Remember when you were in Middle School and you went around wearing your jeans rolled.  Maybe you aren’t that old.  Let me explain….You take a handful of jean fabric at the bottom (inside of the leg – outside was for losers), vertically fold it over itself, then start rolling from the bottom.  Instant style(And surprisingly convenient if you were riding your bicycle later.)

Now that I think about it, we were just way early to the Skinny Jean party.

Anyway, I did that in Middle School, the rolling.  AND I had bangs that started on the crown of my head and went forward, curled tightly against my forehead.  AND I ASKED for braces.  Asked for.  As in, it was cool to have braces.

I also started telling jokes then.  Like all.the.time.

Some I got from popsicle sticks.  Some I made up myself.  But most of them were just repeats of the same jokes going around the school.  (Lots of “Yo Mamma”, which even then, I felt horrible for saying.  But I did it anyway.)


Last week, I received this SWEET pair of Oakley Women TwentySix.2 Tortoise Sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop (in RECORD shipping time, I might add) and all I could think about was that Middle School joke….

My future’s so bright, I have to wear shades!

(Which I suppose isn’t really a joke at all, but more of a saying.  I still think it’s funny.  Mostly because it was TRUE.)

After I made that silly joke (in my head, then to Henry, then finally, to Travis), I started really examining the Oakley Sunglasses.


I don’t own expensive sunglasses, never have.  I’m always fearful that I’ll lose them or have them stolen.  But after getting this pair and wearing them around all week, I kind of want to get more.  These aviators fit perfectly and don’t pinch your nose or right behind your ear like some other sunglasses do.  They came in a white hardshell case, which is perfect for travel.  They also provided me with a soft, fabric case, which doubles as a cloth to clean the glasses!


A HUGE thank you to Sunglasses Shop for giving me the chance to review these Oakleys!  I absolutely love them!


Sunglasses Shop has graciously offered to give one LL reader a FREE pair of Oakley sunglasses!! 

To Enter:

Tell me what pair of sunglasses you would choose.

Bonus Entries:

1.  Follow Sunglasses Shop on Twitter.  Leave a comment telling me you followed.

2.  Tweet the following and leave a comment telling me you tweeted:

@lindsays_list has paired up with @sunglassshop to give away one FREE pair of Oakley sunglasses!  Enter here: #giveaway #futuresobright

This giveaway will be open until Saturday, December 22nd.  A winner will be announced on Sunday, the 23rd.   Happy entering, my friends!


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  1. Oh thank you for sharing! I would pick the Daisy Chain Rose, and I could save you shipping since I live 10 minutes away from the Oakley Corp. in Foothill Ranch!! I would love a nice pair!

  2. I would totally rock the Oakley Frogskin Polished Black sunglasses!

    I also followed Sunglasses Shop on Twitter!

    Thanks :)

  3. I’d probably get the Twentysix.2 like you but in black. Recently I’ve been looking for new sunglasses, I need new sunglasses for when I run outside and these would be great!

  4. I would love the Sweet Spot! They would be perfect to wear to school after a long night of…studying! :)

  5. “OAKLEY Big Taco Polished Rootbeer” Is what I would get! I’v heard these are super comfy.

  6. OMG I’m dying over the rolled jeans and ASKING FOR BRACES – I was the exact same way. Looking back I don’t know why I thought braces were so cool, but I got my 6 years worth of awesomeness out of them ;)

    I’d totally go for the Disguise Black Peppermint shades – I love the stripes inside the frames!

  7. middle school for me=permed hair, bodysuits (yep, I did…) and oversized flannel shirts. Not a good look for me. Or anyone. Definitely need some suh-weet sunglasses to help this lady out, I would pick the Oakley Women Pampered Rose Velvet :)

  8. I have NEVER owned a nice pair of sunglasses either. I think the most I’ve ever spent is 15$ lol. I would love to try the Maui Jim or any of the aviators!

  9. I love the Oakley Women Disguise sunglasses! BTW I completely related to everything in this post except for the braces. But I had braces and didn’t want them.

  10. I like the Oakley Women Caveat Rose Gold ones. I usually purchase my sunglasses from the Dollar Tree, so this would clearly be a step up ;)!

  11. I like so many: the vacancy iced latte, caveat polished gold and overtime tortoise are my favs. I never spend big money on sunglasses, but have always wanted a nice pair (for once).

      1. Well, maybe that was a slight exaggeration! But I hate it when you have to sit there and follow 3 different people and like 6 different things. Seriously, one contest I just entered had a possible 24 points for doing diff things! I gave up after 9.

  12. My friends and I were so cool in middle school we used the word “nectar” for “good, great” or anything we liked. Yep. Anyway, I would choose the drizzle brown sugar sunset because that’s such a great name!

  13. Oh my gosh the choices!! The wise woman in me would say a pair of Mountain Biking sunglasses for protection since I need a pair badly, but the other wild girl in me says classic Aviators or Wayfarers.

  14. ahh oakley, they are like “buttah” when it comes to sunglasses. Smooth and all. The hubs has worked with them in triathlon before. His favorite pair as well to race in. I’d want to try the Gascan ones.

  15. I NEED those sunglasses! Following them on Twitter AND I always buy expensive sunglasses. I require (cause I’m snobby like that) polarized lenses. My latest pair was a black Ralph Lauren pair.