Do you know what I dislike about some healthy living blogs (aside from the overuse of selfies at the gym….wait, I do that.)?!?!

The allusion of perfection.

I was talking about this with Becki today (who came to one of my Track Star workouts! YAY!).  Some of the most motivational and inspiring bloggers are those who wear their vulnerabilities on their sleeves.  Honesty and openness about imperfections are what make these people PERFECT.  Now that I think about it – the posts I’ve written that unveil my current/past problems get the highest number of views.  We crave vulnerability.  For someone to say that, “Hey!  I’m just like you.  I have imperfections.  I’m working on them, but I’m not quite finished yet.  It’s a journey.”

And I have something to share with you today.

I do it every single year.

Put on my 2-3 pounds of “WINTER WEIGHT”. 

Maybe that’s “unhealthy” for me to say.  But it’s the truth.


My clothes still fit the same.  I feel great.  But I wouldn’t exactly take naked pictures of myself right now.

And I’m perfectly fine with it.

In fact, I WELCOME it!

Because it’s a side effect from:

  • Time spent with family and friends.
  • Indulging in great food that only comes around once a year.
  • Early evenings in, cuddling with my little family.
  • Parties filled with laughter, White Elephant gifts and the best mini-pecan pies around.


All good things.  No.  GREAT things.

Things that I want and need in my life.  Things that ENRICH these earthly experiences and make this season all the more merrier.

For the past 10 or so years, I go into this season KNOWING that I’ll be just a little heavier for the months of November and December.  I indulge.  I still get my workouts in.  I experience LIFE and live in the moment – these precious moments that could be taken from us at any time.

And the thing is….


Come January and February, the Christmas sweets and parties are a distant memory and those couple of pounds VANISH without much work on my part.  I don’t get rid of them with fasts, diets or food challenges.  I simply pay more attention to the things I put into my mouth.  I stay consistent with my workouts (which have never really been a problem).  My “winter weight” – GONE.

I realize that it might not be that simple for you.  That it might take more time or that you can’t trust yourself around food right now.  But I’ve found that this is what works for me.  And it’s taken SEVERAL years for me to find this groove.

My opinion:  Enjoy the holidays.  Eat some cookies.  Get some great workouts in.  Spend quality time sitting around the tree.


And stop worrying about the rest.

It will all even out.

QUESTION:  Do you gain “winter weight”?  Are you ok with it?  How do you get it off?


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  1. I don’t gain “winter weight,” but my weight fluctuates up to 5 pounds pretty regularly. I know it is usually water, etc., but I have gotten to a place–well, almost–where it doesn’t bother me at all, because my clothes still fit and I still feel great (like you said). Well. Mostly. [Let’s be honest, even if you know the scale is ridiculous, there is something so artificially important about ‘that number’ that I’m pretty sure becomes ingrained in us girls at a young age. Sad. True.

  2. If I was as thin as you, I’d be okay with a little winter weight too (AND I’d HAPPILY take naked pictures- if I was guaranteed that they’d never surface later). I’m not okay with gaining weight ever, period, because I’m always trying to lose it (and until I’m at a healthy weight, that’s just fine). BUT, I don’t dwell on it or let it ruin my good time. Over the next week, I’m completely happy with just maintaining. :)
    You look beautiful no matter what, my dear!

  3. You are absolutely right – we do crave some vulnerability in other people – something that we can connect to and relate to. I so appreciate when you share posts like this Lindsay. I was just thinking about my “winter weight” the other day and I started to get worked up about it but then stopped because it is from spending time with family and friends, enjoying life and creating special memories. Merry Christmas Lindsay to you and your family!

  4. Glad I’m not the only one that puts on weight in the SUMMER!!! There’s one other person out there :) happens every year and it seems to come off naturally in the winter.

  5. Thanks for this! I feel the same way. Every year I beat myself up all season and this year I finally decided to enjoy! I’m still working out but have loosened the reigns a bit with food. Come January, I’m pretty sure that within a week or so of drinking tons of water and eating clean this will all be gone!

  6. So true about the vulnerable posts and the pageviews. My post about my miscarriage has the most page views of any of my posts in the past almost 5 years (yes, I have been blogging for that long!)

  7. What’s weird is I GAIN SUMMER WEIGHT… Exactly when you want to take your clothes off, I want to put mine back on because the heat makes me gain, lol… Or maybe I am seeing things? Well whatever! I say people just enjoy time with friends and family during the holiday season!!! Relax a little :)


  8. I do! And I can feel it already. But I look at it like this: it’s once a year, and I never want to deprive myself of any my Mom’s homemade desserts, appetizers and holiday dinners (like I did in the past). Because I never want to look back and wish I had taken the time to enjoy what my Mom so laboriously made to make the holidays extra special (and delicious). There will come a time she won’t be there and I don’t want to regret anything that would have been a result of my own vanity. Great post, Lindsay!

  9. I love this and 100% agree. Anyone trying to lose weight right now is simply just going to be miserable. I would so much rather spend the holidays enjoying time with family and cherishing each moment instead of stressing over whether or not I should eat a cookie!

  10. YES!!! It’s about all things in moderation all year round and it can be so easy for us to say we aren’t going to enjoy any treats but why? If we enjoy them in moderation, stay active, there may not be any winter weight, and if there is, DON’T WORRY ABOUT it! Enjoy your holidays because deprivation almost always leads to OVER-indulgence. Did that even make sense? I think I need to grab a cookie… ;)

  11. Currently I don’t welcome any extra pounds as I am still in the “loss phase” of my journey. However, if I maintain my current weight for the next 2 weeks I won’t be upset, I’ll consider it like you, time well spent with family and friends. I won’t be slacking on my workouts because I love cookies and Christmas treats. So just as you are okay with the “winter weight” I’m okay with staying the same over the holidays! Cheers!!

  12. I always put on 5. Not this year because I didn’t lose the 5 (er 15) I gained last year. Usually I put on 5 between November and January and it’s gone by March.

  13. What a great post! I’ve actually stayed the same weight but I’m trying to lose some. My goal through the holidays was just to maintain and I’m doing that. You are right that it all evens out. Starting in January it’s time to crackdown again!

  14. That’s a great way of putting it, for sure. Besides it’s not like you’re really parading around in a bikini during these months anyway. Hello, chunky sweaters – cuteness and that’s the thing during winter anyway, they were like MADE because we know we’re supposed to be a little heavier during winter. Who cares :)