I have just two questions for anyone who wants to help me out.

1)  I’ve been making these stove top cookies for FOREVER.  50% of the time they set up.  50% of the time I end of eating them with a spoon.  (So 100% of the time they get eaten.)

HOW DO I CONSISTENTLY MAKE THEM SET UP??  Tips and tricks would be appreciated.

2)  I’m 30 years old and I’m starting to get wrinkles from my kids and nagging husband.

WHAT IS THE BEST CREAM/SERUM/GEL THAT HELPS COMBAT WRINKLES?  I’m willing to spend some money on this too.  Give me some recommendations.


That’s all.  I wasn’t planning to post this weekend, but Travis doesn’t seem to know that answer to either of these questions (WHY do I keep him around?!), so I figured I’d ask.  Help or don’t, but I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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  1. You’ve already received a lot of great responses, but I was going to just add that the recipe my mother uses (which has a lot of peanut butter and real butter) always turn out. Not the healthiest, but SO yummy! I may have to try some of these other tips to make them still set up and be a little bit healthier.

  2. 1. I usually end up eating dough that was supposed to be for no-bakes by the spoonful. Tasty, tasty.

    2. Have you heard of Artistry? Their Time Defiance line has done some really amazing things for me.

  3. I started adding ground flaxseed to my cookies, and it definitely helps with consistency…it’s used a lot in place of eggs in vegan cooking I guess, but I just use it for thickening, but also to add something healthier to justify eating cookies (teehee) :)

  4. You can always add more oatmeal after you take them off of the stove. Add oatmeal until they are more of a paste type of dough, like chocolate chip cookie dough. In Michigan we call them “no-bake” cookies. You can make the typical chocolate like you have or peanut butter too! So good!

  5. okay so i have NO idea about the cookie part – honestly like no freaking clue – just eat the dough – that way its always the same hahaha. but other than the for the face cream my two go-tos which i’m obsessed with and use both are 1. for day clinqiue with spf and then for night 2. clinique moisture surge (which is AMAZING!!!)

  6. I’ve tried so many eye creams, but I think I may have found the winner yesterday. I bought “Make Yourself Youthful: eye cream by Soap & Glory at Sephora. They lady put it on my in the store and my eyes immediately looked brighter!

  7. On the stovetop cookies, I have no idea! I hadn’t heard of them until I saw you blog about them.
    But on the wrinkles, I highly recommend Organic Rosehip Oil. It’s natural and not full of chemicals like all of the anti-ageing products out there, and I love it, it makes my skin nice and smooth and seems to make those pesky little lines less visible. I just slather it all over my eye area before bed.

  8. Retin-a 1-2 times per week. Origins plantscription serum the other days. Korres wild rose with vitamin c at night with plantscription, skinceuticals CE ferulic serum during day, with Olay pro-X sunscreen. And IPL 2-3x a year, my mom is 57 and looks like a Hollywood star like Diane lane, flawless but some age. The skinceuticals and retin a will do most good. You will be amazed.

  9. Boil the cookies longer, more than a minute. I love verefina sea Buckthorn facial cream. Verefina.com smoothed my wrinkles out and is made with all natural ingredients. I can get you a sample if you want to try it.

  10. I’m no help with the cookies–baking is not more forte. But I have a moisturizer recommendation. I’ve been using Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion forever–and I absolutely love it. Whenever I try switching to something else, I always come back to Clinique.

  11. Hey….you have to boil them longer than 1 minute… 2 to 4 is the average. Also, that means time them AFTER they have come to a complete roiling boil. Don’t just start when you see bubbles around the edges. I have been known to scrape them back up and put them back in a pot and boil them again when they won’t set up. (It usually works, but once they got grainy and “over” cooked. But only once.)
    For creams, always start with sunscreen.. EVERY DAY.. all the way down into your throat and chest. I’m in my late 40’s and have done this all my life, well, since high school anyway. I swear it’s one reason my skin stays softer and less wrinkled. Then, a retinol cream helps. I like ROC over the counter products followed with a Cetaphil cream, since my skin is extremely dry. The main thing is consistency!! Every day, sometimes twice a day. Especially when you sweat it off. It takes 21 days to make a new skin cell and a few more for it to get to the surface of the skin. So, give any new regimen at least a month before changing it or giving up on it!!
    Good luck with the cookies!!

  12. If you’re not making for vegans make them with undated butter. My godmother makes these and says margarine has different water content

  13. Watch to make sure the butter is exact? Had to do that with my daughter :)

    And have you heard of Nerium cream! It’s amazing!!

  14. Hehe – oh the many ways to use the blog as a platform :)

    Q1 – make sure your baking soda isn’t old!

    Q2 – Retin A cream – I’ve been using a retinoin cream every 3rd day for a while, and can actually notice the results. Go to your derm to get a px.