Collective “ahhhhh”  for Friday.  That’s nice.

This week DRAGGED for me.  I’m not sure why.  I think between subbing some extra classes/more client orientations and spending a boat load of money at Lowes (patio doors…I’m thinking some oversized trash bags and duct tape would have done the job well), I’m just mentally and physically drained.  Good thing we don’t have anything scheduled for this weekend.  I plan to spend it in my pajamas.

I saw this super cool idea for a post on Christine’s blog last week.  She got the idea from a girl who got it from a girl who got it from a girl who got it from Greta.  (This is what you might call a “blogger chain letter” – remember those?!?  I remember doing one and getting a bunch of oven mitts in the mail from various people.  Good times.)  Unlike getting all of those crazy oven mitts, I think this idea is brilliant.  Greta actually has a link-up party for these “Life In Numbers” posts, so that’s what I’ll do after this publishes – link up!

Here goes…

My Life In Numbers

30 – the number of years I’ve been alive.

1 – the number of Gods I serve.

1 – the number of husbands I’ve taken.

8 – the number of guitars that came with said husband.

7 – the number of superfluous guitars we have in our house.

1 – the number of siblings I have.

$2,808 – the amount of money we spent at Lowe’s this week.


2  – the number of personal training clients I have right now (I lost many because they live part-time in Florida.  Boo.)

2 – the number of children I have.

3 – the number of times I’ve been pregnant. :(

1- the number of epidurals I’ve had.

1 – the number of natural births I’ve had.

0 – the number of pets we own.  (Clara is allergic.)

0 – the number of pets we WANT to own.  (I’m allergic to cleaning up after them.  Highly allergic.)

64 – the number of squats we did yesterday when I taught PowerHouse class.


1,098 – the number of crunches we did yesterday when I taught Core Conditioning.

1,098 – the number I always choose when I’m writing a post and want an outrageously, outlandish high number.

1,098 – the number of times that Clara said my name in the car yesterday.

778 – the number of times I said “WHAT!!!” after Clara said my name in the car yesterday.

3 – the number of states that I’ve lived in. (NC, CO, TN)

112 – the number of people who’ve entered the Rise Bar giveaway (ends TONIGHT – go enter!)

8 – the number of hours of sleep I get per night.

10 – the number of hours of sleep I needz.

1 – the number of “z’s” that you can add to the end of a word to make it cooler.

3 – the number of bags of M&M’s I bought to replace the M&M’s I ate out of this latest bag of trail mix.  Shameful.

3 to 1 – the ratio of M&M to Peanut/Almond/Raisin that I consider acceptable.


4 – the number of car accidents I’ve been in.

4 – the number of car accidents I’ve been in where it was MY fault.

0 – the number of cars I should be allowed to drive.

8 – the number of years I’ve been married to my sexy guitarist.

9 – the number of gray hairs I pluck out of my head per day.

82 – the number of times I kiss my kids per day.

1,098 – the number of times they deserve a kiss per day.



QUESTION:  Now you do one.  What is a number in your life??


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  1. 17,000: the number of times I’ve gotten in trouble for ‘picking’ out of trail mix!

    2: the number of times I’ve had to sneakily add m and m’s to the trail mix. So glad to know that I’m not the only one!

    P.S. Love this concept! And love your blog!

  2. i’m a gray hair plucker too! they’re right on my temple and it drives me crazy. i’m also a big fan of the ‘z’ additions. :)

    here’s my number: 8 – number of times i’ve moved in the last 7 years!

  3. Hmm, I wonder what my life in numbers looks like:

    2 – Number of pairs of dress shoes I own

    5 – Number of pairs of trail running shoes I own

    2 – Number of dogs in my bed

    1,098 – Number of dogs I want in my bed, kitchen and on my couch

    2 – Number of gyms I own

    1 – Number of woman I’ve loved and been married to for 10 years

    9 – Number of brown hairs I have left

    Oh, I could go on forever.

  4. Love this! Thanks for linking up!! I think I need to be in one of your classes to get rid of some serious jiggle, but I’m not sure I’d survive. Ha! And I DEFINITELY agree on the M&M ratio. It was nice to “meet” you!

  5. Love getting to know more about you through these fun posts!

    3 – the number of times I’ve asked my kids to pick up their dirty socks (today)

    4 – the number of times I’ve hugged hubby this morning

    0 – the number of M&M’s I’ve eaten today (but it’s still early on the west coast…)

  6. Yes, such a fun post friend. Wish I could “like” it 1098 times for you. :) Hugs!!!
    Times I smiled while watching my boys and the hubs sitting on the floor right now while I read this- 10.

  7. Such a fun post! I love it and will probably end up using it someday… ;)

    10 – hours of sleep I got last night (glorious!)
    131 – number of days until baby Hunter’s due date
    75 – number of Christmas cards I need to send out (not looking forward to buying all of those stamps… since when did postage get so crazy expensive?!)
    2 – number of pumpkin waffles I had this morning

    Aaaand that’s all I got for the day. ;) Have a great weekend Linds!

  8. Happy Friday Lindsay! Enjoy the weekend in your p.j.’s!

    10–hours of sleep I am short this week.
    1098–how many hours a day I wish I could spend w/my daughter (and husband) ;-)

  9. Haha I loved this!!!!!! :)

    24 – number of days until Christmas ;)

    3 – number of bowls of oatmeal I ate yesterday ;)


    Megz <- do you like the "z"? ;) I made sure to only put 1 ;)

    1. HA! I don’t have gray hairs yet. Perhaps it’s because I’m a year (okay… 8 months) younger! :) Still in the 20’s!! :)