Once upon a time, in a tiny kingdom called 700SquareFootHouse, there lived a prince.


Honorable and Star Wars-smart, the Prince ruled his empire with the help of his beautiful sister, Princess Clara Kathleen.  They lived an extravagant life filled with love, happiness, unicorns and adventures.


One day, the Prince fell sick.  He called for the help of his trustworthy nurse maid, who had raised him from birth.


Since Princess Clara could not risk her beauty, she was quarantined and sent off to spend the day gallivanting and getting pedicures and her hair done and other girly stuff (thanks Maddy!).

The haggard, but caring, nurse maid worked hard all day long to ensure the Prince’s recovery.

She stripped the beds…


Vacuumed and mopped….


Killed every single germ with her trusty vinegar spray….

Gave Prince Henry a bath to bring down his fever…


Washed all of the laundry on super duper high heat….FIVE flippin’ loads of it.

Pushed Vitamin C….


The Prince also requested that the maid make him Christmas cookies.  And so she did, while he looked on and gave taste tests along the way (which probably didn’t help with the germ contamination, but oh well, he’s the prince!).


After a long day of coddling, reading, cleaning, washing and suckingitup, the nurse maid called in the cavalry, with Sir Travis at the lead and Madam Catherine following (with Dominoes in hand).

As night feel on the kingdom, everyone settled in for a long night’s sleep (in clean, germ-free sheets) and dreamt of a tomorrow that DIDN’T involve sickness and fevers and vomit.**

When it was all said and done, Prince Henry was grateful for the maid’s hard work and vowed to never get sick again in his entire life.


And also to never put her in a nursing home OR make her meet any girlfriends who weren’t marriage material OR call her old.


QUESTION:  When was the last time you were sick??  Finish this sentence:  “Once upon a time…..”


**The Prince actually feels a bit better today.  The fair Princess has beautiful nails.  And the maid, the maid now has a sore throat of her own.  Luckily she knows how to take care of the sick.

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  1. I’m glad Henry is feeling better! Once upon a time (last night)… the king of our castle came home sick. The king is a valiant knight who NEVER gets sick. His trusty Queen swooped in with apple cider vinegar, throat coat tea, Emergen-C, and Nyquil. And then sanitized the house to keep the princess from falling ill. Today, the king’s fever is gone but is still achy. The queen is gearing up for round two tonight with more throat coat, chicken soup, and an early bed time.

  2. Super cute post :)

    Once upon a time a princess found a prince under an apple tree & they married & are living happily ever after (true story)! :)

    Hope your throat feels better! I always take an OnGuard essential oil blend that makes me feel like a million bucks no matter what.

  3. I used to get sick all the time when I taught, and just the other day was thinking “wow! I never get sick anymore!” Yeah. Woke up with a virus & nasty cold sores yesterday & now feel like crap :( Anyway, I am glad the Prince is feeling better & hope your sore throat doesn’t progress!

    I always enjoy your posts ~ you either make me truly think or bust out laughing when I least expect it!

  4. Once upon a time I got sick for 10 days leading to what the nurse practitioner believes may now be walking pneumonia. Boo!

    Glad your prince is feeling better and wishing you a speedy recovery! Being sick is certainly no fun.

  5. I’m glad he’s promised never to call you old. I have a deal with my kids that I don’t ever get older than 28. The sad part is that have made no anti-aging jaw themselves and are rapidly gaining on me :(