life from the blog world! So wish I could come to Blend!

  19. Absolutely agree that blogging does provide sense of comfort and validation. But the meeting in person part? Awesome. It’s incredible to actually sit down with someone and have a conversation that’s more than 140 characters. I will be sitting at my computer on Sunday night hoping to nab one of those golden tickets!! I love the whole idea behind BLEND and you!

  20. AHHHH!!! I’m so excited for Blend! I’m so excited to see all of my old Blends and meet many new ones. I love having friends ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. I was just talking to one of my Blends about that the other night. We create these friendships and then meet in person and those relationships grow, then we have phone chats, skype video chats and plan weekends to meet up and see each other. I don’t think it gets any better than that.

  21. I definitely agree that blogging is an awesome window for sharing things that may be otherwise hard to say. Plus, you get to have an open audience without being repetitive (like you would be in person if you shared that same story/thought with everyone), which is something that I love.

  22. Before my FitBloggin’ presentation last year, I held a blogger roundtable about why people take their online lives offline – taking that chance to meet in person. It was EYE opening. And really awesome and made me appreciate my local blogging buddies so much more.

  23. You know it’s funny (since I’m up so dang late! anything is funny right now) but I love that I met you before I started reading your blog. You make me smile on a regular basis and inspire me to be a better blogger. I still feel pretty lost in this community but I have made some really good friends, partially because I went to FitBloggin. People always say “you have to put yourself out there” and meeting in person is the real deal. I embrace it, and I can’t wait to come to Blend! (okay, now I’m stepping away from my reader and I’m going to get some sleep)