Welp. I’m back!!

And I glad you’re reading today.

To say that I missed YOU would be correct.

To say that I missed blogging…might be a stretch.  But I’ll get to that tomorrow.

Today, I wanted to look back over the past year.  I know I’ve got some new readers (hello!), so you might not be up to date on the comings and goings of my life.  While I’m not a “here’s what I did today” blogger, I do use this online journal as a way of documenting the big things that go on in my life (and I complain a lot and make semi-funny jokes depending on if you have a sense of humor).

This year.  Hmmmm.

I think more than anything else, 2012 was a year of QUESTIONS.

-Would Blend Retreat be a success?

-Would we get pregnant again?  How would I deal with the miscarriage?

-Could I overcome my addiction to exercise?

-Could I live out my resolution of BEING MORE PRESENT?

-Would my plantar fasciitis heal?

-Would we decide to move back to Colorado?

-Would we buy a house?

So many questions.  Now, I have answers to all of these questions, mostly positive, some negative.  But man, it was a trying year in some respects.  When you walk in faith, you KNOW that God has you in His big hands.  That He won’t just turn His back and let you squander around.  That He’s stated a purpose for your life.  But it’s only human to QUESTION – in fact, He made us to be inquisitive people.  In all of this year of questioning, I kept coming back to one answer:


And I can either be fearful of what tomorrow will bring, second guessing myself and God.  OR I can put my trust in the fact that God promises abundance to those who seek Him.  So that’s what I choose – 1) to seek Him and 2) to expect abundance.

I want 2013 to be a year of JUBILATION and GROWTH.  I honestly can’t wait to see what’s in store!  He’s got it!

With that being said, here are my TOP 12 FAVORITE POSTS from 2012! 

Twelve posts that I think are worth another read (or a first read in some cases).  These posts reflect ME, Lindsay, and I’m proud of them.  They aren’t in any particular order and they aren’t necessarily the posts with the highest views (ironically, my miscarriage announcement post has the highest number of views for 2012.  ?!?  I did not enjoy finding that out.)

Here goes…my 2012 favorites.

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On Creating Idols



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The One Where I Dance


WIAW – My Food History



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What Kind of Blog Do You Write?



Will It Matter?

Ask yourself

QUESTION:  If you blog, leave your FAVORITE post from 2012 so that I may read it!  If you don’t blog, why not? Winking smile


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  1. I enjoyed going back to read all these posts, most I hadn’t already read. I loved the one about breaking up overexercising, which can actually be an eating disorder in itself. I feel the same as you, I LOVE exercising, truly truly, yet in the past for much of my life I pushed myself too hard with it. We have to have other coping skills too. Imagine how hard its been for me to come down with an inflammatory nerve disorder that greatly reduced my exercise to just swimming for 20 min a day. Through that hardship, I’ve learned that I yearn to tell anyone who overexercises that they should just be grateful for movement. Pushing it too hard could take that movement away from you. Now I’m dealing with other body image issues, but I am getting better and better. You have accomplished so much this year with your personal healing. Happy New Year and thanks for the inspiration!

  2. It has been a year full of questions but I have loved how you have handled each and every one of those questions. I love your honesty Lindsay and am so grateful to have connected over this past year. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  3. Both Lori and I are so happy we have meet you and look forward to hanging out again! We have had a year of questions and what ifs, but had faith that everything will work out. And for some things it has and other things we are still having faith :)

  4. I love your use of the phrase “He’s got this!” I need to constantly remind myself that, indeed, God does have my life, my questions, my struggles, and my joys in control. Thank you for such a great reminder. I’ll use that as my catch phrase this year. He’s got it!

    I don’t blog. I actually used to, and had a children’s book blog as I’m an elementary teacher. I wanted my students’ parents to have a resource when looking for literature for their children. I just did a horrible job keeping up with it and do want to get back into blogging for the community and positive impact the forum can have.

  5. I love all these posts – I love the way you open your heart and put your thoughts on paper. I’m sad that we moved away just after we figured out how close together we lived, but know that was the right thing to do too. I don’t know how to pick a favorite of my posts, so I’ll just finish by wishing you a Happy New Years Eve! :)

  6. Happy New Year, Lindsay! Thanks for a great year of excellent blog posts! I’ve truly enjoyed your honesty, humor and insight into all sorts of topics.

    I don’t know that I have one favorite blog post of my own yet, since I just started blogging in June. I enjoyed blogging about our Colorado vacation (there were a series of posts on that), and I’m proud of my About Me page. Otherwise, I’m still learning and growing, and feel that my blog will only get better as I become more and more comfortable with it!

  7. AMEN my friend, AMEN. Jubilation and growth is a great focus for 2013 — and letting Him take the wheel above all else, SUCH a difficult thing to do but such a needed thing to learn to do..letting go, trusting and lifting one another up in faith. A beautiful thing. Looking forward to much more jubilation this coming year too :)

  8. Can’t wait to check out some posts that I missed! One of my favorites of yours was the one about creating idols. That one still sticks with me today! Happy new year to you and your family!

  9. Hi there! I’m a new-ish reader, and have only commented a couple times, but I really enjoy your blog, your faith and how you put it all out there!
    I’d have to say my favorite post from my blog would be a tie between this one – http://msfitrunner.com/?p=3775 and this onehttp://msfitrunner.com/?p=2536. I started blogging exactly one year ago, and I love it:)
    Have a very happy new year!